From Ostankino and above: the nine tallest buildings in the world

If you have visited my site for the first time, I am pleased to inform you that almost all articles are devoted specifically to organizing a home celebration. Open any heading and draw ideas with a big bucket :-).

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Children's birthday cooking class

Children will be delighted with their own sweet table. For example, you can create the Leaning Tower of Pisa from corn sticks and boiled condensed milk. Or make cookies for the Christmas table (prepare the dough in advance and put in the refrigerator). Or they can help to decorate a birthday cake (marmalade, small sweets, fruits, cookies, prepare for this in advance).

Let's play!

Now there is a huge selection of inexpensive cards with very funny tasks. You will spend a lot of time on the Internet, picking up all sorts of funny words and proverbs, and then everything is ready. Take a closer look!

These are cards with funny tasks on various topics. For example, we are always amused by words from other Slavic languages, which cause funny associations in us. Why not amuse your guests by guessing the real meanings of these words?

Zashkodnik - 120 double-sided cards. Well, for example, "T-shirt" in translation from Bulgarian, who is this? Mom, cousin or grandmother? Or what do you have to imagine if the word in Czech sounds like "hammer"? And there are also all sorts of stinks, battles and obscurity (these are all decent words in translation).

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General characteristics

The area of ​​the television tower in Ostankino is more than 15 thousand square meters. meters. There is a whole complex of television studios, ring platforms and balconies. The volume of the tower is about 70 thousand cubic meters. The building consists of 45 floors. The height of the Ostankino TV tower is 540 meters. It ranks eighth in the world in terms of the height of free-standing buildings (the tallest structure in the world at the moment is the Dubai skyscraper Burj Khalifa). The first name of the tower is "All-Union Radio and Television Transmitting Station named after the 50th Anniversary of October".

Construction history

Permanent television broadcasting in the Soviet Union began in 1939. Initially, signal transmission was carried out using equipment located in the Shukhov tower (Shablovka). However, the increase in the volume and quality of broadcasting after World War II necessitated the construction of another TV tower. At first, it was built near the Shukhov television tower, but soon it still required the construction of a more modern television tower.

The project of the TV and radio station in Ostankino was developed by the Mosproekt organization. The construction of the Ostankino TV tower began in 1960. However, in a very short time it was stopped due to the uncertainty that the foundation of the structure was sufficiently reliably designed. In the future, the design of the television tower was entrusted to the Central Research Institute for the Design of Sports Buildings and Spectacular Facilities.

The project of the tower in Ostankino was invented by the designer Nikitin in just one night. He chose the inverted lily as the prototype for the design - a flower with a thick stem and strong petals. According to the initial idea, the tower was supposed to have 4 supports, but later, on the recommendation of the German engineer Fritz Leonhard (the creator of the first concrete TV tower on the planet), their number was increased to ten. The chief architect of the Ostankino TV tower, Leonid Ilyich Batalov, also supported the idea of ​​increasing the number of supports.

The final design of the structure was approved in 1963. Its authors were architects Burdin and Batalov, as well as designer Nikitin. The specialists decided to significantly modify the previous project, in particular, the number of equipment placed in the tower and its height were increased. The construction of the Ostankino TV tower was carried out from 1963 to 1967. In general, over 40 different organizations took part in the construction of the television station. At that time, the Ostankino TV tower became the tallest building not only in Europe, but throughout the world.

TV tower start operation

The first broadcast of television programs from the Ostankino Tower was made in 1967. Despite the fact that this year the construction of the Ostankino tower was completed and the construction was officially accepted into operation, its revision was carried out for another year. As a result, the first broadcast of a color image took place already in 1968. A 3-storey restaurant with the symbolic name "Seventh Heaven" was also created in the tower. Most of the engineers who took part in the creation of this grandiose television center were awarded the Lenin Prize.

Telecentre value

Celebrating birthday at home. What to think of to entertain children: games, quests, crafts, master classes

Sketch the script

Any movie starts with a script. Therefore, we take a piece of paper and write down the stream of thoughts as we read the article. Let's start with the conversational part of the video. Traditional interview questions:

  • What do you think of the hero of the occasion?
  • What would you like to wish him on his birthday?

You can use these or come up with your own.

But one bare cut of conversations and congratulations looks a little dry. Add a couple of chips for juiciness and fun. How about these:

As you know from my book, there is no need to reinvent the "wheel". We are asking for a script idea on Youtube. We watch interesting videos and your own vision of the film is born in your head. Get inspired and for the cause. For example, here are a couple of videos on my channel.

Breaking news!

Imagine how surprised the hero of the occasion will be if he is congratulated on his anniversary in an urgent news release! Of course, it is unlikely that it will be possible to break through to a real TV news show, but creating a funny imitation is easy. Dress up in a suit, grab a microphone and read out a congratulatory text in a strict voice of an announcer.

Play as an announcer for a few minutes!

Prepare equipment and props

Festive props will add solemnity to the staff. Bring balloons, party caps, hats for shooting.

Now about the "serious" things. To make a video, you just need:

Use of such equipment is encouraged (but not required):

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