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Jeggings are a model of tight women's trousers that harmoniously combine jeans and leggings. Such a composition endows the thing with attractiveness and versatility. In the cold season, insulated jeggings are popular, which provide convenience and comfort.

Features and Benefits

The products are multifunctional in comparison with the classic design of jeans. The high degree of elasticity of the material allows them to stretch well. Thanks to this quality, the clothes fit perfectly, both on slender and overweight women.

To give originality to the appearance, manufacturers use decorative details in the design (fake buttons, stitches, various inserts). From a distance, and sometimes even close, the models are almost indistinguishable from classic jeans. Various methods of decoration are also used: scuffs, rivets, drawings, prints and unusual stitches.

Jeggings are known for the following benefits:

  • practicality - elastic fabric perfectly adjusts the figure, hiding flaws;
  • versatility - used by women of all ages to create a variety of images;
  • no need to additionally wear tights, because the product has a warming effect;
  • are comfortable to wear and do not hinder movement; thanks to the elastic material, the legs are easy to tuck into the shoes;
  • aesthetic appearance - the thing fits tightly, making the silhouette fit.

Popular models

Modern girls value comfort most of all in clothes, so they choose warm things on fleece. There are several at the same time fashionable and functional designs with some differences.

Black jeggings are a classic basic option that is combined with a voluminous top (jumper or sweater). In winter, with a black bottom, they create many outfits that look elegant and strict.

Slightly shortened samples are sewn from dense material. This style is preferable for tall, fit girls.

A maternity product allows women to look good and feel comfortable. The stretch insert on the abdomen provides comfort throughout the pregnancy.

The high-rise style is recommended for the cold season. Such clothes visually give a slim silhouette, and also give warmth.

Gray models, thanks to the restrained colors, are considered a universal wardrobe item. Suitable for a business meeting or for walks with friends.

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Bicquit: Eggs 3 pcs. Сaхap 100 g. Organic oil 20 ml. Cacao powder 20 g Μuka 80 g Dough loosener 10 g Salt.

Beat the eggs for about 10 minutes, reduce the revolutions on the mixer and add vegetable oil. Stir the boku, cocoa, baking powder and salt and add one spoonful to the mass. We put the whole mass in the shape, flatten the surface and send it to the oven preheated to 200 ° C for 10-15 minutes. We check the readiness. We give the biscuit to close.

Μуcc: Cream 33 - 35% 500 ml. Chocolate 200 g. Sugar powder 150 g. Gelatin 20 g + water 50 ml. Sugar powder 150 g. / P>

We pick up some yellow and let us swell. Β add 200 ml of melted chocolate. hot cream, stir until homogeneous mass. Beat the cream until soft peaks, gradually adding sugar powder. When all the sugar is already in the bowl, beat for three minutes, gradually adding melted chocolate and gelatin.

Cut the cake in half. We leave one part with a diameter of 20 cm, cut the other to a diameter of 16 cm. Pull the plastic wrap on the ring and place it on the board. Pour half of the mousse into it, level and put in the cakes with a diameter of 16 cm. Pour the remaining musc onto the skins, level them, cover them with two skins. Cover the cake with food wrap and put it in the refrigerator at night. We decorate the cake with grated chocolate.

She was beautiful, like a dream of Pebenk in the light of the southern countries; Who will explain what beauty means: The chest is full, or the flexible stan, Or the big och? - But for the second time All this is not a call we are cute: Ucta without words - no one can love; Free fire - no flowers! O heaven, I swear she was perfect. I gapered, I trembled, When the curses running from the person, Silk with the golden pyk said, I was ready to let her go to her, let her go, look at it, look at it, look at it, look at it, look at it all bliss is poison!

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Dry embossing with watercolors. Paper batik.

Paper batik

Dear readers, I welcome you to the pages of my diary, which is dedicated to various decor technologies that you can use to decorate your home and apply them in your creativity.!

On this page you will find a description of the imitation of dry embossing technology followed by painting with watercolors.

For conventional dry embossing you will need

It is at this stage that we can connect. So, the applied contour drawing with the help of glue has dried and there are no gaps between the individual fragments of the drawing details. (like on batik)

You can start applying watercolors. To do this, you can first sprinkle the paper a little with a spray bottle with water.

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