How much yarn is needed for a baby blanket with knitting needles

15 years of marriage is a serious date, because during this time the spouses have already gone through a lot: their life has improved, they have got used to each other, they have children, the relationship has become stronger. Crystal is the symbol of the 15th wedding anniversary. This natural material testifies to the fact that after years the spouses managed to maintain clarity and purity of mind, the husband and wife became open and honest towards each other.

Such a wedding anniversary is usually celebrated magnificently: not in a close family circle, but in a restaurant / cafe with relatives and friends. Everyone congratulates the family: parents, friends, relatives, as well as children. What can children give their parents for a crystal wedding?

What to give a married couple for the wedding years?

15 years of wedding - what kind of wedding and what is the gift?

One and a half dozen years of life together are marked with a wonderful radiance and melodic ringing of expensive glass - crystal, and the anniversary is called crystal.

Crystal is a symbol of purity and beauty of relationships. But at the same time, expensive glass suggests that it is easy to break a marriage with one ill-considered action, without even wanting to.

For 15 years of marriage, the spouses have already managed to get to know each other's habits and tastes.

The following presents are perfect for a spouse:

  • An expensive perfume in a glass bottle with an interesting cut reminiscent of crystal.
  • A pin, tie clip, cufflinks with rhinestone inserts are a good solution.
  • For a sweet tooth spouse - "crystal cake" (there are some delights) on a beautiful crystal stand.

A new smartphone on an original transparent stand will delight the heart of a fan of modern gadgets. You can immediately write down the spouse's number in the contact list so that the husband calls more often.

What gift for a crystal wedding can you give your spouse:

What yarn is suitable for knitting a baby blanket

The choice of yarn for knitting a blanket for a newborn baby depends on several factors. Regardless of the seasonality, yarns with a high cotton content are the universal solution. It will definitely not cause allergies in the child, it does not inject, it lets air through well. But a cotton blanket can be heavy. Therefore, the best choice would be cotton yarn with the addition of acrylic or polyamide. The synthetic additive makes the thread lighter, more airy and more resistant to wear and tear. A blanket made of cotton-acrylic yarn can be used for years, pills and scuffs will not appear on it.

For a thin openwork plaid, bobbin yarn made of cotton and acrylic is suitable. It is very economical; just one bobbin is enough to knit one blanket.

Cotton and wool yarns are also versatile. Such a thread will be light, obedient, soft and just perfect for a baby product. For cooler seasons, merino yarn is the best option. In terms of popularity and demand for knitting children's things, it is in no way inferior to cotton. Merino is warm, soft, cozy, noble and practical. It is guaranteed to keep your baby warm on a cool evening. Inexpensive, hypoallergenic and soft yarns are acrylic and polyacrylic. Plush yarn blanket will turn out to be incredibly delicate.

How to knit a blanket Knitting patterns and descriptions

Blankets are knitted and crocheted according to ready-made patterns, which can be modified depending on the size of the product. In the list of popular models of blankets-envelopes for newborns, products for beginners and experienced craftsmen. On sites dedicated to needlework, ready-made weaving patterns, detailed descriptions and material consumption are offered.

Master class for beginners

Beginners can start making a simple blanket with knitting needles of standard sizes 120x160 cm. The product will require yarn (2.2 kg), the optimal percentage includes wool (50%), acrylic (50%). Needle straight knitting needles # 6, sewing needle, hook # 5 for decorating.

Plaid with knitting needles according to the scheme can be made of sheep wool, the standard model reaches dimensions of 166x172 cm. For manufacturing, you will need natural yarn (100% merino), circular knitting needles №№3.5, length 120 cm.

To make a plaid from square knitted elements with dimensions of 112x168 cm, with squares of 28x28 cm, 200 g of yarn of purple, blue, yellow-green colors are needed, 150 g of yarn each (55% wool, 45% polyacrylic ) green and golden shades, 200 g of dark blue and 150 g of black yarn. The work is carried out using knitting needles №№3,5.

Zoya pored over her notes in the reading room of the university library. The previous group said that the economics teacher is a beast. He asks not according to notes and even not according to the textbook, but flips over the questions of statistics, which can only be found in the journal "Economics and Finance".

Accustomed to showing excellent results, Zoya, without hesitation, went to the library. However, on the way, she succumbed to an unexpected impulse, entered Detsky Mir and made a purchase, which she was now very sorry about.

The purchase haunted her, the analysis of the securities market did not want to fit under a fashionable haircut. Zoe straightened her bangs that had fallen over her eyes. More recently, Zoya was the owner of a stunning braid, laid in a crown around her head. She had long dreamed of cutting off a braid, but her mother liked Zoya with a braid. To all the girl's attempts to agree and make at least shorter, her mother invariably answered:

- Cutting off such a braid is a sin. We raised her for you all my life, how much we put on her, and you want to cut it off in five minutes. If you cut it off, you will cry yourself. And in general, with a short haircut does not suit you.

The girl did not have the courage to argue with her mother, especially since her mother had a bad heart, and it was impossible to upset her. Zoe many times imagined how she "accidentally" gets rid of the scythe. Maybe catch a hook in the school locker room so that the braid comes off? Zoya tried, got confused, she had to call her classmates for help.

Mom scolded, carefully combed the tangle, and Zoya realized that the tale of Rapunzel is not such a fairy tale. And that on her spit, the prince could well climb into the tower. She even imagined how the train would run over her. Not Zoya, of course, but a scythe. But I could not imagine how this could happen, I just dreamed that the heavy braid would finally disappear. In the eleventh grade, right before the New Year, Zoya found an incomprehensible pimple under her arm, her mother advised her to burn it with brilliant green. Zoya carefully took the bottle in her right hand, a cotton swab in her left, dipped the bottle on the wand and raised her hand to get to the unfortunate pimple, and poured the entire supply of brilliant green on her head.

Mom didn't believe in an accident. I didn't scold. Silently took her daughter to the hairdresser. I discussed the hairstyle with the master. After this incident, she did not speak for a long time. A little later, Zoya accidentally saw her mother, sitting on the bed, stroking the cut braid and crying silently. The girl's heart sank with love and regret, and she vowed that she would never, for anything in the world, upset her mother.

Zoe's mom was not strict, she just always knew what was best for Zoe. With whom is the daughter better to be friends, what dress to choose for graduation, which institute to enter. The girl grew up obedient, she studied well - her head was bright, and there were no friends, so nothing distracted her from her studies. For diversified development, at the insistence of her mother, Zoya attended an art school. Landscapes, still lifes, compositions, camera angles - everything aroused delight in the girl. But she was especially fascinated by the portraits.

When Zoya told her painting teacher that she was entering the Faculty of Economics and Financial Management, Elena Vasilievna, despite her natural modesty, went to the mother of her pupil. The teacher was convincing, she talked about how Zoya was born for painting, that her sense of color and shape is perfect, and every portrait created by Zoya has a soul. But my mother was adamant:

- You can't make a living by painting portraits, and an accountant is a real profession. If you really want to draw, then it is quite possible to do it in your free time from work.

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