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Assembling an origami machine or schematically building it may seem a little complicated at first. However, an exciting and informative lesson will delight the future designer. Handwork develops the baby's thinking, helping to improve the motor skills of the pens. And the made machine will become the most beloved of all toys.

Crafts can be done both for the game and as an original gift for a good friend - an adult. Since men are always boys at heart, an origami machine made from a banknote is suitable as a gift.

  • Rectangular sheets of colored paper;
  • scissors, glue.

  • Roll a sheet of paper of the selected color horizontally. This is the central inflection point of the future product.
  • Parallel bending lines bend the two halves of the sheet on the left and right sides inward.
  • Bend the bends back inward. Then turn the ends of the sheet in the direction from the wrong side.
  • The folded curves of the inner corners form the body of an impromptu paper machine.
  • Make folds inward with triangles under the wheels. To achieve maximum similarity with a wheel, bend the corner tops inward.
  • For the headlights, bend the right corners of the car also internally. On the left side, we make the bends in the same way, but smaller in size and outward.

For a more colorful car production, stick paper triangles of a different color on the headlights. See also: How to make a fortune teller out of paper

How to make a car that drives out of paper

Paper can be used to make a moving car for a race. To start the movement, put such a craft on a smooth surface and blow on it. Under the influence of the air flow, the figure begins to slide on the surface, imitating the movement of a real racing car.

  • A sheet of white paper with an aspect ratio of 1: 7 or A 4.

Paper can be used to make a moving car for a race

Guys, I suggest you plunge into paper modeling, which is also known as paper craft. And let's start by gluing paper rally cars. To make them, you just need to print out the patterns of the machines, cut them out and glue them.

Articles for more experienced modelers: Aston Martin from paper

Stages of gluing paper machines

As mentioned above, the creation of these models consists of three stages.

The first is to print the typewriter diagrams on a printer

It is desirable to print diagrams on a color printer. Can you guess why? Correctly! The models will be beautiful. Although, if this is not possible, it does not matter. Print on a black and white printer. The main thing is to print in economy mode, then the patterns of cars can be colored. The effect will certainly not be the same as in the first version, but painting is no less interesting than gluing. Models of typewriters should be printed on A4 paper. Both regular office paper and thin cardboard will work. Although, if you use photographic paper for this purpose, then the crafts will have a gorgeous look. After gluing, you will immediately want to play with a typewriter or put it on a shelf as a decoration.

Second stage - cutting out parts for gluing

Use regular office scissors to cut parts. It is better if they have thin blades, then it will turn out to cut out all the details more accurately.

Tip: to get a neat gluing machine, you first need to cut out the parts, so to speak, "rough", ie. not along the drawn contours. And only then you need to cut off all unnecessary. This will allow you to cut all the parts of the car more accurately.

Also, within this stage, it is necessary to bend the parts of the machines, as well as those parts that are to be glued, with the help of a ruler.

The third stage - gluing the paper typewriter

As a rule, boys always have a lot of cars. If your son is also keen on such toys, then offer him another typewriter, but he will have to make it himself out of paper. And I will show all the step-by-step steps of this process - how to make a typewriter out of paper with my own hands in this master class.

DIY paper machine

To create such a machine, we have prepared:

  • red paper;
  • small pieces of blue, white, orange and black paper;
  • scissors;
  • red marker;
  • glue;
  • black marker.

The main color of our paper typewriter will be red. Therefore, we use a piece of paper of the appropriate color and fold it in half. In this case, the fold line is located on top.

After that, we make a fold from the bottom of the two layers of the workpiece.

Next, outline the outline of our red paper machine.

Cut with scissors along this contour.

Now let's start designing our paper craft. Cut out blanks for windows from blue paper. We glue them on both sides of the car.

Cut the eyes out of white paper and draw them out with a black marker. After that we glue the eyes.

Cut 4 wheels out of black paper. We fix them with glue on both sides of the machine.

Headlights are made in the form of circles cut out of orange paper.

Additionally, we will draw up the craft with a red felt-tip pen.

Typewriters, typewriters, typewriters ... a little man obsessed with them, among all the crafts, is only interested in how to make a car out of paper. And the older your car designer becomes, the more complex models he will have to master and execute. Well, the task of any self-respecting mother is to suggest a direction for creativity, to provide all the necessary materials and a good mood for a fun game with ready-made cars.

How to make a car out of paper quickly

Among all children's handicrafts, cars take a special place. It is very expensive to entertain children every day with toy cars from the store. In addition, to the same, albeit very beautiful, cars, the baby quickly loses interest, gets fed up. Therefore, our today's master class is how to make a car out of paper quickly and without extra financial costs.

