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Do you want to update the decor and atmosphere in the kitchen, but do not have the energy and resources to renovate? Then it's time to dilute the old interior with new interesting details. For example, make your own paintings or panels in a style that suits your apartment. This DIY bean mural workshop will help you transform kitchen walls and make your fantasies come true. A lot of interesting products can be used in handicrafts, from peas and beans to beans and coffee beans. The main thing is to carefully follow the description and not forget about each stage. Beans are a rather vulnerable product, so choose them carefully for crafts: they should be without spots, firm, without holes. Also, beans are vulnerable to bugs and other insects, so each craft must be varnished without fail.

Coffee Happiness

To make a panel of beans, we need:

First, draw all the details of the picture on the canvas with a pencil. You can add captions to the image.

Now it's time to paint over all the details.

In our master class, black is chosen, but you can use any other color that suits the style of your kitchen.

We are waiting for the complete drying of the paint. Next, apply a thick layer of glue to the drawing, on the very image of the teapot, and not on a white background. Then glue our beans to the canvas. If our background is black, then the beans themselves should be black. We apply the seed to the seed on the base so that there are no gaps.

Now cover the entire background with glue. Place the white beans on the background. You can choose other beans, the main thing is that the colors contrast, otherwise the teapot and cup will not stand out well.

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In order for such a craft to last a long time, the beans must be protected with varnish. Apply it with a brush to the panel. Wait to dry and hang on the wall. The panel for the kitchen is ready!


Interior decorations

DIY crafts, paintings and panels from beans

History of paper rolling (quilling)

The art of creating extraordinarily beautiful things from rolled paper originated in Europe in the late 14th - early 15th centuries. In modern English, this activity is denoted by the word quilling, from "quill" - "bird feather". In Russian, the word "paper-rolling" is also sometimes found. The nuns of medieval Europe, using a bird's pen and paper with gilded edges, created medallions of unprecedented beauty, which, even on close examination, resembled a product made of the finest gold stripes. Time, unfortunately, destroyed most of these creations, but nevertheless, interest in this art has not disappeared to this day. Quilling is known today in many countries of the world, and has its own characteristics depending on local ideas, culture, customs. In the 19th century, paper rolling was available only to the upper strata of society, because paper (especially colored and high quality) was very expensive. Nevertheless, the fashion for this art spread throughout Europe rather quickly. With the advent of the 20th century, quilling was supplanted by the benefits of civilization and almost completely forgotten. Nevertheless, now we can say about a new surge of interest in paper-rolling, and, it should be noted, now it is no longer just entertainment, but in many respects an art. At the end of the last century, the almost forgotten quilling again began to delight Europeans. The English princess Elizabeth created many interesting products, seriously carried away by the art of paper rolling. These creations can be viewed today at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. It is believed that paper is a fragile material and quickly deteriorates. Nevertheless, products created with the help of quilling can be used for quite a long time, for example, in everyday life, and at the same time will not lose their appearance. A voluminous stand for a tea cup or a vase for sweets will delight the eyes of the hosts and guests for a long time, surprising with its uniqueness and exclusivity. Nowadays, paper rolling is known both in the West and in the East. The centers of quilling in Europe are now England and Germany, in the East, South Korea stands out, in which there is even a whole Association of paper plastic lovers. And if European products are rather laconic and easy to make, then Korean ones are truly a work of art: hundreds of small details, incredible weaves, amazing paper laces. Quilling allows you to create works of art from ordinary paper, opening up new possibilities of this material and the creativity of their creator.

Material copied from the Internet resource

What do you need for quilling?

Here is a list of the basic tools of a quilling master: colored paper, pencil, scissors, awl, cardboard (any color or just white will do), PVA glue and tweezers. Colored paper is sold at any office supply store. The paper should be cut into strips of the desired width - from 1.5 mm to 1 cm. There are a couple of options for how to do this quickly and accurately, and we are in a hurry to share this knowledge with you:

The first and probably the fastest method is a shredder. A special paper shredder is typically used in offices to shred unnecessary or erroneous documents. This is handy if you have access to such a thing at work (or maybe one of your relatives or friends). Or, if you decide to devote most of your free time to quilling, so to speak, seriously and for a long time, you can buy ... But there is one caveat - the stripes will always be the same width, but it cuts out very quickly and evenly.

The second way: the union of a metal ruler and a clerical knife. This is perhaps the more affordable option, but at the same time, it is more time consuming and troublesome. Make sure that the blade of the knife is always sharp, otherwise it will start tearing the paper rather than cutting it. To simplify work - line the first sheet with a pencil or on a computer in a text editor, if you have a printer at hand. Then, properly fixing with paper clips, carefully so as not to tear, cut the foxes with a knife. And don't forget to keep your blade sharp. the main advantage of this option is the ability to cut paper into strips of the desired width without the participation of special office equipment.

Third way: paper cutter. Also, not everyone has, but you may be lucky. In principle, simple options are not very expensive - from 150 rubles on one well-known Chinese site;). So, everything is simple here - lined up, put on the cutter and chick, moving the stack. As a result, you have strips of the desired width and get them much faster than in the previous version.

Using any of the above methods, you get the most important material for your creativity with minimal effort and time!

Technique Features

The technique is based on the fact that blanks are made of paper, which are then attached to the base. For work you need an awl. Quilling features and stages of work:

  • Cut a lot of narrow paper strips. The tip of the paper is wrapped around the edge of an awl or a special tool with a forked edge. The core of the spiral is formed.
  • Continue working without an awl, helping themselves with their fingers. When twisting, check whether the roll is uniform.
  • The resulting roll is straightened, giving it the required size and shape. Initially, the workpiece has the shape of a circle or an oval, and if you press it in some places, you get a figure of a given shape (drop, leaf, heart, snail).
  • Blanks are used to create panels, paintings, pots, decorative boxes. They also decorate the side surfaces of interior items - flower vases, clocks, bottles.

Interior decoration ideas

Games with cereals to develop fine motor skills. Bean games for children from 1 year old. Appliques from cereals. How to paint rice. How to color pasta

Then treats, and then disco and animation with Creeper.

If your child is interested in computer games, then he definitely likes the Minecraft game, and his birthday in the style of this game will definitely be unforgettable! But do not rush to get out the birthday cake and light the candles. The mob kamikaze Creeper wants to ruin our holiday! He developed a program that allowed him to move from virtual reality to the real world. Now his villainous plans are to destroy Minecraft by stealing the necessary elements! The guys are faced with a difficult task - to defeat the Creeper.

Together with the animator, they will complete the tasks of the mob, return the elements and save the game! With an animator in the guise of a Minecraft character, the guys will have fun active games, difficult puzzles and unrestrained fun in the style of their favorite computer game. Our exciting journey around the world of Minecraft will be remembered for a long time by all guests of the holiday!

Invitation Cards

What a real celebration without an official invitation? You can create invitations like this:

To make the little guests understand that something interesting awaits them and look forward to the holiday, the invitation card can be made in the colors of the Minecraft game: green-brown squares, hand-painted with bright felt-tip pens or cut out of colored paper.

On the invitation card, you can depict any character from the game or part of the paraphernalia. It is possible to place an event script on the other side of the invitation, which will add zest.

Download invitations

Scenario & Games

What a holiday without games. Children will have a lot of fun plunge into the world of minecraft. For this you only need imagination, so let's start.

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