Gift ideas for mom: 98 ideas what to give mom for 75, 80 years

Creative people use different, sometimes completely unexpected materials for their work. So, today, crafts made in the style of papier-mâché are popular - from ordinary toilet paper using PVA glue or flour paste. This technique has been known since the 16th century. It was first used in France. The term itself translates as torn or chewed paper.

Initially, dolls were made from paper pulp, which was mixed with glue. Later, other figurines, boxes, snuff boxes and similar things began to be produced. Modern craftsmen use papier-mâché to create various decorative items. Even children can learn this skill. Such work develops perseverance, non-standard thinking and creativity in small craftsmen.

Basic methods of making papier-mâché mass

The main material in the papier-mâché technique is paper. For this, newspapers, cardboard, napkins and other materials are used; the mass of toilet paper is especially elastic. There are several ways to prepare raw materials for sculpting.

Making a paste based on starch and wheat flour

To make the mass, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Paper is the basis. You will need 2 rolls of this material. They are torn into small pieces and filled with hot water (500 ml). The mass should be infused for about 8 hours.
  • To prepare the paste, you will need water and starch (or flour). To obtain it, mix 4 tablespoons of starch and a glass of cold water. Next, the mixture is put on fire until it boils. / ul>

    Starch paste

  • The paper blank should be heated, and then beat thoroughly with a blender until smooth.
  • The whipped paper pulp is mixed with paste and allowed to brew for about 20-30 minutes.

This amount of material is enough for 3 small crafts. The paper dough is soft and elastic. The figures will freeze for about 4 days.

PVA Application

When everything is possible: do-it-yourself beautiful things using papier-mâché technique

Inlay is the art of decorating created items. The plates of the material, with the help of which the pattern is set, are cut into the material - the base. They differ in texture and color. After cutting, the surface of the product will be smooth.

The oldest art originally appeared in the East. Later, it acquired new applications in ancient Greece and Rome. He reached a high level of skill in the XI-XIII centuries. thanks to Italian architects. The buildings of their white stone were decorated with rich ornaments.

In Russia in the IX-X centuries. artisans mastered the art of inlaid steel.

Finished work

Types of incrustation

With the help of inlay, you can decorate wooden furniture, dishes, knife handles, walls, beams. The result is a very interesting drawing, extraordinary both in form and execution. Depending on what materials are used, you can define the types of inlay:

Different materials are used for inlay: stone, metal, marble, ceramics, wood of a different kind, mother of pearl, ivory. The chosen substance determines which decoration method will be used.

The most difficult thing is to come up with a pattern and make a drawing of a future masterpiece. This is the basis without which it is impossible to create a unique, high-quality and flawless thing. This type of inlay can be used to create parquet, countertops, paintings, souvenirs. The marquetry technology, although simple, requires maximum accuracy, patience, perseverance, a sense of proportion and aesthetic taste.

Materials for work

Raw materials for inlay are:

  • Marble. A white, green or black stone serves as the base for the composition. The popularity of white marble is higher. It has an amazing ability to change shades depending on the light falling on it. The Indian Taj Mahal was built of white marble. During the day, when the sun is shining, it is snow-white, under the rays of the setting light - pink and silver with a bright moon.
  • Tree. Walnut wood is distinguished by its amazing texture. More solid and less pliable to veneering are wood of ash, apple and pear, oak, acacia and maple.
  • Metal. As a basis, for example, for weapons, it is steel. To create ornaments on wood, sheet copper, tin, brass, aluminum, bronze, silver, gold are used. They are easy to manufacture and give a beautiful combination with a woody tone.
  • Gems. It all depends on the fantasy of the master.
  • Ivory.
  • Mother of pearl.

DIY papier-mâché: mass creation techniques. Preparation of material for papier-mâché. How to make papier-mâché? DIY papier-mâché crafts: master classes. Recommendations and warnings.

List of the best gifts for mom for years

80 is a pretty respectable age. That is why the choice of a gift must be approached very carefully.

