Halloween games and contests - funny and funny

Children's birthday contests

The presenter voices various characters (names) from famous cartoons, and children must quickly remember and say the full name of this cartoon. For example, Vintik, Shpulya ("Fixies"), Uncle Fedor, the cat Matroskin ("Three from Prostokvashino"), Geko, Alet ("Masked Heroes"), Losyash ("Smeshariki"), Caramel ("Three Cats") ...

Players can be divided into teams or each one for himself (depending on the number of participants). Give a token for the correct answer (who is faster). The winner is the one who has the most of them.

Each participant chooses a felt-tip pen of their favorite color and receives a sheet of paper. On command (or incl. The music track), the players must draw on their sheet such objects that are inherent in the chosen color of the felt-tip pen. For example, if it is yellow, then you can draw the sun, lemon, shoes, book, etc. Whoever draws more objects in 2-3 minutes wins.

Stick it on the wall (or put a blank sheet of paper on the table). The participant should be placed / seated in front of this sheet. Glue the second sheet with tape on the back of this participant. Another person draws on his back (on a glued sheet) some conceived picture, for example, a house, but not all at once, but in parts (roof, square, window, door), and the one on whom they are drawing should try to repeat everything on your sheet. The winner is the one (couple, team) who has the most similarity.

Tie a long rope on one side, such as a drinking straw, and on the other, an object, such as a car or stuffed animal. Make such sets by the number of teams. Whoever winds the whole rope around the tube faster is the winner.

Children stand in a circle. Some kind of prize is placed in the center. The leader begins to count: "One, two, three ... dtsat". "One, two, three ... twelve." "One, two, three ... twenty-three." "One, two, three ... get stuck." The task of the participants is precisely at the expense of "one, two, three" to grab the prize. Whoever responds first gets the reward.

Here you can pair up the players and play the game several times.

Cut several sheets of paper of different colors (for example, red, blue, yellow) into small squares according to the number of participants. Give each participant a cocktail straw. The task with the help of a tube is to suck in only your own color of paper (each player chooses his own color) and put it in front of him (you can in any container). The winner is the one who managed the most and without mistakes to collect pieces of paper within the set time (2-3 minutes).

As an option: on one of the squares (of each color) make some kind of mark, for example, an asterisk and turn it over with the pattern down. Whoever finds this star (in the above way) faster will receive an additional prize or is the winner of the game.

You can also organize one big game - a quest for all participants with a treasure search. Children can participate in one small group (up to 10 people), or divide them into two teams. The quest can be organized both indoors and outdoors. Check out our selection of fun search quest scenarios. Fun, excitement and good mood will be provided.

Outdoor games for children from 1.5 to 3 years old

After all, a gift is a memory that will remind you of this day for the rest of your life together. And what will the guests have as a keepsake? After all, they are direct participants in the action, without them such a wonderful holiday would not have taken place. You still have the opportunity to pick up wedding gifts for guests. This does not require large material costs and time.

Some tips for choosing wedding gifts for guests

1) It is better to choose those that will definitely be used by the guest in the future, or used in everyday life. It is better not to buy any pipes, trinkets, small figurines.

2) It will be great if you pick up personalized gifts, on which you stick the name of the guest so that the presenter can give the desired gift to a specific person. It is more troublesome, but it will definitely be appreciated by guests!

3) The gift should not bother guests with its size or weight.

4) Gifts should not be expensive because they are more symbolic, like gratitude for the fact that a guest came to the wedding. In this case, the phrase "The main thing is not a gift, but attention."

5) It is a good idea to make the gift seasonal. choose the gift itself or its decor according to the season

6) Be sure to decorate the gift beautifully, come up with a festive box or packaging made of good elegant paper.

7) If possible, include your names and wedding date on the packaging.

Focus on the theme and style of the wedding. Decorate the gift according to the general color concept of the holiday design.

9) Prepare consolation prizes for those who did not win the contests.

It's always a pleasure to meet with a company of close friends in the evening. No matter where you are gathered - at home or on the street, you cannot ignore the game "truth or dare". Truth or action can be arranged in the form of a battle, divided into teams. This will diversify your game and make it more vivid and memorable. You will find ready-made tasks in this article, so you do not have to waste your time coming up with actions for the participant. We have collected only tough tasks for a close-knit team. They are challenging but doable. Any "professional" participant in this game can handle them.

What wishes can be made in the game, list

The tasks for the games can be varied, from sports to very tricky. They depend on the mood of the assembled company. As a rule, at the beginning of the game, the type of tasks is always discussed, they are adhered to until the end without changing the plan of action. Also, it is worth discussing the most humiliating tasks, and in no case should they be used.


While developing tasks for the Razumeykin website, we tried to make them interesting and varied, funny and serious at the same time, and also have a practical orientation. The tasks are completed in the form of an exciting educational game.

How are the assignments grouped and how to choose the ones that work for your child?

