Girl, taxi driver and horse; Younger Bruegels and their era

I decided to answer here, because we started a discussion of my classes in someone else's diary. Yes, trading requires investment, but more important, in my opinion, is to find good lessons and a reliable broker.

I've been doing this for a year now. I started with a small account of $ 250, studied with it, and in 6 months it grew to $ 2,500 with a tail.

Really? And it always seemed to me that the opposite was true. Is the Central Bank stocks of different companies?

And another thing: I'll be honest, guys, that not everything is as marmalade as it seems. You can also lose, so you have to be careful.

The pandemic has opened up a lot of talent.

I'm getting ready for my summer job and found a very interesting documentary. I share.

Interesting article about wooden modernist style (edited nothing, spelling preserved):

Kimry wooden Art Nouveau as a stylistic trend in the history of Russian architecture. Introduction. Hello dear Kimryaks and all lovers of the history of architecture and art! Today I would like to start my story about such an unusual phenomenon in provincial architecture as the Kimrian wooden Art Nouveau.Try to open this direction in early Soviet architecture to a wide community and get closer to the origins of its study.

Little has been written and said about modernity in Kimry, except that a rare visiting tourist could enjoy it and tell about it in his Internet blogs and stories. Historians of architecture and art critics have practically not studied this phenomenon, thereby leaving it almost unattended. Nevertheless, this was a very unusual and rarest phenomenon in that time period of the young Soviet state, a phenomenon that cannot be found anywhere else in such quantity and variety. The purpose of my two-part article is to try to reveal a little the topic of modernity in Kimry as fully and in detail as possible at the moment and, finally, to announce to the art history and tourism community that this direction exists, and it is worthy of attention, study and story about it. I ask professional art critics not to judge strictly, if I am wrong about something or I am wrong.

Part One - Prerequisites. Before starting my story, I would like to tell you about the prerequisites that served as an incentive for the Kimryaks to turn to modernity and briefly talk about the history of the style itself, where it came from, how it came about and where suddenly gone.

Art Nouveau entered the world of art from the freedom-loving trendsetter in France, where it received the name "Art Nouveau" (French for new art). The starting point of Art Nouveau architecture is the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The first architect to bring the unusual buildings to life was Victor Horta, a specialist from Belgium. He is considered one of the founders of the Art Nouveau style in architecture. Inspired by the graphics of Art Nouveau artists, Victor (second syllable) decided to implement their ideas in the construction of buildings.

In France, Hector Guimard, who is now known as the designer of the entrance pavilions of the Paris Metro, began to develop this direction.

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