Here are 25 perfect ideas.

Gifts for home and comfort

With age, a person increasingly appreciates the comfort of his family nest, friends are invited here, here they meet with relatives and look forward to children. Therefore, all gifts for the parental home to mom for 75, 80, 85 years old will be very valuable and important! Choose one of the things below, or come up with your own option. The main thing is that the gift makes my mother's house more comfortable!

  • A biofireplace for home is a cozy thing that creates a unique atmosphere in every home, let mom be pleased with the sight of a real flame!
  • A room fountain is a beautiful addition to the house that allows you to create comfort and great atmosphere. In addition, water soothes the nerves and improves well-being; watching the water is a real pleasure.
  • Mom will definitely like the beautiful set, it will become a decoration of the house and the star of all family feasts.

Beautiful service

Tip A gift for a home from caring children can also be considered a contract for services in a clearing company that will facilitate everyday tasks. Agree, cleaning is not the easiest job for a woman of age, now it will be performed by a professional company or a specially hired person. Mom will be pleased that you are so attentive to her.

Gift ideas for mom from daughter top ideas

  • If your mom likes to read a book in the evenings, give her a comfortable rocking chair.
  • In the garden, you need to install a special swing with an awning so that mom can spend time in the shade.
  • A woman who is fond of planting will surely be happy about a greenhouse and a greenhouse.
  • Be sure to give the woman a set of sweets or other delicious gifts, depending on her preferences.
  • A set of tasty and healthy tea would be a good gesture.
  • Give a water purifier after thinking about your mom's health.
  • Massager with ion radiation lamp.
  • An air purifier-ionizer will be a good gift. Surely, it normalizes sleep.
  • Whirlpool bath mat.
  • Steam cleaner, to make ironing easier.
  • New good iron or washing machine.
  • Give your mom a dishwasher to save her the need to wash her dishes frequently.
  • Present a voucher for a trip to a sanatorium or dispensary.
  • Present a membership to a fitness club where there are specially designed programs for elderly ladies.
  • If your mom still goes to theaters and is a fan of music, be sure to give her a ticket.
  • Black caviar is also a very good gift.
  • Present a new TV so your mom doesn't strain her eyes staring at the old screen.
  • Anti-slip bath mat.
  • Take your mom to the best paid doctor if she has health problems.
  • Present an electric grill that will help you cook tasty and healthy things.

An original gift from parents for a wedding to newlyweds

Children's wedding is a very joyful and important event in the life of their parents. Their grown-up children met their soul mate and made a responsible decision to start a family. With a touching wedding ceremony, a new stage in their life will begin. The gifts that are presented to them at the wedding not only become memorable symbols of the solemn event, but help to equip the young family with their everyday life. In this publication, we will consider what to give for a wedding to newlyweds from parents.

Giving gifts at the wedding: fun experience

Cool gifts at a wedding for young people do not have to be material.

You can also surprise the newlyweds with impressions. And in this area, the choice depends directly on your imagination and material capabilities.

What could be more beautiful than a honeymoon trip. And if you give a couple a ticket to warm lands, to exotic islands, the surprise will be genuine. Of course, such a present will have to be coordinated with someone from the relatives of the youth. Suddenly, the couple had already planned a trip for the coming days.

If you are looking for how to make a cool wedding gift, you can pay for a deluxe hotel room. Now there are special offers for newlyweds. Such a present will leave an unforgettable experience.

The main night for young people will be held in a romantic and chic setting.

Such a present is especially relevant when the newlyweds do not yet have their own home and are forced to live with their parents in a cramped apartment.

Experiences for two can be presented in the form of various entertainment events. It can be a horse ride, a flight by plane, a hot air balloon, swimming with dolphins. Entertainment organizations have a lot of offers.

The main thing is to find entertainment that will appeal to both spouses. And it is not necessary that such an event took place on the wedding day.

What original gifts can you give your daughter and son?




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