How to make a paper turntable

Probably everyone in their childhood had this wonderful paper craft. And it is extremely difficult to forget it even after a considerable period of time. Basically, people associate a paper spinner with various holidays. Even nowadays, in most circuses and parks you can find sellers who will definitely have a wonderful turntable on sale. The answer to the question of how to make a turntable out of paper is quite simple, since no special skills are needed when creating it. Everything is so simple that even a child from about 5 years old can handle the job. And for a knowledgeable adult, making this charm, in general, will not be difficult.

It is naturally more profitable to make this paper craft yourself. Since sellers' prices for this, in fact, disposable toy are sometimes extremely high. This toy is loved for the positive emotions that it undoubtedly delivers. If you have never met a turntable, then regardless of age, be sure to try to make it, and then try it.

How to make a paper turntable

This craft is easy to make, so even small children can take part in the process. The turntable has a fairly wide range of applications. It can be used as a prize for children in competitions. Quite often, the turntable is attached to the stroller and, of course, even nowadays, the turntable is used to decorate various children's parties. The turntable can be found anywhere, as it is very unique.

To create this paper craft, you will need to stock up on:

  • double-sided cardboard, if not, plain paper will do too;
  • a stationery knife or scissors;
  • a ruler;
  • with glue, or better with a glue gun;
  • with a strong stick, so as not to break in half;
  • with buttons or small nails;
  • with a hammer or any with a percussion instrument, hammer in a carnation;
  • with pencils or paints, paint a pinwheel;

If you buy a more expensive colored cardboard, you can do without coloring, although this process of creativity is very popular with kids and they take part in it with pleasure.

If children are involved in the process, then for safety reasons, you can do without a knife and scissors. Simply by carefully tearing the sheet along the marked lines.

Our stylish cardboard is ready to create a great turntable. Cardboard or glued sheets of paper can be colored with paints or pencils. For example: one side is yellow and the other is red.

Draw different pictures, wavy lines, in general, everything that comes to mind, or you can leave it in one color.

It's important to color before you start assembling the turntable. This will make the drawing more original and festive.

Assembling the craft

There are many ways to add brightness and strength to your craft. Plain paper can be used instead of film and cardboard. Four smaller sizes in different colors are glued to the main sheet. It is not bad to stick the pieces of foil from the chocolate. As the turntable rotates, it will reflect the sun's rays beautifully.

How to make a paper turntable

This article will be of interest to those who want to learn how to make a paper helicopter with your own hands so that it can fly. A couple of step-by-step instructions and sequential photos will help you quickly and easily make beautiful flying models. Children will definitely be delighted with homemade toys.

Where are they commonly used

Similar cardboard and paper helicopter models are used at various events. For example, this could be:

  • children's parties or contests;
  • home games;
  • an activity related to children's creativity;
  • collecting different models;
  • corporate events;
  • congratulations to boys on February 23rd;
  • decoration of a group or class on May 9th;
  • < li> school craft exhibitions.

A paper or cardboard helicopter will certainly delight the child not only with the result. After all, the manufacturing process itself is also a lot of pleasure! And besides, such creativity will help the kid develop not only imagination, but also geometric thinking.

Flying helicopter

A model, familiar to many from childhood. A helicopter that can hold out in the air for a while. This craft is created from cardboard.

What is required to create:

  • cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • paperclip;
  • template (attached).

While holding the toy by the fasteners, you need to climb as high as possible and then throw it forward as far as possible. The blades will rotate under the influence of air currents, and the flying helicopter will not immediately fall.

Origami helicopter

Another master class for a more realistic model. This time, the origami technique is used to create.

  • a sheet of A4 paper (can be colored);
  • scissors.

How to make a turntable out of paper what stationery will be needed for this sequence of making a turntable

A do-it-yourself spinner made of a plastic bottle is quite functional and at the same time an original decoration for a garden. Thanks to such a simple and inexpensive decor element, you can scare away uninvited guests in the form of birds, moles, and save the future harvest. There are many options for its manufacture, each of which has its own characteristics, pros and cons. To make a spinner from a plastic bottle with your own hands, it is enough to decide on the type of scarer and follow simple instructions.

What materials and tools will be required

It is not for nothing that devices designed to scare away birds and moles are called "spinners". Their performance directly depends on the strength of the wind, this is the main thing that makes them rotate and function. In order for such a repeller to show its high efficiency, it must have blades with which it will catch air currents.

A spinner made of a plastic bottle is a budget solution for scaring away birds and moles in the garden

Making the main part of the turntable to scare away uninvited guests is quite simple, they are cut out of the same plastic. Moreover, there is no need to think about how to fix them better, since they are formed “in place”. The blades from a plastic bottle just need to be cut along the markings and bent. All other components of the structure are made depending on the purpose of the turntable.

Of the tools and materials required for the manufacture of a repeller, the following will be required:

  • clerical knife;
  • universal adhesive;
  • scissors;
  • rigid wire material;
  • beads (they must have the appropriate hole diameter, for the wire);
  • awl;
  • colored insulating tape / self-adhesive tape.

To make a large turntable out of several plastic bottles, you will need additional:

  • a long wooden pole;
  • metal reinforcement / pole in a round format;
  • a small block of wood;
  • 4 different colored plastic bottles with lids / transparent 1 liter;
  • 2 washers.

How to make a spinner from a plastic bottle with your own hands

First, tell your kid about the windmill, how people tamed the wind and learned how to use it for their needs. Then give the offspring a piece of colored cardboard

or thick paper and by your own example, armed with a ruler and scissors, start making a paper windmill with your own hands.

It will be difficult for too young children, but from 3-4 years old

your son or daughter will already be able to cut the lines previously measured with a ruler and drawn with a pencil with scissors.

Read a very interesting article on how to make a bird feeder with your own hands. The birds will spit on your homemade feeder and will be very grateful to you, especially in the cold season.

Here's what you can do from plastic bottles: Interesting DIY craft ideas.

Types of scarer devices

All scarers, even self-made ones, are divided into 4 types:

  • Mechanical. They are effective in that their parts generate noise and vibration when moving, scaring the animal away;
  • Biological - capsules containing aromatic oils. Their smell is not tolerated by pests. This group also includes plants whose smell is not tolerated by moles;
  • Electronic Mole Repellers. They are usually vibrating, powered or powered by batteries;
  • Ultrasonic. They scare off small pests by emitting frequency sound waves. When hitting the ground, such sounds send a warning signal to the animal's brain.

Although the modern market offers a huge number of mole-repelling devices to choose from, home-made devices are also very popular. If you use home-made scarers in a comprehensive manner in the fight against a pest, then the land plot can be completely cleared of annoying animals.

Watch the video! DIY mole scarer

DIY paper bird craft is an easy project. A simple craft that you can play later! I love crafts that entertain children not only in the process of making them, but also afterwards. And you?

Finished Craft A bird with its own hands from paper will go down the string and peck! Is that great?

You may have seen such a woodpecker going down a rod and pecking at it. Today we will make a cheap analogue of this toy.

Paper craft DIY paper bird

The idea of ​​such a paper craft is based on a folk toy and has been liked by children for more than one century.

Easy to make, fun to play!

Here you can download the craft template (but you can draw your own too).

How to make DIY Bird crafts

If the woodpecker doesn't work, experiment with a smaller diameter straw.

Why doesn't the bird fall or stop?

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