Evgenia Kanaeva: personal life, biography, gymnasts, height and weight

An interesting idea for a meat dish that can be made for dinner and for a festive table. Farsh you can take any, more specialties, take the most beloved ones.

For cooking you will need the following ingredients:

  • chicken thighs or grits, 800 g;
  • eggs, 4 pcs;
  • oatmeal or breadcrumbs, 2 tbsp. ;
  • cheese, 50 g;
  • salt, nutmeg, pepper, paprika.

Πrocess of preparation

We turn the meat into minced meat, salt and pepper to taste, add nutmeg and paprika, other spices and aromatic herbs to taste.

Tip: Garlic can also be added to the minced meat.

Put the minced meat on a sheet of parchment and, using a wet spoon, distribute it in a crochet, put eggs over and sprinkle with grated cheese.

Roll up the roll using paper, glue the edges with wet hands, sprinkle with paprika and wrap in parchment, twist the edges.

Put the rolls in a dry frying pan. Pour some hot water and fry under the lid for 10 minutes. Turn over and fry on the second side for 10 minutes.

We put it on a dish, remove the paper and see that we get very juicy and tasty, aromatic meat.

Take whatever you like as the filling.

Delicious custard buns

Awesome Meat Cooking Idea


It's not difficult to arrange a football party. The main thing is to stick to the basic colors: white, black and green. You can add red, yellow and the colors of your favorite club as additional ones. Balls, grass, jerseys with player numbers, boots, fan scarf, net, whistle ... - use whatever you associate with this game. There are a lot of options for a candy bar too. Themed cupcakes, cake, cookies, cake pops and other sweets will appeal to young athletes.


An invitation to a football party is better to be themed and bright. For example, in the form of a ticket for a football match, which must be taken with you to get to the party.

Also, invitations can be made in the form of a soccer ball, the flag of the country or the flag of the team for which you are a fan. You can make simple yellow and / or red cards, write an invitation on the back, punch the edge of the card with a hole punch and attach a keychain - a soccer ball. In the text of the invitation, be sure to specify that you will have a dress code. For example: face paint and soccer jerseys with matching shorts and socks.

And the most interesting invitation option: buy balloons with a soccer ball, or in the shape of this ball, inflate, write an invitation, deflate and send to all guests with the “inflate me” tag. Just imagine how surprised they will be when, after inflating a balloon, they find an invitation to a party on it!

Football Party Style Holiday Decoration

You can decorate a room, garden or cottage with balls, garlands and slogans of your favorite team. Balloons in the form of a soccer ball will also decorate your party.

Inflate them with regular air to keep them from flying up and scatter them around the room so that each guest can demonstrate their ability to hit the ball, just like Pele!

Whatever you come up with, the fun should start right at the entrance to your party! Place a stand with a picture and felt-tip pens at the entrance so that all your guests leave their congratulations or simply sign for memory, as football players do on the ball.

If you wish, you can make a wall newspaper using the same football magazines and photos of relatives and friends of the birthday boy. We cut out funny photos with football players and coaches from magazines and paste the faces of friends and family from the photos. We glue it all on a large sheet, make funny signatures and hang it on the wall.

Awesome idea for cooking meat An interesting idea for a meat dish that can be made for dinner and for a party table. Farsh you can take any, more specialties, take the most

Kanaeva Evgenia Olegovna was born in April 1990 in the city of Omsk. Kanaeva was able to become a two-time Olympic champion, as well as a seventeen-time world champion. Evgenia Kanaeva's height is 168 centimeters. The girl's weight is only 42 kilograms (at the time when she performed). The success of Kanaeva after the end of her career has not yet been repeated by any of the gymnasts of the Russian national rhythmic gymnastics team. Evgenia also remains the favorite of the famous coach of many champions - Irina Viner.

Childhood of the Olympic champion

Evgenia's mom is a master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics. Yevgeny Kanaev at the age of six was given to the sports section by his grandmother. Elena Arais became the first coach of the talented baby. Elena was amazed at Zhenya's great efforts to learn new elements, to train with all her might. The little girl often stayed in the gym after class and continued to train hard. Eugenia's grandmother often had to wait for her in the corridor.

When Zhenya was 12 years old, she was first invited to a training camp in Moscow. The girl's performance was seen by the coach Amina Zaripova, who is herself a champion. It was Zaripova who was responsible for the training of juniors, and she invited Evgenia Kanaeva to train at the school of the Olympic reserve. Evgenia achieved all the best results in training. Vera Shtelbaums was the coach of Evgeniya Kanaeva.

