How to feed cucumbers for good growth

Micellar water for skin is an excellent remedy for gently removing make-up and impurities. The peculiarity of micellar water is that it does not dry out the skin, while perfectly cleansing it. This product has firmly won its place in home daily care.

When choosing a product, it is important to consider your skin type and preferences. It should be noted here that micellar water for the skin can be made at home. Making homemade cosmetics with your own hands is an exciting process. Read the rest of the article and you can happily make this cleanser yourself.

Micellar water for facial skin - properties and uses

The most important property of micellar water is that it gently cleanses the skin.

  • Does not dry out, does not close pores
  • Easily copes even with long-lasting makeup
  • Looks like regular water, does not contain fragrances and preservatives
  • Often enriched with plant extracts that are beneficial to the skin
  • Perfect for daily cleansing
  • Easy to use: just apply it on a cotton pad and cleanse your face <

It is very good to use micellar water for cleansing the skin after sports activities, walks. This tool is excellent for make-up remover.

In all cases when you need to cleanse and tone the skin, micellar water will be a lifesaver.

Facial cleanser - composition and action

Micellar water got its name due to micelles in its composition. Micelle: These are compounds of surfactants at a specific concentration in water. Their distinctive feature is the ability to attract dirt and fats.

Further, the micelle envelops these impurities, as it were, after which they can be easily washed off with water. With this tool, you can quickly and easily cleanse the skin. Due to the delicate action of micelles, micellar water practically does not cause irritation.

Wash off or not wash off micellar water? After the cleansing procedure is a must. The need to rinse is due to the fact that the residual micelles with contamination can cause irritation. This can be done with plain water or using a tonic.

When using micellar water as a tonic, rinsing is not required.

Everything is poison, everything is medicine: Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil in the care of problem skin

I went into a hotel room and stood on the threshold. There was something incredible on a coffee table in the middle of the living room. I knew before that there were great beautiful chess, but all the time I thought that now they are either no longer made or they are very expensive. What stood in front of me fascinated: a large beautiful board, tall heavy wooden figures, clearly handmade. From that moment on, I had a new goal. It goes without saying that it can hardly be considered global. There are more serious tasks. But buying the same kind of chess has become an obsession. And now, as they say, the idiot's dream has come true :). Take a look! I bet you'll want to buy one now, too!

Do you have chess at home?

This amazing game in the old days was considered an integral part of any family game library. Chess could be found in the Leninist rooms of military units, in the smoking rooms of factory workshops, in the palaces of pioneers, in the halls of rest homes and other places where people spent their leisure time. I'm not even saying that there are great floor chess when you yourself are present on the battlefield and feel like one of the pieces.

Of course, you know the history of the invention of chess and how the creator practically robbed the ruler with the help of a focus with doubling the seeds on each subsequent cell of the board. If you haven't read it, be curious. The story is very instructive.

The game really turned out for all time. No matter how much I played, not a single game was repeated. Something is sure to go wrong and this does not let the game get boring.

My eight-year-old son and I play chess almost every day. True, we are using a set from a 10in1 gaming table, which I bought a couple of years ago for the sake of table football like "shish kebab".

And this set included a small chessboard and simple lightweight plastic figures. At first, playing with my son, I could not strain my convolutions at all. While he was taking his first steps, it was as easy as shelling pears to beat him.

But now a year has passed and I started to “lose confidently”. At first, these were isolated cases. Then a "frightening" trend emerged. Now our fights end in my loss about 35-40% of the time.

It's funny to watch your son play with the guests. The grown men, alas, do not immediately realize that they are far from a beginner. Imagine the delight of an eight-year-old child when he gives a checkmate (sometimes childish) to such a big and smart-looking adult. I do not exclude the possibility that someone might give in on purpose, but some, having received the first checkmate, play the second game with more concentration.

In short, progress is evident. But the figures themselves are some kind of frivolous. I have had the idea more than once to buy something more worthwhile, but ordinary stores sell about the same lightweight plastic trifle.

I would like to start this post with an incredibly tagged, in my opinion, a quote: “Everything is poison, everything is a medicine; both are determined by the dose.

Do you dream that cucumbers will grow well and give an excellent harvest? But at the same time do not want to once again poison the plants with "chemistry"? Then this article is for you.

Experienced summer residents try to use different "chemistry" as little as possible in their area. This is especially true of such a culture as cucumber, because it is often eaten fresh. There are many common and safe types of dressings for good growth of cucumbers. Learn to apply them correctly and enjoy a good harvest.

Bread dressing for cucumbers

Bread fertilizer can rightfully be considered one of the most popular and easy-to-feed cucumbers. Everybody has bread at home.

How to make bread top dressing?

To make a quality fertilizer for cucumbers from bread, fill a regular bucket 2/3 full with sliced ​​crusts of regular brown bread, cover with water and place under a press in a warm place for about 7-10 days.

To use the resulting bread starter correctly, dilute it three times and add 1 matchbox of universal fertilizer to 12 liters of liquid.

With this tool, you can water cucumbers from the beginning of flowering until the beginning of wilting once every 7 days.

Bread leaven is acidic and therefore particularly suitable for alkaline soils. To neutralize the acid, you can add chalk or dolomite flour to the starter before diluting with water.

Such bread will be useful not only on the table, but also in the garden

Feeding cucumbers with ash

Ash is an excellent organic fertilizer, the exact chemical composition of which is difficult to determine in advance. The fact is that it depends on the type and age of the burned plant. However, the ash invariably contains calcium, which is so necessary for the growth of cucumbers.

Don't you stop doing biceps exercises, and the shape of your arms still does not change? Fitness trainer Sergei Gorbatko spoke about six factors that prevent you from making your arms more prominent and fit.

Only swing biceps

And at the same time forgetting about triceps - and this is also an important muscle that men especially need to remember. If the triceps increases, then even visually the arm becomes thicker, which means that the biceps looks more impressive.

As for women who are losing weight and getting their bodies in shape, they should not worry that the hand will become huge and ugly: by paying attention to the triceps, you can make your arms more prominent.

Do different arm exercises per workout

If you are an ordinary person who does not prepare for a competition, then there is no point in doing so much exercise. The best option is to choose 2-3 exercises and progress in them: increase working weights, the number of approaches, or the time spent with the load.

Do not perform complex basic movements

Pull-ups, deadlifts, presses - in all these exercises, the arms work great, although the target muscle group is different. Heavy, multi-joint movements provide a good effect and stimulus for building new muscles. It is good if after such movements you do 1-2 more arm exercises to "finish off" the biceps, triceps or shoulders.

Photo: unsplash. om

Only use small weights

The sensation of muscle burning does not mean that you are working correctly. Muscles swollen from a rush of blood return to normal after a while, and you get a temporary effect. To get the most out of your workouts, do arm exercises with both small and heavy weights - this will stimulate hypertrophy (muscle fiber growth).

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