How to decorate and have fun with your children birthday in the country

Spring comes into its own, tulips and snowdrops bloom, the eyes of women sparkle, whose holiday is approaching, promising joyful impressions and attention of a strong half. For many of the fair sex, the work team is an important part of the social circle, and, of course, on such a day, one should not stand aside.

How can you please the women who work with you? How can a respectable office space be temporarily transformed into a branch of Vesna? What to present as a gift to female colleagues, and what to the boss? And most importantly, what to do to make this day unusual and memorable?

Here are some original ideas for celebrating March 8 in the work team. All of them are easy to implement and do not require large expenditures of finance and time.

How to original (creatively) congratulate women on Martha

Not ready to put up with routine and mediocrity in relationships with colleagues?

Do you feel the strength to organize an original creative congratulation to the beautiful half of your team? You can be sure that any idea that goes beyond the banality will be appreciated by colleagues. Of course, you need to have a sufficient budget to choose an original gift. Although some ideas do not require significant financial investments.

Funny video

This is perhaps the most win-win option, capable of giving a lot of positive emotions to both congratulations and congratulations. With the current level of consumer electronics, in order to shoot a video, you do not need additional equipment, a smartphone with a high-resolution camera is enough.

Find the right music, come up with a funny scenario in which all the men of your team will be involved, rehearse and film. Add spice to the film, noting certain features of your colleagues or the specifics of the team. Joint creative work will undoubtedly unite the male part of the team and bring great pleasure to the creators. Women will get no less pleasure from watching a video. Recognizable heroes of the film, witty plot and awareness of one's own involvement in this "outstanding" work of art will be the best congratulations on Women's Day.

Tickets for an exhibition or performance

How to originally congratulate women at work on March 8

Maslenitsa is a favorite folk holiday, which has always been fun and interesting. In 2021, Maslenitsa begins on 8 and will last until March 14, 2021, and ends with Forgiveness Sunday and the obligatory rite of burning an effigy of Maslenitsa.

Today we will talk about this interesting rite in our article. You will find out why a scarecrow of Maslenitsa is burned, when and how to do it correctly in order to get rid of failure and negativity next year. And also the history of this merry holiday.

Pancake Week is a period of festivities in grand style. As they said in the old days, Shrovetide came. Rituals and ceremonies that have come down to our days through the centuries will help not to be left without finances, luck and love.

The origins of the tradition

Burning a scarecrow at Shrovetide is a very important, semantic ceremony, directly related to fertility. Many centuries ago it was believed that through sacrifice one can get rid of any troubles and hardships.

That is why the stuffed animal itself was made in the image and likeness of a person. In addition, they loved to dress Shrovetide in a variety of women's dresses, associating it with the outgoing winter.

What are the specific reasons for the burning of an effigy in antiquity?

  • People believed that along with the death of the Maslenitsa effigy, all the sorrows and hardships disappear from life.
  • Also, a similar ceremony was a symbol of the farewell to winter.
  • The burning of the effigy had one more important purpose: improving the fertility of the land, because fertile lands returned to life through the ritual death of the Maslenitsa effigy.

The burning of an effigy of Shrovetide was indeed an important and meaningful ritual, but only in antiquity. Now he is treated with respect, but no more.

People no longer believe in the need for ritual sacrifice in order to increase future harvests, turning the burning of Shrovetide into an amusement that directly means the beginning of Lent.

Wow! Simply the best games and contests for a fun and memorable March 8th. to a corporate party - they will really surprise you!

A birthday in summer is a real gift! And all because nature itself comes up with beautiful decorations for your holiday, pleases with good and sunny weather and, of course, gives room for imagination, because in summer you can arrange a holiday anywhere: in the forest, in the park, on the river, etc.

However, many parents want their children to have not a simple holiday, but an original and unusual one. So what interesting ideas for a children's party in nature can be?

The theme of the holiday can be chosen based on several factors:

  • Personal preferences and wishes of the child.
  • Upcoming events.
  • Venue.

Neptune Day

This version of the holiday is suitable if the weather is hot outside. A great option would be to stock up on water pistols and water bombs.

