DIY paper wagon

Train in the direction Moscow Kurskaya - Railway No. 6552

I go into the train carriage and fall to the floor, my foot fell into the hole. Is this a trap? Or maybe there are moving parts and I will be sucked in like a meat grinder? My leg hurts, I don't understand what happened to me. It worked out, got bruises and severe fright. And if you walk in with a small child in your arms and fall? The child will be killed by the blow. Who is responsible for transport safety.

So this is a technological hole for throwing a crowbar, and you got there with your foot

2. Senodnya - tomorrow you must go to the emergency room and fix the injury / bruise.

3. The Russian Railways website has a tab for feedback. Write a claim demanding to pay for expenses and attach scans of the ticket, certificates of injury, receipts for medicines (to treat a bruise) and a photo of a hole in the floor and a train. The service is of poor quality.

No, it doesn't work that way. You need to stick your foot deeper into the hole, wait until it rips off, and only then follow your instructions.

This scum in human form stole the grate from the drain. Alas.

Well, some compensation is quite possible to get, but not very generous and rather dreary.

Several years ago, my aunt fell on a train (somewhere near Anapa) and smashed the camera down. it didn't even come to court, but they gave money for the camera, not as for a new one, but as for b. ... and the aunt herself literally a couple of so. thrown (she had a bruise with a large bruise).

And you have such a situation, apparently, because the car is from the reserve. Looks like something modern they have frozen and released an old car on the line on the run.

The fact that some bad person stole the stub is bad. But who forbids looking at your feet?

Death train

I hope he kicked her heel later.

If you find someone in the family, you can make an elephant

I present the fragrance of socks. Train Moscow - Vladivostok?

there must be sweat and socks smells gorgeous

Cyberdyansk #

Inspired by Memories

In the early 90s, my mother got a job at Russian Railways as a conductor of long-distance flights to Moscow, and in the summer of 1994 she took my sister and me on flights, one by one. It was summer, and their brigade on the train was wandering towards the southern coast, the watch was for two weeks, at that time all the guides who had children took them with them, and in some families this was really the only opportunity to see the sea, it was a golden time , in any case, as I saw it, 7. year old boy. Mostly Moscow traveled to Yeisk, and some other cities on Azov, and in the end they gave a flight to Novorossiysk. Many classmates then did not even believe, they say, how is it to live on a train for two weeks? It was one of the best journeys in life: firstly, you are constantly on the move, and you sleep and eat and stay awake on the go, the team, everyone knows each other and are friends, and as a result, in the cities where they defended, they all rested together. Almost every friend of your mother's guide considers it his duty to treat you with some tasty treat, the most popular one is an Eskimo, I ate a lot of it then, and it was the same with all the other children. In general, popsicles and other ice cream were eaten by all the conductors and at all stations, it was hot, and the conductors always had free money. Secondly, nowhere, either before or after, have I eaten so many fruits and berries. On any peron, the most seedy village, one could easily buy a bucket of cherries or strawberries for a penny, they just took it, because it was very cheap, and often half or even the whole bucket was given to children, and not necessarily to their own. I just remember sitting on the second shelf of the reserved seat and eating a bucket of cherries until it stung my tongue and lips. But there were also incidents, a couple of times we came across buckets with grass inside. It was at that time that I tried such milk yogurt in a glass bottle with a wide neck with an aluminum cap, the taste was strawberry, and then it seemed to me not sweet, but now I would give a lot to try that yogurt again. third, unforgettable hikes to the sea in the places of parking. Adults took fresh vegetables, greens, boiled potatoes, fried meat, naturally some drank something "funny", for children lemonade, which had just begun to appear in pet households 1. l. there are still a lot of interesting people, some come in, others come out, many are inclined to communicate, even if you are also a child. Mom had a reserved seat car, but the next one was a compartment, and it was frankly boring there, it was more fun and friendly in the reserved seat. It was such a lamp time, I still remember my mother's colleagues wore some kind of yellow briquettes, with a painted chicken, when I asked what it was they answered me that it was noodles, you need to pour boiling water over it, wait and eat. It was still far from the eras of Rolton and Doshirak, but then there were already know-how BP packages, I bet they were tastier. Novorossiysk left the strongest impression. These gorgeous long tunnels, these awesome mountain views, and the train slowly rolling on a warm southern summer evening. The apotheosis of travel is a trip to the city, to the central beach, and this is where the real sea, after the Black one, begins to look at Azov as a probe of the sea. That evening there was a little excitement, quite enough to wash off the child, but I did not climb into the water, ran along the pier and "caught" those waves that crashed against him with noise and foam, fortunately there was no limit! with some kind of unusual sauce, and something else for myself, and glasses, and I just ate their meat. As a result, my mother's first colleague, closest to me, offered to buy me ice cream, which, in other respects, was in the order of things, we approached the ice cream seller and I chose a kind of cone with a chocolate topped, I had not seen this before, it tasted great. otom someone took out a Polaroid and started taking pictures of their own, they took a picture of me too, they gave me, he said, look, now you will appear, and indeed, after a while the photo began to appear, and I recognized myself with my mother on it. They just finished me off that evening, I had never experienced so much joy in one day before. Thank you very much to mom for everything and for this trip.

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