How to celebrate your 30s in a way that is good for children, parents and friends

Halloween is a great way to boost sales for your business

Retailers start selling Halloween merchandise in late summer. A celebration of this magnitude is driving a huge demand for Halloween decorations, as well as costumes, sweets and party supplies. In turn, catering establishments begin to take advantage of the holiday a week before and after Halloween, organizing concept parties, costume contests, launching special promotions and creating a unique holiday menu (it will be convenient to keep track of promotions and menu items in the cafe automation system).

In 2021, Halloween falls on Thursday, so it's worthwhile to think about the events for Friday night and the weekend after the holiday as interestingly as possible in order to make the most of the annual hype.


The choice of images is truly huge! The script for a Halloween party includes bandaged mummies, the brainchild of Frankenstein, ghosts in robes, zombies in gray-greenish clothes, skeletons. A witch - a tattered hem of a black dress, tousled hair with spiders entangled in it, a broom, a pointed hat. A hefty wart on the nose is a special chic. Demoness - a red short dress, a high heel, a rim-horns and a tail-arrow. Vampire - plastic fangs, bloody makeup, stylish black dress or leather suit, metal jewelry.

It's not hard to make the original bat costume - a black skin-tight outfit, slightly modernized. Cut out two triangles from the fabric with sharp, serrated edges (like the wings of a bat) and sew them with one side to the sleeve and the other to the leg. Raised his hands - the wings opened (it is better to make wide, it's more convenient).

If you have a lot of time to prepare, you can create costumes for movie villains, maniacs and characters that are positive, but still terrible. Take ideas from cult tapes, probably familiar to all guests - HellRaisers, Bell, Scream, Jack the Ripper, Edward Scissorhands, The Exorcist, etc. If time is short, ask your friends to come in t-shirts with creepy designs and prepare accessories - bracelets and necklaces made of spiders, bones and eyes, headbands with horns or ears of predators, fangs.

Halloween ideas: decorating a cafe, bar, restaurant

Start your Halloween ideas by decorating your place with the right decor. Orange and black accents, more candles, mysticism and some pumpkins. Only without fanaticism, the design of the cafe should not be too intrusive and completely overlap the atmosphere of your establishment.

Sometimes it is enough to make a small touch, which will be immediately noticed by guests against the background of the usual interior or staff uniform. For example, blood stains on a logo, signboard or a mystical portrait with luminous eyes in a prominent place in the hall, etc.

Try to make sure that the spirit of the holiday does not leave your visitors. You can invite a professional decorator who will tell you how to decorate a cafe for Halloween. At a minimum, you can use the most popular Halloween restaurant and bar decor ideas: pumpkins, skulls, torches, crosses, etc. Add pumpkin-based dishes to the menu or use them as plates or tureens, "bloody" drinks with red syrup, offer the visitors little monster-shaped cakes and, of course, more Bloody Mary. Burning Halloween cocktails and shots will also be a good addition to the bar's map.

Fun for kids on Halloween: fun theater

Name of weddings by year

All weddings by year can be roughly divided into groups according to their symbolism:

  • Metallic: nickel, silver, gold, etc.
  • Stone: turquoise, emerald, ruby, etc.
  • Textile: chintz, linen, lace, etc.
  • In honor of popular materials: leather, wood, earthenware, glass, etc.

Let's briefly dwell on each of them and discuss what wedding names exist by year and what they symbolize, and the photos will tell you what gifts will be appropriate for a particular date.

Wedding Anniversary Clip

How to celebrate the anniversaries of living together

Today, more and more often, the anniversary is celebrated with a magnificent celebration, some even repeat their vows given on the wedding day, with a large number of guests. In fact, a second wedding is being arranged, with the same groom and the same bride, with gifts and guests.

Someone celebrates anniversaries together with a romantic dinner or with their family, reviewing photos and videos from the wedding.

Photos of pensioners who have lived a long life together and decided to celebrate this event by arranging a photo session in the style of "Lovestory" look funny.

Table: Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Watch a video that highlights wedding anniversaries by year and provides tips on gift choices and celebration ideas.


You can use both poetic wishes and congratulations in your own words. In any of these cases, the beauty of the union of heroes of the occasion should be emphasized with the help of the symbols of the wedding anniversary.

What's so great about Halloween and theatrical performances? A child who is afraid of Koshchei the Immortal or ghosts, seeing them in funny situations or dancing in the same dance with them, may completely stop being afraid, or at least doubt their existence. Laughter is the best way to defeat fear.

Confetti is considered to be one of the brightest and most memorable elements for entertainment. It will decorate any holiday and give an unforgettable experience. But most of all the excitement is caused by a relatively new "feature" - the paper show. It's easy to organize it with your own hands. The main thing is to stock up on a lot of consumables and imagination. We will find out how to do this further.

General description of the show

Before making a paper show with your own hands, you need to know what it is. As the name suggests, the event is all about paper. And since this is a show, you will need a lot of it. According to one version - 50 kg, according to another - 70 kg.

Finished sheets of paper are passed through an office cutter, or shredder. They are cut into long and thin strips. Then they are packed in boxes and brought to their destination. When the time for the show comes, the organizers of the event or the children themselves, parents and guests take paper out of the boxes and begin tossing it into the air, throwing it at each other.

Confetti cannons or air cannons can also be used. With their help, you can not just scatter, but shoot paper and confetti into the air. It turns out to be an amazing paper show for children. It is not difficult to do such entertainment with your own hands. You just need to prepare everything you need for this: paper, guns, confetti.


