Homemade postcards for March 8: original ideas

Very little is left before the onset of spring. And this means that ahead of us is a wonderful holiday of tenderness - March 8th. On this day, it is customary to congratulate the beautiful half of humanity. We thank our mothers, grandmothers and sisters for the care and love that they give us throughout our lives. And what could be more valuable than a handmade gift. For example, homemade postcards.

I remember how I created my first masterpiece in labor lessons as a child. He, of course, was far from ideal, but my mother's happy smile made me proud of her gift. I offer several ideas for original postcards that you can present to your loved ones. It is also a great way to spend time with your child in a general developmental activity.

Homemade postcards from scrap materials

Finger and palm drawing

Kids love to draw with their hands. Try to apply this passion to create a gift card. Show your child how to use fingerprints to draw a flower or a whole bouquet.

Postcard made of colored paper

More experienced creators can try their hand at applique. Plus, there are many different materials to be found in stationery stores.

Such a delicate bouquet of flowers in a pot will surely surprise the recipient. Especially when he discovers a secret message. You can write your warm wishes on a hidden sheet.

To make a flowering bushes postcard, you will need: green double-sided paper, colored paper, scissors and glue stick. Fold the green leaf like an accordion, fold it in half and glue it two fans between the soda. Cut flower buds or hearts out of colored paper and stick to the bush. Make a few of these and glue them in the middle of the card.

Cupcake Flowers

Our ancestors drove out the enemy more than once! You must be worthy of your ancestors!

"The Red Army is Strongest of All" ("White Army, Black Baron.") - a song written during the Civil War by composer Samuil Pokrass and poet Pavel Gorinstein.

Redinform has made a video of this inspiring music.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

The enemy of these ancestors from the picture was Russia. She was driven out. Until now you can not collect.

Several mediocre familiesWith riches and bows They own my homeland. They stand above all laws, They stand around the tsar as a wall, Like pugs greedy and evil, And innocently saying: "After all, only we are Russia!"

Whimper further, you can't fucking do it anyway.

The Reds could have even less. Whites for 4 years fought for old Russia and fought in such a way that the Bolsheviks were really afraid that they would be overthrown, but what could the communists do in the 90s? With shaking hands, take the tanks out into the streets, but will surrender in three days? Hundreds of thousands of people fought for Russia without the Bolsheviks, and no one marched for the Soviet Union.

No, this is just an indicator of where there was a normal state for which people were ready to die, and where there was an ideological chimera that no one wanted to defend at all.

The most real people, and they were headed by the son of a simple Cossack Kornilov and the son of a peasant Denikin, and not the children of noblemen and rich landowners like Bolsheviks. And yes, tens of millions were lost thanks to the "genius" policy of the Bolsheviks, and yes, with weapons, the Reds had a huge advantage, since they were able to capture most of the tsarist reserves.

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