Festive tree and other DIY Christmas toys with patterns and descriptions - more than 30 options from felt and textiles

Installing spotlights is easier than you think!

The work on the roof is almost complete and I was faced with another question: how to arrange the eaves of the roof. My choice fell on the vinyl soffit of the Döcke trademark. What is soffit? What materials are there in general for filing cornices? How to install spotlights with your own hands? What tools are needed? In order about everything.

Which material should I choose for filing?

20 years ago, I helped my father to hem the cornice of his house. We had to do everything with our own hands. When decorating the cornice, a perforated metal sheet was used, "mined" at some factory for "liquid currency" from the local Mikhalych. Fortunately for me, the choice of materials today is limited only by the amount of money spent on work and materials or is dictated by the look that is planned to give the house.

The construction market is represented by already known materials such as edged board, lining, metal corrugated board, plastic or metal siding. The main disadvantage of wood, I consider the need to use paint. Metal sheeting is afraid of condensation.

Siding siding of spotlights and wind boards

Soffit has been gaining popularity lately. Translated from Italian, the word soffit is the downward-facing surface of a ceiling beam, arch, outrigger cornice or other architectural details, often having decorative processing. Thus, the siding used in the design of the eaves of the roof got its name. These are panels with a special perforated or solid structure. Perforation promotes free air circulation and ventilation of the roof space.

Why did I choose vinyl:

  • It is lightweight and easy to install. And when you work with your own hands, you don't want to carry weights;
  • This, despite its lightness, is a very durable material. In addition, it does not rot and is not afraid of direct sunlight;
  • Does not need care. The coating will not fade;
  • Off. Not afraid of fungus or mold. I didn’t believe it, and tried a small piece myself with a lighter.
  • Widest color gamut. I chose the “delicious” chocolate one.

Döke Extrusion is a recognized leader in the roofing materials market. The products are simply called "Decke" or "Decke". The advantage of Deck over other brands is the highest quality. As a result, the warranty period has been extended to 50 years! For me personally, it is pleasant to know that for the next 50 years I will not have to deal with the eaves of the roof of my house.

Eaves filing with Döcke soffit

Installation instructions for spotlights

So, where to start installing spotlights with your own hands? Of course, with the preparation of the instrument. DIY spotlight installation tools:

DIY car mats video

For a whole year we have been collecting for you the most interesting ideas for New Year's crafts and festive interior decoration, and now we are glad to present 80 of the coolest and most original ideas for New Year's needlework for the New Year 2017-2018 season.

Let's take a look at this fun collection of ideas.

A decorative tree made of peacock feathers. Feathers can be bought at Aliexpress.

On the clay Christmas trees, patterns are applied on top using the printing technique, and in the photo below the Christmas trees are additionally painted with paints.

Stylish decorative pendants made of cocktail tubes strung on a string in a certain sequence. The tube can be painted gold or silver with spray paint.

Stone drawings have been a popular topic in recent years. So why not put New Year's pictures brought from vacation on the stones?

It is better to practice drawing in advance so that the result meets your expectations.

For this purpose, you can use a drawing board, which allows you to conveniently and repeatedly draw with a stylus and other tools at hand, and, moreover, it is perfect for children's creativity.

You can buy such a board in the 3D-TOY online store in this section:.

The next idea is New Year's embroidery on perforated cards.

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