Paper decorations, if they are not entirely childish, require perseverance and meticulousness. Although you can attract friends and especially children for decoration, they will definitely like to create something new with their own hands.

  • Serpentine, breezes, garlands of butterfly birds, pom-poms, fan or lush flowers, lanterns - if you wish, you can easily close the ceiling and walls completely! There are very simple options. There are very effective ones, but you need to collect them according to the scheme (since there are so many of them that you won't even have enough time to look through).

  • Some brightly colored pinatas filled with confetti are beautiful decor and fun fun, especially if you're having a kids' paper party. Kids will love the colorful rain! Instead of piñatas, you can fill balloons with streamers and confetti.

  • A huge paper ship, a flower meadow, a fairy forest or a castle is a wonderful photo zone and part of the decor. The background for commemorative photos can be simply drawn on a Whatman paper, hung on a photo wallpaper or made an applique. To "liven up" the background, glue a volumetric analogue over the picture - similar buds, clouds or grass. Of course, depending on what is shown in your photo zone.

  • From small flowers, exquisite topiary is obtained - miniature trees. Easy to do with your own hands, and for a paper party, such a tree will become one of the most noticeable and stylish decorations.
  • For your birthday, arrange a panel in a frame - a branchy tree with leaflets for writing. On them, guests will be able to leave congratulations to the birthday man. After all, paper, for the most part, is made of trees, and it would be nice to somehow display this moment in the decor.

There are countless master classes online! Schemes of flowers and balls, animals and houses, origami, facing, quilling, etc. Of course, you can just hang up the garlands and balls. But a few truly original details will add a unique flavor to the interior.

Basic rules

Auxiliary devices must be present on the table, because they serve directly, so that you can comfortably take food. Individual tools include the familiar forks and spoons, as well as small tongs and many other common tools. It is important to remember that the spoon is invariably in the right hand, but the fork in the other. Sauces should be stacked with ladles, but this should be done as carefully as possible, as one awkward movement and the tablecloth can be ruined. Of course, these cutlery must also be present on the table.

The order of the arrangement of appliances on the table

It doesn't hurt to place a set of napkins next to each guest, as they can quickly remove dirt from the tablecloth without drawing special attention to your person. If we are talking about the traditional design of the table, then it will imply the execution of work in a certain order.

An example of a festive table setting

Napkin Lotus

Festive table decor can be made from the most simple things and objects. For example, napkins necessary for serving are folded in the form of a charming flower. Traditional paper roses have been known to everyone for a long time, but the volumetric lotus will certainly surprise guests and decorate the holiday. A similar decor can also be made as a central composition.

Tools and materials:

  • pink paper napkins - 40;
  • yellow napkins - 4;
  • wire.

Manufacturing technology:

  • Bend the sides of the triangle from the top to the center and turn the resulting shape over. We place it with its top down and bend the protruding triangles, forming an even base.

  • Fold the rest of the pink napkins in the same way. As a result, we get 40 neat triangles.
  • Open the yellow napkin and fold it in half lengthwise, marking the fold line. Open the product again and bend all the corners to the intended fold line.

In a word, I didn't want to ignore an important date. The idea to unite relatives and friends and make a special holiday for everyone has firmly settled in my head. The only question was how to gather and place people living in different cities in one place. But he too soon made up his mind. The holiday was held in nature, which is especially valuable for me.

Lights, glasses and high heels were included. All dreams have come true. On the difficulties and stages of preparation in order ...

Party planning tips

So, let's try to answer the question of how to celebrate a 30-year-old girl. First, it should be remembered that this date should be celebrated. In this case, signs do not work, in contrast to the forty-year anniversary. Absolutely anyone can participate in the celebration, regardless of gender, age and family affiliation. You just need to choose the most suitable setting and call the prospective guests in advance.

Still, how to celebrate 30 years of a girl, how to spend this day so that later there will be many pleasant memories. First, decide in advance what you want from this day in order to outline a plan of action. After thinking it over, you need to start making your dreams come true.

To directly understand what you want from this day and how to celebrate a girl's 30 years, you need to count your savings, correlate with the number of guests. After all, whatever one may say, in the first place such events hit the pocket.

If financial opportunities are limited, it is better not to take risks and not take out a loan, so as not to get yourself into debt. Do not forget that if you really want to, you can celebrate this wonderful date without a big investment.

Invite a Popular Host

Regardless of whether you have chosen the theme of the party or not, you should think in advance how you will entertain yourself. Amateur performance is certainly good, but it is much better to leave it to professionals. You have thirty! On this occasion, you can invite the host (not to be confused with the toastmaster). Here guys who are close in spirit and have a great sense of humor are most suitable. Consider KVNschikov or Stand-Uppers!

Depending on the presenter's fame, the cost for the event varies from 15 to 200 thousand rubles. But you can be sure that no one will be deprived of attention and will definitely not get bored. Funny contests and funny tasks for the invitees will keep everyone in good shape until the very end of the event.

Do not worry about the excessive obsession of the artists, as well as about the boring, dull contests like "pencil in a bottle" or "burst the ball". It was before, now everything is different! A sea of ​​positive emotions is guaranteed for you and your friends.

Celebrating at home

How to celebrate 30 years of a girl, if money is tight at the moment, but you want to arrange a celebration? First, you can always meet this holiday at home. Buying groceries instead of ordering a table at a cafe will significantly reduce your costs. Also, if you are in a trusting relationship with friends, then you can simply explain the situation, and they will meet you halfway.

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