Home decorating ideas for the New Year: DIY magic

Installation of a chandelier is usually included in the general list of services for the installation of this coating. But in some cases, customers forget to discuss this point, so you have to take the chandelier suspension into your own hands. Let's look at the main ways of doing this.

Stretch ceiling features

Stretch ceilings are made of rubberized PVC fabric, which is heated and fixed on guides. In fact, it is a film that simulates a plane. Stretch ceilings are most afraid of mechanical damage and high temperatures.

Choosing a chandelier for a stretch ceiling

Often on the Internet you can find information that it is better to give preference to light lighting devices, since the canvas will not be able to withstand a lot of weight. In fact, a chandelier of any weight can be mounted on a stretch ceiling, since it is not attached to the film, but to special fasteners, mortgages, which are fixed on the ceiling.

When buying a chandelier, it is important to pay attention that its parts adjacent to the ceiling do not heat up.

Melting of a stretch ceiling often occurs in chandeliers with arms that are directed to the sides of the canvas. If the lighting fixture is fixed on a movable arm, then it must be taken as far as possible from the PVC film.

Overheating can also be avoided by not installing incandescent bulbs in the chandelier. In this case, preference should be given to LED devices.


The sequence of actions will depend on the fixing of the chandelier. For example, when installing on a hook, the luminaire is suspended after installing the ceiling, and when installing on a bar, I first mount the fasteners and only then pull the canvas.

Also, prior to installation, all wiring should be completed. Determine the places in which the lighting fixtures will be. The wires are hidden in corrugations, it is advisable to use a copper cable, but if the house uses aluminum wiring, they must not be connected.

Mounting the chandelier on a hook

The simplest way of installation, in this case the chandelier is hung after the installation of the stretch ceiling. To do this, you need to make a cutout in the canvas.

Small Russian bath

The main holiday of our country, beloved by the population of all ages, is rapidly approaching. I would like to return to childhood and live in anticipation of a miracle. How to plunge into this magical state? Surround yourself with a holiday! How beautiful to decorate an apartment for the New Year 2020. Ideas for decorating an apartment 100 interior photos in our article.

Luxurious western decor

In the west, decorating a house for Christmas is a kind of art. The general concept of the interior is being thought out, the color scheme of the decorative elements is in harmony with the design of the room and is strictly adhered to.

Details are flawlessly combined in shape and size. Not only a Christmas tree is decorated, but also any place suitable for this - a fireplace, window sills, cabinets, dining tables and even doors. A single festive space is born, the feeling of a fairy tale and magic.

Here are some tricks to decorate your apartment in the spirit of a traditional Western Christmas:

Playing with contrast

Scarlet - green, red - gold, blue - silver - bright, familiar color combinations are associated with winter holidays, create a special atmosphere at home. Of the two colors, one is always the main one, and the other serves as an accent. It is great if the chosen color scheme is combined with the existing interior.

One color decor

Smooth color transitions are another popular technique. Combining white with gold or silver, delicate jewelry in one color brings a sense of calmness.

Details rule the show

A reindeer team, decorative felt boots on the fireplace, a cozy Christmas lamp - such details emphasize the conceptuality of the decor. Attention to detail allows you to create a truly lively and thoughtful festive interior.

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