• All tasks are divided by age - for children 5–6 / 7–8 / 9–10 years old - and take into account the peculiarities of the development of children of each specific age. • For each age, the exercises for children are divided into 3 blocks - "Development", "Education", "Science". Accordingly, the tasks are of a developmental or educational nature or are aimed at expanding the child's horizons. You can choose to practice any one, two or all three blocks. • Within each block, tasks are divided into topics that meet the main tasks of the development and learning of a child at every age. You can start classes from any topic of the selected block, go through the topics sequentially, one after another, or in parallel, switching between tasks of different topics. • Within most of the topics there is a gradation of tasks for 3 levels, depending on the complexity. As usual in an educational game for children, all tasks within the topics go from simple to complex. Having passed the preliminary testing of your child on the site, you can determine from what level of difficulty in each topic it is better to start classes.

What is the submission form?

They say that in order to learn something well, you need to see, hear and feel this “something”.

All tasks on the Razumeikin website contain interesting pictures and voiced text, many tasks involve the child's motor sphere (he is offered simple tasks for fingers and hands, some using toys or objects available at home). All developmental tasks can be completed online.

How does development and learning happen?

1. The educational intellectual game "Razumeikin" for children has a multilevel system of helping a child with a wrong answer. So, if a child answers a question incorrectly, he is first asked to think more in order to exclude impulsive errors (he pressed the wrong direction, did not listen to the task, etc.). If the answer is wrong again, the child is often offered help with the assignment (small tip). Thus, not only the current level of the child's development is taken into account, but the zone of his proximal development, that is, those tasks that are available to him at the moment with the help of an adult. If the help does not lead to the correct answer, the child is given the correct answer with a detailed explanation. After that, it is proposed to perform a similar task to consolidate the material. 2. In the blocks "Education" and "Science" in most of the tasks, introductory information is given at the beginning, an explanation of the topic. And only after a preliminary explanation is it proposed to start the lesson.



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Workshop on sewing mittens-potholders

We have already sewed small kitchen potholders, now we can tackle more complicated products. Potholders are a must-have item in the kitchen. Of course, you can grab the hot lid with a towel or any other potholder. However, when you need to get a red-hot baking sheet from the oven, blazing with heat, you cannot do without such mittens. Long, tight gloves protect hands and wrists from burns.

More recently, a new holiday has appeared on the territory of the former union - Halloween or All Saints Day. Despite his relative youth, he gained immense popularity among the younger generation. Now it is celebrated with pleasure not only by young people, but also by children.

Halloween contests for kids should be funny, fun and simple so that every kid can get the job done and have a lot of fun.

Choose interesting, inexpensive prizes for all participants within 100 rubles.

Halloween Games and Contests - Fun and Fun

Each of the guests pulls out a phantom from a witch's hat, in which a hero is indicated, for example, Werewolf, Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy, and it can also be more complicated - a ghost of a man whose head was chopped off, a ghost of a bride, a vampire on a diet and etc. Each of the participants takes turns showing their hero, the rest guess. Prizes are awarded for the brightest and most eccentric roles.

The presenter gives the participants their new characteristics: cards with an inscription (for example, vampire, demon, sorcerer, werewolf) are fixed on the backs of the players. At the same time, everyone can read the name of the others, but cannot find out who he is. During the allotted time, players can ask questions about their "rank" to the rest, and answer the questions of others only "yes" or "no". At the end, the players tell the host what they think is written on the card. The winners are those who guessed correctly or who were closest to the solution.

Each of the guests is Count Dracula, who must drink a glass of blood faster than the others. In fact, there will be ordinary tomato juice in the glass, but guests should not talk about this right away, let them think that it is, for example, pork blood. At the command "strat", each of the guests begins to drink blood (juice) through a tube. Not everyone will start drinking right away, as they think that this is real blood, but when they understand by the smell and taste that this is tomato juice, things will go faster. And whoever copes with the task faster than others will win.

An inflated balloon with a painted face is placed in the middle of the table. Two participants are blindfolded and seated at the table opposite each other and offered to blow the ball towards the opponent. Before the contestants begin, the ball is removed and a plate of flour is placed in its place. Not only the ball is a ghost, but also the participants.

Competition for the best horror story and fantasy. Each of the participants in turn must tell the most terrible story of death, for example, a Man was flying on a plane, but then his heart stopped, but he was rescued, suddenly the plane got into a storm and the engine began to burn, the man jumped out of the plane with a parachute, the parachute did not open , but from the 10th time it still worked, but then lightning struck and hit right in the man, he was killed, but after a few seconds he woke up, caught on the branches of trees, suddenly a kite flew in and began to peck him, but then the branches broke and the man fell into the sea, began to swim to the shore, and then a shark bit off his leg, but the man was able to get to the shore, began to lose consciousness from blood loss, but still got to his home, bandaged his wounds and made tea and died. And the thing is that his wife mixed a strong poison into the sugar bowl. The end. Who of the guys (by voting) can compose the most terrible, interesting and longest story, he will receive a prize.

Players are divided into two teams, which are given newspapers. The task of the teams is to compose and paste on the paper a “threatening” letter within the allotted time, cutting out only whole words from the newspapers. The winning team is selected based on the quality and quantity of the text.

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