Hawaiian clothing style - sea of ​​sun, colors and positive


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    I'm very happy to continue your theme with a new addition. I earnestly ask your consent to connect my task in parallel. Perhaps it can become ours - common, i.e. I need to create a catamaran similar to yours only in other dimensions and possibly other contours. Of course, this will not overwrite the discussion of the solution to your problem. For my part, I guarantee a sense of proportion and decency.

    The essence of my task. It is required to tow a small barge L≈5. 0 ... 6.0m; About 1.5m; D ≈ 1.5t; h꞊ 1.m in waves up to 2 points and at a speed of V ≥ 70 km / h without any shaking and overload. There was an idea (possibly crazy) to tow this barzhon between the catamaran hulls, attaching it with flexible ties to the catamaran hulls. To make the catamaran high-speed and seaworthy. Connect its hulls with 2 openwork metal arches with transition bridges: aft and bow. In the bow, place the pilot's wheelhouse, means for damping the interhull oncoming waves, and a winch for positioning the barge in the right place along the length of the catamaran.

    Hence the first and possibly the last question. Does this task have the potential of real technical solutions for its implementation, or is it really a utopia? The most important key to its possible solution is the choice of contours for the catamaran hulls. At present, two types deserve attention: the Sea Knife and Valeeva-Morozova. As for the first: perhaps the contours of your projected catamaran can be transformed to the properties of the Morknife. Confused by the value of the required power-to-weight ratio. For the second, there is no complete data for comparison and design. Although, according to published articles and research results, the data are acceptable for solving my problem. Can we cooperate on such a platform?

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    It is required to tow a small bargeon without any shaking or overloading.

    To avoid shaking and overload, it must be lowered under water and towed on a long flexible connection.

    But how the towing cable at 70 km / h will behave is an open question.

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    Tow the bargeon between the hulls of the catamaran

    From men

    Congratulatory 1: Not all gifts have been handed over, We were able to hide a little, Now, of course, we will hand them over, And the spoon will be the first for you! (Pulls out a large wooden spoon)

    Congratulatory 1: I'll tell you about the gift, In everyday life, in the kitchen, he is practical, In the household, he is not replaceable, Yes, in principle, as in personal life!

    Congratulatory 2: Congratulations once again, Now I heartily voice, Let there be a strong family, You live in love and amicable!

    Congratulatory 2: And I give this to you now, To stick to each other, So that your light does not go out, Or maybe glue the dishes!

    Congratulatory 3: And I have a gift for the bride, I have prepared the most beautiful outfit, So stylish, very fashionable, Well, you can go straight to the show!

    Congratulatory 3: And there is also for the groom, The most useful gift, So that the little wife smiles, And so that there is understanding!

    (Presenting the manual "Family Life for Dummies")

    This gift requires preparation. You need to take an old book, make an appropriate cover for it and glue in the sheets with tips. List of tips: 1. To make the wife less screaming, you need to help around the house. Where you dropped one sock, drop the second. 2. Compliment more often. 2 times a week, just right, otherwise you will spoil. 3. Don't breathe, don't talk, don't exist when she's having those very days. Just go fishing. 4. Remember, the key to family well-being is trust. Don't read her correspondence, and don't let me read yours. 5. Don't forget your budget. Her salary is her money, yours is the family budget. 6. Do not try to look at other women in her presence. Remember, she is the one and only. Watch when he turns away. 7. There is no such thing as hot raw! And this is not porridge in a saucepan, but soup! 8. In any case, do not try to say about excess weight. Hint, the lace underwear is a few sizes smaller. 9. Her mother is the holiest person on earth! (Learn this rule.) 10. Do not forget about joint leisure. Cleaned up together - equate to going to the gym together. Text options may be different. If you do choose this gift option, you need to ask the groom to read all the points aloud. Print one item per page in large print. If you do not want to make such a gift, you can give the "Kamasutra")

    Congratulatory 4: So that you save up for vacation, So that there is always prosperity, I give you a family bank, Here is a gift from me!

    (Pulls out a 3-liter twisted jar with a hole in the lid. The jar can be decorated)

    Congratulatory 4: And yet, there is a surprise for you, he will save you in the cold, he will help you with angina, And for vigor in the morning!

    Towing a bargeon between the hulls of the catamaran - sent to Motor boats and boats: cat1. pgcat2. pgcat3. pgcat4. pg I'm very happy to continue your theme with a new addition. I earnestly ask your consent to connect my task in parallel. Perhaps it can become ours - common, i.e. I need to create a catamaran similar to yours only of other dimensions and possibly other contours. Of course, this will not overwrite the discussion of the solution to your problem. For my part, the feeling ...

    However, do not forget that the outfit for the Hawaiian party remains important. The brighter you are dressed, the more your costume matches the chosen theme, the more fun and interesting it will be to those around you.

