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Greetings, dear blog readers! Today we will talk about such an important topic as preparing a child's hand for writing. This article provides tips, exercises, and interesting and useful downloads.

Timely preparation of the child's hand for writing is a guarantee that he will not only be able to cope well with the load at school, but also his speech and intellect will develop well. The development of fine motor skills must be started from an early age. In my articles, I have repeatedly talked about the need for games to develop fine motor skills. Of course, all this happens in a complex, because during the game several tasks are solved at once.

How to prepare a preschooler's hand for writing

Today I want to put more emphasis on the development not of toddlers, but of preschoolers over 5 years old. To prepare a preschooler's hand for writing, it is important to begin with determining the degree of formation of the graphic skill. To do this, you can conduct a small test: put in front of the child a sheet of paper in a box, where a sequence of similar figures is depicted: two large - two small, etc. The child needs to continue the "pattern" to the end of the line. The results are assessed according to 6 parameters:

1. The nature of the lines is even, straight, even pressure - 1, uneven, trembling, double, curved - 0.

2. The size of the elements corresponds to the standard - 1, does not correspond to the standard - 0.

3. The shape of the elements corresponds to the standard - 1, does not correspond to the standard - 0.

4. The slope corresponds to the standard - 1, does not correspond to the standard - 0.

5. Deviation from the line is insignificant: (no more than 30) - 1, significant - 0.

6. Sequence of elements: correct the sequence of large and small elements is reproduced - 1, the sequence of elements is reproduced incorrectly - 0.

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Irina Galushka. Patchwork. Higher sewing aerobatics

Kettle warmer. It would seem a utilitarian, boring thing. And look, with what imagination the master from Gelendzhik Irina Galushka sews them.

This is what Irina herself says about herself:

“I have golden hands, I am a little talented and I can do everything that a woman by her nature is obliged to be able to do, only prettier, tastier. There is humor - my family and friends are not bored with me! Autumn and winter are my inspirers and my favorite seasons. ”

Since childhood, Irina loves to knit and sew, and became interested in patchwork in 2014. Like a child, before whom the doors of a toy store opened, she plunged headlong into an unknown patchwork for her. In the first 2 years I tried most of the techniques and application options. And in the end I saw that it was the applique that was the best, that I felt pleasure and courage from it.

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