Kids will love the cardboard ships, treasure chests and seashell decorations. Heroes can flee from a sea monster, search for treasures, or comprehend the depths of lost worlds.

Dishes can also be made in this theme: a large amount of sweet ice cream, a mermaid cake or an edible trident. And at the end of the holiday, every child will be able to go home with homemade pearl or shell beads.

In the animal world

This version of the holiday is suitable for the smallest birthday. Children will understand the concept, and the presence of animals will become a pleasant learning element. Hang animal images everywhere, dress up in costumes, invite pets to the party.

Cover the table with an unusual tablecloth, come up with a path with animal tracks, hang a garland in the form of a python, where congratulations to the birthday boy can hang.

Games can also be related to animals:

  • Guess the animal.
  • "Animal karaoke".
  • "Pick a ponytail."

As you know, the symbol of the new year 2021 - the Fire Monkey - is reputed to be a playful and eccentric creature. In order not to disappoint her and celebrate the New Year in the best traditions, you need not only to choose the right outfit and decorate the house according to “monkey feng shui”, but also to take care of the entertainment component of the evening.

Active games and playful New Year's contests are not only able to amuse guests and household members, but also give originality, amusement and originality to the holiday. Games and contests for the New Year 2016 can be witty, quick-witted, sleight of hand, and relaxed.

Games for children should be mentioned separately. It is not so difficult to entertain the children: it is enough to give New Year's gifts, arrange a round dance to the song "A Christmas tree was born in winter" and feed them deliciously. But this applies to preschoolers. The entertainment program for older children should be much richer and more interesting. But first things first.

Scenario of a corporate party for the New Year - with jokes

A close-knit team at a party

For the holiday to be a success, the script must be special - funny, perky and funny. Thanks to this, he will cheer up, add positive and set people up for the holiday, even if they worked in the office all day the day before. Scenario of a corporate party for the New Year 2020-2021 of the Ox with jokes:

The main characters are Santa Claus and the Host.

Character Words

Character Words

Any competition is held at this time. The winner receives a gift - a postcard in the form of a diploma. This can be a performance of a song, poem, or dance.

Memorable moments will be nice to capture on a photo collage. And if such a collage is sent to the wish board, then you can achieve many goals and dreams.

In today's world, when every home has a tablet, computer and smartphone, people print photos less and less. You can probably see huge albums with printed photographs only at grandmothers' houses. And really - why pay for printing and then store it all so that it gathers dust, if you can view the photo if you want on a computer? Moreover, we do not have much time to flip through albums and even photos in the computer. Remember the last time you took albums out of the closet and looked at family photos?

Nevertheless, a photo collage method is gaining popularity. Thanks to him, you can not only save money on printing photos, but also make a very pleasant and original gift for a holiday to a loved one.

Purpose and collage styles

Collage is a type of fine art that combines similar subjects into one work. Its creation is based on the placement of paintings or graphic works by gluing them onto the base. At the same time, a distinctive feature is that the base differs from the main material in its color and texture.

It was first used only in 1962 in the Nedelya edition with illustrations to the works of the Polish writer Slawomir Mrozek. However, prior to that, Aristarkh Lentulov's paintings “Moscow” (1913) and “Basil the Blessed” (1913) were made in Russia in the style of collage. The first used a panel with paper pieces, and the second used foil.

When creating a collage, various materials and decorative elements are often used, for example, ink, paints, pictures, a collage of sweets looks especially interesting. For birthday or other holiday gifts: video collages, posters from photographs or a set of themed things. In order for the completed craft to turn out bright and original, such a technique of applying elements as a spot, line, point is used.

The following main four styles are used in the creation of compositions:

To give the collage a finished look, the base is made out using a mat or frame. The use of framing elements emphasizes the expressiveness of the work, and also performs protective functions.

Funny happy birthday pictures to girlfriend

I wish my dear friend Happy days, wonderful years, Good luck, joy without an edge, Great successes and victories! After all, you are the very charm, May fate protect you, And on your birthday wishes Love and happiness for you!

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