DIY paper phone

Gifts for mom made of paper

What to give mom for her birthday? A bouquet of flowers decorated with paper hearts can be a wonderful gift.

The smallest readers will be able to make a simple "tulip for mom" application.

This spring craft with mimosa and willow is done using the applique technique. We form mimosa from crumpled pieces of paper, and willows from lumps of cotton wool.

A luxurious birthday applique for mom can be made of corrugated paper and cardboard.

Greeting card with flowers for Mother's Day and Mom's Birthday:

A bouquet of roses made of corrugated paper can be a wonderful gift for mom. For a detailed master class on how to make it, see "Corrugated paper rose".

You can glue a gift box out of cardboard with your own hands. For a detailed master class, see here.

Gift from son - years old

A child has no money, and he doesn't need it if he is creative in making a gift with his own hands. We only need the help of an adult who will help both in finding material and in work. An assistant is needed who will keep the secret of the surprise. And here's the top ten craft ideas.

Pine cones painting

What you need - pine or fir cones, acrylic paints, glue and a plank with a wooden frame. The craft is very simple: tint the cones and stick them on the base (board). The result is a beautiful composition for wall decor.

Postcard "Children's palms"

How to make a gift for mom: how and from what to make a gift with your own hands

Birthday Gifts

  • Why is a photo collage a good gift?
  • Photo collage ideas
  • DIY backlit collage
  • Photo collage for anniversary
  • Multi-frame
  • Summing it up

    A gift is the best indicator of an attitude. That is why many recommend doing it yourself. There is nothing more touching than something created by the hands of the giver.

    One of these gifts is a photo collage. Instructions on how to make it, as well as some unusual ideas for photo collages, we suggest considering in the text below.

    Why is a photo collage a good gift?

    The advantages of photo collages are beyond count. It is both an individual and a soulful gift that acts as a sign of exceptional attention. And also a good opportunity to save scraps of memorable dates and just good days.

    It makes sense for my wife to present a collage for her husband's birthday, where the best moments of life together will be captured. And for friends - funny and memorable shots from rest or fun everyday life.

    Photo collage on the wall

    Let's outline the main advantages of photo collages:

    • With photographs you give emotions. This is the best you can think of.
    • A gift based on photographs is always individual and unique, because the birthday person is depicted there.
    • Creating a collage is not an expensive task. This option will be a lifeline for people on a budget.
    • The collage will take pride of place in the house and will always be in sight.

    Tips & Tricks

    Don't know what gift to give your mom for her birthday or New Year?

    What are the design options?

    Decor elements can be purchased in a specialized store, ordered on the Internet, or made by yourself. The choice of material depends only on the imagination of the creator. For making jewelry use:

    • flowers;
    • balls;
    • napkins ;
    • ribbons;
    • pom-poms ;
    • colored paper;
    • foil;
    • cardboard;
    • disposable tableware;
    • cotton pads; <
    • tinsel;
    • toys;
    • candy and much more.

    DIY or buy?

    Choose the proposed decoration or create it yourself? It depends on financial ability, free time, desire and imagination.

    People who specialize in making birthday numbers usually have catalogs of work. Sometimes you can order something new by discussing your idea with the master. Finished products are most often made from balloons, toys and sweets. In this case, not only materials are paid, but also the work of the master.

    If you want to make figures for a children's holiday yourself, you just need to purchase the necessary materials or pick up from what you have at home.

    Corrugated paper

    A big birthday number decorated in this way will turn out to be simply incomparable.

    In order to create beauty, a large amount of corrugated paper is required. It is better if it is multi-colored. Cut the paper into strips of half a meter.

    Here you are, 18, son! It's time for you to receive the watch that has passed in our family from generation to generation. My father got them from his father. I was looking forward to coming of age to get them. And now, finally, they are yours! I mean, you wanted an Apple Watch.

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    For don’t fucking keep the clock in your ass.

    For not keeping a dick in your ass for hours.

    It is clear that the post is humorous, but irl, there are many similar situations when the old generation does not understand the young.

    I'm 34, and for me a watch is a man's accessory, I prefer Swiss classics. But now it is the 21st century, in a clock from a stub or their analogs there are heaps of different functions, it is convenient, new, fashionable and stylish, so a teenager at 18 will want exactly these, this is a completely normal situation

    "And if the cunt wants an Applewatch, let him work and buy, what's the problem?" - in this topic, I would not put the question of money at all. A classic watch can be worth a ton of money besides memory. And in principle, if you look at a watch as an accessory, even the budget and middle Swiss segment of classic watches is comparable or even more expensive than these newfangled Apple Watch.

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