To create such a garage of cars, you only need cardboard "sleeves" from packaging of toilet paper. Garbage crafts are always relevant, because for them we use what in other cases just goes to the trash bin. So, we will have to glue each roll with colored paper. Your collection will look optimal if you glue all the cars with paper of different colors. After the glue has dried, make a rectangular cutout in the surface of each roll, but on one side, do not cut to the end, but simply peel back the cardboard, this will be our driver's seat. You can even color it in from the inside with felt-tip pens or black marker. Cut a circle out of white cardboard and glue it on the opposite side of the seat - this will be our steering wheel, color it as well. We decorate the car with appliqués made of colored paper in contrasting colors, apply a number (this is, as we remember, racing cars). The wheels can be attached with bolts, or you can use plastic bottle caps for these purposes.

Now you know how to make a typewriter for a child quickly and easily. But not only race cars are of interest to young collectors, but also useful cars that serve the benefit of people. The bottom of them is a fire engine made of matchboxes and colored paper. For it, you need to glue the base, which will be four matchboxes. We glue the entire structure with scarlet colored paper. Separately, we glue another box, which we then glue to the very top, to the tower. With the help of plasticine, we sculpt a flashing light, and also make a mount for a real fire escape made of glued matches. It remains to supplement the appearance of the fire engine with glued windows and headlights made of yellow colored paper.

The tricky name iris folding or rainbow folding denotes a special technique for creating an applique, when through a curly window in a sheet with a background we see layers of colored paper. When you ask how to make a machine out of paper, you can easily find a step-by-step master class in the iris-folding technique, this is a really very beautiful craft that can be used for a postcard and for creative work for a kindergarten or school. Moreover, you can choose absolutely any background for reverse applications made of colored paper, be it a mountain landscape or city streets. The main highlight of the work will still be skillfully folded layers of paper, which will create a magical rainbow effect.

How to make an origami machine out of paper

Lovers of ancient Japanese art are often interested in how to make an origami machine out of paper. Yes, in those days, when the foundations of folding paper in this technique were created, machines did not yet exist. However, progress does not stand still, and today there are a great many of all kinds of folding origami machines. These can be three-dimensional or flat figures, schematic images or very accurate models using the modular origami technique.

The first model that we will consider will be the legendary Volkswagen Beetle, one of the most popular cars of all time. The video, which is called the origami car, will help you in how to make a car out of paper. The scheme for assembling such a car is the author's development of Charles Esseltin, who presented it to all origami lovers. Remember that you will get the best results when folding bulky origami crafts if you use special paper for such crafts. It has the necessary rigidity, which allows you to create and outline all the folds with minimal effort, and the finished machine will keep its shape better.

If the scheme for assembling the "Beetle" takes at least three pages, then the following scheme is quite simple and accessible even to beginners. Of course, your car will turn out to be not so spectacular, but it is quite suitable for driving along the drawn streets. Collecting such simple cars follows from multi-colored sheets of paper, the more varied your fleet is, the more fun the game will be with the use of such cars.

After the usual origami, it's time to use modular origami in how to make a machine out of paper. Recall that this is a technique for assembling one large and voluminous craft from many small paper modules. Building your house from such small bricks, you will receive not only a solid volumetric craft, but also great pleasure from the very process of assembling it. For all crafts from the modules, the component parts are assembled in three varieties. In each master class on the assembly of a particular model, the first thing that will tell you is the type of modules from which the craft is assembled. It is also important to know whether glue will be used to fix the craft or whether the modules will stick together only due to the frictional force. All schemes for assembling machines from modules will remind mothers of knitting schemes - also rows with the number of modules in them, which can be increased, then the craft is distributed in breadth with each new row, or reduced, then the top of the origami will close, like a dome. The wheels for the machines are folded separately and attached using the hooks provided by the design of the triangular modules.

Paper machine - examples and templates for creativity

Making crafts is a great pleasure for children. You can make anything, for example, a bulky paper machine. The big plus of working with this material is its safety. That is why, as a rule, the acquaintance of children with creativity begins with paper.

Paperwork can be very interesting and varied. You can make beautiful cars that little racers will definitely like. At the same time, there can be a lot of options for making such a craft.

One of the most demanded directions is origami. This technique is suitable for the manufacture of any product, while it is not at all necessary to immediately tackle complex models. A paper machine can be made in many other ways.

Important! The main thing that parents should consider is the age and abilities of the child.

You shouldn't immediately offer options with a lot of details and demand that the kid do the job perfectly.

You should always start small. So gradually the child will learn how to handle paper, glue and other stationery. Making paper crafts develops the child's creative skills, the child becomes more independent and proactive.

Handicraft for boys is quite a difficult task, since parents have to choose a suitable topic for a long time. If girls can happily make flowers, animals, dolls, etc., then boys will quickly get bored of such work.

But if you invite your kid to make a beautiful car with his own hands, or maybe a whole fleet of vehicles, he will definitely agree.

Toilet Paper Racer

For manufacturing, you need not the paper itself, but only a sleeve from it.

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