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Most people have financial difficulties from time to time. There are still three weeks until the paycheck, and the money has already run out. We dreamed of a vacation, but we didn’t manage to save up for the trip. Payments on loans make up the lion's share of the budget, and you have to take new ones to pay off the current ones.

This article will show you how to deal with money difficulties and how to avoid them.

Plan your personal budget

Planning income and expenses is an effective way to put things in order in your finances. You can start simple: record expenses during the week, and then analyze them. You will immediately see what you could save on and what expenses were unnecessary.

Special mobile applications, for example, Zen-money or Monefy, are very helpful in accounting for personal finances. They are synchronized with your banks, show all accounts and transactions, remind you of loan installments and other mandatory payments. With their help, set a spending limit, form a planned budget for a week or a month, download statistics for any period, analyze by cost categories: food, utility bills, gasoline, entertainment.

These electronic assistants stimulate financial discipline and prevent budget holes.

We've already written about bad habits that lead to debt - read the article here.

Create a financial cushion

The financial safety cushion is your personal reserve for unforeseen expenses. Getting fired from your job, sudden illness or car breakdown shouldn't take you by surprise. It is believed that the "pillow" should be at least four monthly income. For example, if you receive 60 thousand rubles. per month, then postpone at least 240 thousand rubles. In case of loss of income, this will allow you to calmly look for a new job or just live a few months - you won't have to change your usual way of life.

Set aside 10-15% on every paycheck to build your financial cushion. Better to set up a separate savings account for the "emergency stock" and transfer money there as soon as you receive your paycheck.

Set a goal and save for it

DIY paper technology Most people have financial difficulties from time to time. There are still three weeks until the paycheck, and the money has already run out. Dreamed of vacation, but save

04/18/2018 Anastasia Prozheva

Heated floors are gaining immense popularity among the population. In private housing buildings with a central gas supply, floor heating from pipes with hot water is especially often arranged.

The gas-fired boiler supplies the heating liquid to the piping system built into the floor structure. Pipes for such systems are made from several types of materials. Among them, cross-linked polyethylene for heated floors stands out. Why is XLPE underfloor heating attractive? This is the topic of this article.

Types of pipelines for warm water floors

Copper pipes have the best thermal conductivity

Assembling equipment for warm water floors is a rather difficult job that requires the involvement of qualified labor. Heating circuits are assembled from pipes made of various materials:

  • cross-linked polyethylene pipes;
  • metal-plastic pipelines;
  • polypropylene systems;
  • copper pipes.

Each heating system has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let's compare cross-linked polymer with other pipe materials in the table:

# Material name Advantages Disadvantages1 Cross-linked polymer Strong and durable material Pipes are subject to destruction from ultraviolet radiation2 Metal plasticHigh flexibilityHigh cost3PolypropyleneLow pricePipes bend under heating4Copper pipeUniversality, high thermal conductivity

What is XLPE

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