End of treatment

Good day, everyone. Finally, my treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma ended (more precisely, it ended a month ago, just got around now). In total, I completed 2 BEACOPP esc courses, 2 ABVD courses and 2 AVD courses. In the end, bleomycin was removed, so a "bleomycin lung" appeared, as a result of which now I have a slight fibrosis of the lungs and bilateral pneumonitis. Does it feel somehow physically? Yes, a little shortness of breath. But despite the presence of shortness of breath, I still try to walk once more in order to "develop" my lungs. Also, the treatment of lymphoma gave me aesthetic problems, because now on my hands and in some places on my body there is skin pigmentation. Hair began to grow actively somewhere after the 4th course, now it looks like a very short haircut)). It seems like there are no more global side effects. The control PET was made on the 8th, the nodes are of normal size, do not glow (1-2 dovilya) Now I am slowly gaining strength to enter a new life, so to speak. Although lymphoma is one of the most curable cancers, there is nothing pleasant in its treatment, so take care of your health and, in particular, your nerves, friends)) as my survey of some roommates showed, everyone experienced some kind of stress before the disease.

How to identify cancer by urinalysis

And there are such studies: for example, three years ago we talked about an experimental blood test that allows us to diagnose several types of cancer at once. Cancer cells are characterized by mutations in their DNA and an increased content of certain proteins. Any cells from time to time die, including cancerous ones, and from them DNA and proteins appear in the blood, which can be analyzed accordingly.

Cellular DNA also appears in urine, but until now it was believed that it is rapidly degraded in urine, so instead of a long DNA molecule one has to deal with very short random fragments. Even if you read them, no necessary information in the sum of them will add up. However, researchers at the Institute for Translational Genomics have figured out how DNA in urine can indicate cancer.

It turned out that DNA in the urine of healthy people and cancer patients is fragmented in different ways. In healthy people, in scraps of "urinary" DNA, you can find the same sequences from the same regions of the genome, which are not torn. That is, there are regions in DNA that do not lend themselves to degradation - or at least degrade more slowly than other regions. But when a malignant tumor appears, these stable areas begin to break. It is possible to distinguish a sick person from a healthy one by the differences in the decaying DNA - for both, it will be destroyed in different ways; moreover, by the nature of the DNA fragments, one can even understand from which cells they originated.

Probably, the whole point here is that in healthy people some zones of the genome are better protected than in sick people. Better protected - this means that special archiving proteins are bound to the DNA there, which help pack long DNA into the tiny cell nucleus. The activity of genes in a particular region of the genome depends on DNA packaging. In cancer cells, some genes are unpacked and made available in order to read genetic information from them.

However, this means that DNA becomes available here for cleaving enzymes. The research results are published in Science Translational Medicine.

The authors of the work want to test the results obtained on a larger number of people, of different sex, age, with various chronic diseases that accompany tumors, etc. If DNA laceration in urine really helps to reliably detect cancer, then such analysis could become a routine clinical procedure.

Author: Kirill Stasevich

Ending Out of the blue and it's scary

In December, repeated MRIs were made, where they saw a negative trend, they were at the federal center of neurosurgery, and they also did PET CT, PET CT did not show anything except the brain, the neurosurgeon also did not please, he said not operatively, upon returning to Barnaul, the oncologists threw up their hands and sent them home with the words and that in your case there was nothing to help. All this was at the end of December. His wife's health worsened every week, terrible pains came, put tramadol. 16.2.1 from 7:30 am to 9 am she left. Out of the blue and it's scary

I need dexamethasone in ampoules Rostov-on-Don

UPD: many thanks to those who responded, no more needed

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