How to get a certificate of lack of citizenship of another state in 2020

How to issue a certificate of lack of citizenship of another state

When contacting state institutions of Russia (employment, acquisition of citizenship), a person who was born or lived for some time on the territory of a foreign state will need a certificate of absence of citizenship of another state. Migration authorities and embassies of countries are involved in establishing the citizenship of a person. Despite the fact that the law does not establish a form and does not stipulate the procedure for drawing up a document, you can get a certificate by submitting an application and waiting for the result of the check.

How does Russia treat the holders of passports of other states

The legislation of the Russian Federation allows its citizens to have citizenship of foreign states. This right is enshrined in the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the Federal Law of 31. 5. 002 N 62-FZ "On Citizenship of the Russian Federation".

But dual citizenship in the Russian Federation is recognized if a person is naturalized in a state with which Russia has an agreement on the mutual recognition of this status. The RF has signed such an agreement with the Republic of Tajikistan. Citizens of the two countries fully receive social benefits, education, medical care and perform civic duties in the territory of the country where they permanently reside.

Persons who have obtained a second citizenship in any other country are considered by Russia only as Russian citizens. Documents confirming a person's belonging to another state are not recognized in the Russian Federation, legally significant actions are performed according to a Russian passport.

For clarifications on the legislative regulation of the issue of attitudes towards bipatrism in the Russian Federation, see the article “Is dual and multiple citizenship allowed in the Russian Federation”.

What you need help for

In 2014, amendments were made to the Federal Law of 31. 5. 002 N 62-FZ, according to which citizens of the Russian Federation who received a second citizenship are required to inform the Main Directorate for Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs about this fact. It is necessary to notify about naturalization or obtaining another legal status (RVP, residence permit) in another state within 60 days. If a person is outside Russia, the notification is submitted after arrival in the country, but no later than 30 days from the moment of crossing the border.

How to legally behave correctly in the presence of two or more passports will be described in the article "Registration of dual citizenship at the Main Directorate of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs".

When employed, you will need a certificate of absence of dual citizenship for civil servants.

The need to confirm the absence of a second passport arises when a person applies for a position in government agencies and law enforcement agencies or wants to become a founder, an employee of the editorial offices of the media.

These categories of citizens are prohibited from having a passport of a foreign state. Restrictions were introduced in order to prevent the disclosure by officials of information constituting a state secret.

How to get a certificate of lack of citizenship of another state in 2020

Kutkin's sauna stove - what is it like?

If you love a bath, moreover, you can boast of your own steam room or plan to build one, you should evaluate the full potential and advantages of the bath stoves that M. Kutkin produces. The Kutkin oven is a versatile device that is used for a bath. These stoves are equipped with a closed heater and operate on the principle of controlled convection.

The Kutkin sauna stove has such convenient dimensions - with a small width, the model is high enough, so that it can be placed in any room. A wide range of models makes it possible to choose the best option with the required performance, so as not to overpay for redundant functionality during operation.

Design Features

Since the dimensions of the heating unit are small, it will easily fit in a small room in the steam room. Customers are offered a choice of models for installation in a steam room or with a remote firebox for an adjacent room.

Doors can be of the usual format or wide - fireplaces. The cladding is made with soapstone, serpentine, jadeite or without cladding at all. The branch pipe is shifted forward relative to the center, so it will be close to the wall, which implies the need for thermal protection of this section of the wall - for this you can use basalt cardboard and a sheet of rolled metal.

Also, the design of the Kutkin furnace assumes the presence of an economizer - this is a mesh with stones and a vaporization system. It is arranged around an inner stainless steel tube. By the way, the economizer can be placed on the side of the wall, which simplifies the process of thermal protection of the wall.

The internal structure of the model is quite simple, and the external finish is a double casing, lined with natural stone, however, the lining is optional. Also, the design provides for a closed heater with a lid and a mesh, which is filled with fine stones, like an economizer on a pipe.

If we consider the functionality of Kutkin's heating equipment, then such a stove for a bath can be used in several modes:

  • Like an infrared lamp, that is, with radiation in the infrared range and a low temperature.
  • You can create a low temperature environment (up to about 40 ° C and up to 90% humidity).
  • Third. An ordinary Russian steam room: temperature up to 70 ° C, humidity in the range of 40-70%.
  • A hot sauna with dry air, the temperature in it is up to 90 ° C, and the humidity is only 15%.

Conveniently, the user can easily do all these modes on the stove without any additional finishing touches. To obtain the necessary humidity and temperature conditions, you just need to choose the right mode - then the model will support it. The unit itself can operate on any fuel - solid or gaseous, which is very convenient.

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