Fractional nutrition for weight loss: benefits and reviews

I don't know about you, but I have the most difficult relationship with cleansers. Of the 25 washbasins, you can be sure that I will reject 24 for various reasons. Especially in winter, when the skin already feels like an accountant after a corporate party (if the joke was complicated, I’ll decipher it - it’s rumpled and thirsty in the morning).

Therefore, having collected in my arsenal some really cool things for cleansing the skin, I really want to share them with you. Suddenly, you, too, are hotly faced with the problem of choosing a cleanser that does not tighten the skin, does not make you want to compare it with sandpaper and, for all its delicacy, also cleans well. Take it on board (because the selection will include cosmetics for any wallet, everyone can choose a washbasin to their liking and budget).


I will start by tradition with expensive funds, gradually moving to cheap ones. The best I have tried in the luxury segment is Japanese care. Sensai has an absolutely amazing cleanser in a cream soap format. It is best suited for combination or oily face types. The main thing is to use it correctly - first we squeeze a pea of ​​soap into the palm of your hand, beat thoroughly into foam, adding water to it, and then transfer the foam to your face. If you simply smear the soap over your face, you will achieve the opposite effect - the skin will dry out quickly.

La Roche Posay

Let's continue with the pharmacy segment. Among La Roche Posay cleansers, I think Toleriane is the most ideal gel. It is specially created for sensitive skin, suitable for any type and delicately copes even with people with allergies. The secret is that the product is made on the basis of thermal water, panthenol and ceramides. It also doesn't foam at all.

What is the advantage of this gel? In addition to cleansing, it also moisturizes. Therefore, it will support both dry and dehydrated skin well, restore the physiological pH, respectively, dry skin will stop flaking, and oily skin will stop irritating with excess sebum (which is released precisely because of overdrying - the skin tries to moisturize itself on its own and becomes a greasy pancake).

Let's move on to the simpler comrades. Ours, domestic. I walked around and around the Russian FACT for a long time, but at one point I happened to get to know them. I was afraid that the reviews in which he was compared and almost extolled over Ordinary would turn out to be fake, but now she herself was convinced that the cosmetics of this brand are cool.

True, I am already gradually phasing out acid treatment, but it seems that I will use the foam for washing in the summer. I have never met anything more tender. It cleans the cloud, after washing, I additionally go through the tonic lotion and, in principle, I can not even use the cream. Panthenol as part of foam and without additional It moisturizes perfectly.


And finally, delicious. I found unexpectedly cool washbasins in the cheap segment at Svoboda (however, this cosmetic company knows how to please with good cosmetics at reasonable prices). And not even one.

The first of them belongs to the premium line of Freedom (I will tell you about it separately later, you will be surprised that the suite in Russian also exists). This is a micellar gel, but its special advantages are that it contains no sulfates, parabens, but hyaluronic acid and collagen. The gel itself, of course, apart from cleansing and protecting against dryness, will not change your life in any way, but when paired with other products from the Diamant line, it will brighten up even aging skin.

Coxsackie virus, rotavirus and 3 more causes of nausea and vomiting in children and adults

I came to modeling in the Compass 3D program relatively recently. And after looking at several lessons on the Internet, I got the idea to come up with something of my own. This is my first experience in both modeling and design. But I was pleased with the result - it turned out to be a pretty Christmas tree napkin holder, which is also useful in the household. I'll tell you about the birth of an idea, the development of a design. Perhaps a lesson on modeling will be useful to someone. I will also leave a link to download the finished model.

My Christmas tree napkin holder. 3D printing.

Actually, it turned out not quite as I imagined. But I really liked this result. Plus, as they say, appetite comes with eating - I got another cool napkin holder. And the model of the Christmas tree turned out to be so functional that it can be modified as you like. But first things first.

Napkin holder “White dove” and Christmas tree in a different assembly

How the idea of ​​the Yolka napkin holder was born

Several years ago on the Internet I saw an original napkin holder in the form of a girl.

There are a lot of options for girls-napkin holders now. Examples from the Internet.

But the hands have not reached either to buy it or to order it. So the question, what should I model, was resolved quickly. I don't really like to repeat ideas from the Internet, and such a napkin holder is not at all a know-how nowadays (although I will soon get a similar thing). And I thought about the Christmas tree. At the moment, this is the simplest construction that I can master. Now let's get down to business.

Women's approach to design

Since this is the first experience and I do not own all the Compass 3D tools, the goal was to create the simplest design that I could display in the program. And without unnecessary complications. What I did:

Read about the incubation period of rotavirus infection: methods of infection, features of the incubation period, duration in children and adults. Consider the symptoms of the disease and the stages of its development, how long a person is contagious and whether they can get sick again.

What is split meals and what are their benefits?

Most often, eating in a fractional way is called a diet, but in fact it is a special system of eating. The point is to divide the daily menu into 5-6 meals in small portions, which reduces the time gaps between meals. The longer the time interval between meals, the more hormones that stimulate hunger are released into the bloodstream.

Fractional meals are aimed at a gentle, gradual reduction in carbohydrate intake due to competent planning of the daily diet and prevention of accidental snacks. Over time, the body adapts to new small portions of food, the stomach shrinks, and it requires few foods to fill.

This approach will save the body from excessive appetite and promote fat burning by reducing the number of calories consumed.

The efficiency of the power system lies in the following factors:

  • small portions of food do not weigh down or overload the gastrointestinal tract;
  • food is digested quickly and without obstacles;
  • in the intestine there is a feeling of lightness;
  • there is no dysbiosis;
  • weight growth is inhibited even in pregnant women with all the nutrients for the child.

The walls of the human stomach are composed of muscle fibers, so it is easily deformed.

This means that when you eat a lot of food, the stomach stretches. Over time, the organ grows in size, so a person needs more and more food to overcome the feeling of hunger. If you switch to eating in small portions, the volume of the stomach shrinks, because of this, a small amount of food is required to saturate.

Effectiveness of the method

With a fractional diet, weight does not melt as quickly and intensely as with a fast diet. In 20-25 days, it will be possible to lose 5-7 kg. Performing physical activity will help improve the effect. For a year, eating with loads will help to lose 40 kg.

Losing weight will lead to these results:

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