    If you want to prepare thoroughly for the perfect Hawaiian party, then start making your own Hawaiian costume! This will not only create the necessary mood, but will also significantly save money. How to make a Hawaiian costume with your own hands, we will just tell you in this article.

    Looking for costumes for kids? Check out our Hawaiian Kiddie Party article, where we not only tell you what to wear for a kiddie Hawaiian party, but also give tips on how to organize a kids' party right!

    Hawaiian Party Wear

    Boys and men can dress in colorful Hawaiian shirts, brightly colored shorts, flip-flops, bucket hats and sunglasses. If you don't have a "Hawaiian" in your wardrobe, make it yourself. To do this, you will need a white T-shirt, fabric paint (batik) and a sponge. Cut a palm leaf out of the sponge and make some prints on the T-shirt. Done!

    Girls and women can dress up in colored swimwear or beach dresses. The skirts of the dancers will look especially great. They can be made from thick elastic and colored ribbons thickly tied on it. If you don't have ribbons, use New Year's "rain".

    Don't forget to brighten your look with smiles!


    Fruit cocktails are great for kids' Hawaiian party. For example, take 3 ripe bananas, 2 ripe mangoes, a spoonful of honey, and 50 grams of apple juice. We mix everything in a blender and serve in tall glasses.

    Or can be made with strawberries and low-fat milk / yogurt. It will turn out not tasty, but very tasty. Moreover, strawberries can be taken not only fresh, but also mixed directly frozen. If you want, you can make a vegetable smoothie with tomatoes, carrots, young beets, avocado, cucumbers, spinach.

    Have fun at your Hawaiian party!

    Hawaiian Party Decoration

    You will need a lot of artificial or paper flowers - plumeria, cannes, Hawaiian orchids. Decorate the walls of the room, tables and chairs with garlands. If you have chosen a loft with a pool, you can fix flowers along the edge or completely dip them into the water along with floating candles. But before active games in the pool, it is better to remove the decorations.

    According to visitors, the park is especially beautiful in spring - it is at this time that numerous apple trees bloom, as well as other plants bloom, which are planted in the Northern Tushino park.

    Prices in the North Tushino Park per year

    Entrance to the park is free for visitors, but additional services and entertainment will need to be paid for. For example, rides in the park are paid:

    • Big circuit - 300 rubles,
    • Viking - 300 rubles
    • Pirate ship - 300 rubles
    • "Rainbow" - 250 rubles
    • "Loch Ness Monster" - 200 rubles
    • Virtual simulator - 250 rubles
    • "Octopus" - 250 rubles
    • "Chain Carousel" - 250 rubles
    • "Canoe River" - 200 rubles
    • "Swing-boats" - 200 rubles
    • mini -jet "Pirate" - 200 rubles
    • "Mini-train" - 200 rubles
    • "Sea dragon" - 200 rubles
    • "Sea battle" - 200 rubles

    A detailed price list for attractions can be found at the ticket offices of attractions in the Severnoye Tushino Park. Also, a river tram runs along the river in the summer season:

    • children (2-12 years old) - 500 rubles;
    • pensioners - 500 rubles;
    • adults - 600 rubles.

    Park named after Svyatoslav Fedorov

    For many years the park was an insignificant green island of Beskudnikov, but after comprehensive improvement in 2021 it turned into one of the most interesting sights of the area.

    There are four areas for children in the northern part of the park. They are connected by paths, and a cycle path is laid around. For kids, there are low slides, sandboxes and nest swings, and older children can try climbing complexes, the most memorable of which is made in the form of a large ship with a bungee. In the same part of the park, there are two recreation areas with benches. In the center of one of them there is a monument to the ophthalmologist Svyatoslav Fedorov, after whom the park is named - it was he who founded a world-class eye microsurgery clinic in the Beskudnikovsky district. The design of the monument in an unusual way reminds visitors of the scientist's specialization: flower beds are laid out around him in the shape of the outlines of an eye, and the bronze figure itself on a round pedestal looks like his pupil.

    Three workout training complexes, a basketball court and a hockey rink, which is used as a mini-football field in summer, as well as a skate park and a parkour area, have appeared in the park. In addition, there is a stage and a dance floor for regional celebrations and a spectacular light-dynamic dry fountain with an area of ​​192 square meters.

    In the southern part of the park, you can find several interesting places at once. There is an alley of umbrellas with unusual benches under glass canopies, as well as a garden of aromas with an area of ​​about a thousand square meters, where you can sit down and enjoy the smells of medicinal herbs planted here - lavender, sage, geranium, fennel and many others. Here you can also find three more playgrounds, around which a bike path is laid.

    History of the park

    Until the beginning of the 20th century, the territory on which the Northern Tushino Park is located was an untouched area between the village of Zakharkovo and Alyoshkino. There was also a large ravine with the Zakharkovsky stream flowing in it - it started near the Planernaya metro station. In the 50s of the last century, an apple and pear (Zakharkovsky) orchard was planted on this place by the collective farm. The Severnoye Tushino park itself was founded in 1992.

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