Evgeniya Kanaeva now

Unfortunately, any athlete is prone to injury. And after the London Games, Zhenya realized that it was time to end with artistic gymnastics, since her health no longer allowed her to maintain the required level.

Even being at the top of Glory, Evgenia Kanaeva did not abandon her studies, so she could easily enter a sports university and finish it. After receiving higher education, Evgenia began to train a rising star thin. gymnastics - to Eleanor Romanov.

In addition to individual lessons with a young athlete, Kanaeva holds the post of vice-president of the World Organization of Rhythmic Gymnastics, enjoys drawing, and periodically works on advertising contracts.

Start of sports career

Evgenia Kanaeva was expected in her career not only to win medals, but also to get into the Russian national team, as there are many applicants among Russian gymnasts. At that time, Alina Kabaeva and Irina Chashchina shone, who won gold medals at the Olympic Games in 2004. After them Vera Sesina and Olga Kapranova ascended the pedestals. In 2007, Kabaeva was unable to go to the European Championship due to injury, this was a real chance for Kanaeva to get into the national team. And the girl fully met expectations. In exercises with a ribbon, Evgenia Kanaeva won a gold medal. She also won the team competition. Just a few months later, the world championship began, in which Evgenia again receives a gold medal in a team performance.

In the pre-holiday bustle, do not forget about the people you see every day at work, you must definitely think about what to give your colleagues on February 23 this year. In this article, we tried to collect useful tips that will help you find the perfect general surprise or for each employee personally. We will also offer many options for gifts for Defender of the Fatherland Day to colleagues, based on a different budget.

List of the best gifts for a colleague for February

On the eve of the holiday, shop windows offer us hundreds of different gift options. It's no wonder to get confused and choose an unsuccessful present. To be guaranteed to get into the top ten, we offer a selection of great ideas.

Interesting and useful gifts

Men usually like to receive things as gifts that can be useful. At first glance, it may seem that all practical presents are terribly boring. But this is not the case. Useful things can be interesting and will be great gifts for colleagues on February 23rd. The best ideas for such presentations:

To make your gifts even more interesting, supplement them with special diplomas for each of the defenders. These can be both quite serious letters and comic ones. You can make them yourself, using even a work computer and a printer. But, if you want solemnity and high quality, it is better to order chic diplomas with gilding in a good printing house.

Universal gifts for colleagues on Defender of the Fatherland Day

If you are at a loss as to which present to choose and are afraid to make a mistake, opt for gifts that are guaranteed to be liked. Let them not take into account the individual characteristics of each colleague, but they will definitely be pleasant and useful.

  • USB stick with engraved name.
  • Table billiards or tennis.
  • Wireless headphones.
  • Book.
  • Weather forecaster.
  • Named beer mug.
  • Stationery set.
  • Drum kit for fingers.
  • Desktop humidifier.
  • Darts.

Funny wishes

Sometimes you need to dilute serious workdays with jokes and gags to make your work more fun. Male employees who have a good sense of humor can be congratulated with funny poetry or prose.

More on the topic: Cool congratulations on February 23

May your strength not weaken, And your muscles grow strong. With you, let the women go numb And put themselves in stacks. Let there be a lot of money, Live without problems and troubles, We wish you a green light on the road.

Christmas is a quiet and cozy holiday full of magic atmosphere. Therefore, it is worth thinking about gifts dedicated to this day in advance. This will help to avoid the pre-holiday hustle and bustle and choose a truly sincere and warm present, especially if it is meant for the dearest person - mom.

For Christmas, you can give your mom almost any gift - from handicraft surprises to large household appliances. The main thing is that the present should be really desired and bring a lot of positive emotions upon receiving it.

Certificate for visiting a beauty salon

A certificate for visiting a beauty salon would be an excellent option for a mother. A woman at any age should remain attractive, so such a gift will be remembered by her mother for a long time.

A small present in the form of your favorite cosmetics will be the perfect end.

Christmas gifts

Christmas is a truly magical holiday, in honor of which I would like to present to all loved ones something really worthwhile. But sometimes it's so hard to find something really worthwhile, especially if your friends seem to already have everything.

The best gifts are given on this bright holiday. Before the fabulous holiday, the Nativity of Christ, Christians try to buy a present for every loved one. Of course, children are most gifted. But adults also get a lot of interesting gifts. Below you will find lists of gift ideas for people of all genders and ages.

TOP ideas for Christmas gifts

It's a great tradition to present your loved ones with Christmas gifts. If you want the surprise to be remembered for a long time and bring more pleasant emotions, then it is better to choose something with a deep meaning and special meaning. This will immediately stand out from the rest, and make the recipient feel special.

What to give your child for Christmas

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