Gift ideas for dad: 125 ideas for gifts for dad for 70 years

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The "Unicorn" style photo zone at least deserves attention. You need to figure out how to make it yourself at home for a girl. You should also study tips for organizing and interesting design ideas for such photo zones.

Design options

Usually, a “Unicorn” style photo zone is designed if the appropriate birthday celebration style is chosen. Most often, the chosen place is decorated with balloons, small hearts and touching figures of horses with one horn.

You can create a romantic mood with your own hands and in a simpler way - by attaching translucent clouds on the wall. They are also quite consistent with the fabulous style.

To emphasize the connection between the design and the holiday, it is useful to add a large number made of corrugated cardboard, pasted over with corrugated paper.

But it is not at all necessary for a girl to limit herself to the described options for a home photo zone in the style of "Unicorn". Will look very good:

a frame topped with flowers and decorative figures with a mention of the name;

a frame without inscriptions, decorated with flower bouquets on opposite (diagonal) edges;

  • a multi-colored drawing of a unicorn with a hole, against which you can put your head for a picture (although it is more logical to shoot next to such a picture so that it all fits into the frame).

Creating a photo zone from only balls is quite difficult, but the result is worth it. The advantage is that almost any configuration can be implemented in this manner. For example, an arc that resembles a rainbow looks attractive.

Fathers taught us everything in childhood, cared and protected us. Now our time takes care of them, to pamper and delight, surprise and pleasantly shock. Birthday is a great occasion for this, especially an anniversary date. It remains only to understand which gift for dad for 70, 75, 80 years will be the most pleasant for him to receive from caring children. There are many options and ideas, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with them in a convenient format.

TOP ideas, what is the best gift for dad for years

What a nice present for dad for years

Thinking about the question of what pleasant gift to give your dad for 70 years, remember what he enjoys, what causes a sincere smile on his face. First of all, you should give preference to soulful presentations with a spirit of nostalgia. It is also good if the presented thing is somehow connected with family and traditions. Here are some ideas for nice gifts for your dad for 70 years old:

For 70 years old, you can give your dad a metal detector. An active person will be especially delighted with such a present, for whom age in the passport is not an obstacle to a full life. A metal detector will make your leisure time more interesting. During such a walk, the father will certainly find old coins, and maybe something bigger!

What is a practical, useful gift to give your father for years?

It is not at all easy to answer the question: what is practical, useful to give a father for 70 years? In this aspect, the interests and hobbies of a person play a very important role.

  • A collector's item will be suitable for replenishing his collection. It can be anything: edged weapons, stamps, postcards, souvenir figurines, old coins.
  • For an active gardener and gardener: a set of plant seeds, a lawn mower, gardening tools, a mini-vegetable garden on the windowsill, a hedge cutter, a garden shredder.
  • Poet: floor lamp, gift set of books, armchair with massage cape and adjustable armrests.
  • For the fisherman: an inflatable boat, a hiking set for several persons, a cooking pot, a flask.
  • A person who keeps himself in shape: a set of dumbbells, a hand trainer, a fitness bracelet.
  • Active tourist: compass with illumination, mobile phone charger, tourist set consisting of a shovel, a small saw, an ax.
  • For car enthusiasts: trunk organizer, set of rugs, seat covers, DVR, navigator, personalized thermo mug.
  • Homebody: a rattan armchair, a warm blanket, a set of cushions, an aroma lamp, a salt lamp.
  • For a creative person: a collection of records with your favorite music, a self-instruction book of handicrafts from scrap materials, a set of paints, a sketchbook, a ticket to a concert, to a cinema, theater or philharmonic society.

For his 70th birthday, you can give your Pope a set for Nordic walking. Such sports activity is very beneficial for an elderly person. By doing Nordic walking, the father will keep the muscles in good shape without undue stress on the heart.

There are many things that are useful to a person, regardless of his hobbies. Here are some more practical 70th birthday gift ideas for a father:

Inexpensive, but very original gifts - surprises

Children are not always rich enough to present valuable things. If you approach the preparation of the holiday with creativity and soul, you can choose an inexpensive present that will bring joy and pleasure to the hero of the occasion. When choosing, you should take into account the season, health status, level of well-being and current hobbies of the birthday person.

You can give such original surprises for the 70th anniversary: ​​


Start by choosing a color scheme. The combination of white and delicate blue shades is an airy, elegant decor. Red is ideal for creating striking accents. To liven up the interior, add blue, turquoise and traditional stripes. Beige decorations and attributes at a party in a marine style - sand and shells, green - algae, palm trees.

Use textiles - draperies on windows, walls, ceilings and furniture. For example, light white fabric - sails, blue - sky, sea. Burlap, unbleached flax, fishing nets will fit. The drapery will serve as a backdrop for themed decorations and hide inappropriate interior details.

It is better to fix the material in waves, a little carelessly - the whims of the elements. The net looks very nice over a blue fabric or stretched to "dry" on the wall. When attaching decor to textiles, consider its total weight.

Stock up on pebbles, shells, corals, starfish, ornamental fish, seagulls, etc. - they are useful for decorating literally everything. You can do something with your own hands - cut out of paper, print, draw. Buy something at a hobby store.

Decide on the main idea: beach, tropical island, underwater world, ship board. If you mix everything in a bunch, it will not turn out very stylish. This design is ideal for children, and for adults the seasoned entourage of a sea party is more suitable, without excess of details.

This does not mean that anchors and steering wheels are inappropriate on the "beach", and there can be no fish and algae on the "ship's board". Just emphasize the main idea, and use other attributes in moderation, as a festive addition.

  • decorate the chandeliers so that they do not violate the integrity of the picture. The easiest option is to replace the plafonds with round paper lampshades (a penny in Ikea). If you cut it in half and add embellishments, you get adorable jellyfish.

  • sisal and ropes fit organically into the theme - use them in compositions, to decorate the table, instead of rings for napkins. If the shades of the chandeliers are not removable, you can wrap the arms and the central part with rope. It is easy to attach decor to ropes and rope with a glue gun - "pearls", shells, small pebbles.
  • If you are planning to throw a nautical party for a wedding or anniversary, use laconic decorations to decorate the ceiling. For example, paper lanterns, pom-poms, silhouettes of seagulls on a transparent fishing line. Do you want colors and fun? Make garlands of triangles - striped, red and blue, with drawings or a birthday lettering.

The party can go ... at the bottom! Surrounded by wonderful corals, graceful algae and underwater treasures. Then let seahorses, fish, dolphins, octopuses, squids and other bright living creatures "float" (the same transparent fishing line) on the ceiling and walls:

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