How to make a guide for a circular saw with your own hands

Everyone who has used a circular at least once knows how difficult it is to make an even cut. In order to somehow simplify this task, some people use a special guide. This design will help you make perfectly straight cuts. Create a guide for a circular saw with your own hands.

Guide rail - what is it

Before you create such a structure yourself, you need to familiarize yourself with its main features.

A guide rail is a special rail that is responsible for sliding the saw forward and backward. At the same time, it limits the movement of the tool and therefore it will not be possible to direct it to the left or right.

This device is used not only to ensure a smooth cut. It also helps to reduce the number of chips where the saw came into contact with the wood being cut.

Additional information! Sometimes the guides are included in the complete set of circular saws from Bosch and Interskol.

Guide rail functions

There are several basic functions that these constructs perform:

  • increased accuracy when sawing large materials;
  • improved quality when creating a curved cut;
  • easier to create parts in accordance with a certain standard;
  • the ability to produce multiple parts using one template;
  • increased safety when using circular saws.

Also, with the help of guides, it will be possible to make cuts with high accuracy.

The advantages of a homemade guide rail

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