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Behavior of opposition blogger Alexei Navalny at today's trial about insulting veteran V.

Durov about the future of Telegram Pavel Durov answered users' questions in the chat of his own channel.

And everything secret will become clear ... If anyone thought about Dziuba or Skripals, or a coward.



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Power has resurrected its virtual army - Zebotov Against the background of the fall in the rating of Volodymyr Zelensky, all forces are thrown into trying to "whiten" the president on social networks, and at the same time poison critics and opponents

DIY paper country

This picture is popular among German schoolchildren. Translation: This is the reason why no one poops at school.

Pf. our school had no doors or partitions, and there were crowds of people at recess so that this paper would be useful at all.

It was Master Splinter.

The top of the skill is to piss the master)

We didn't even have any paper, provided that it was St. Petersburg, the city hadn't been kicked out, and a pretty decent school. Until graduation in 2010, I did not see the papers in the school aftershocks.

Damn, some of them didn't have a proper toilet

On the street. at a distance of 200 meters from the boys' school. Wooden. On the Far East. Naturally, the whole corner of the school was sucked

The thing is, it's a paradox. Even schools, which had quite a decent toilet, at least from one corner, are still pissing themselves off by students.

What courage is there? In my childhood, the headmistress who looked and behaved like the head of the zone never went there and everyone knew that. Only from a physical education instructor or a labor worker could one get a slap on the head. But they themselves pissed there

Our laborer piled into the oil tank of a lathe. Yeah, we had a school where for the closet in the labor office was the door to the bunker with full equipment for making shells and similar equipment. But we used to make hammer strikers there in peacetime.

Heart envelope

A simple envelope that can be done in a few minutes. You will need a square sheet of paper of any size and some glue.

About the heart from the video was in this post: Money heart with a tie

Flexagon transformer card

Unusual paper origami. A square with 6 different surfaces. You can rotate endlessly in your hands. To make one, you need 1 square sheet of paper of any size and scissors. You can use any paper, pictures or stickers for decoration.

Lots of other endless cards were here: Endless paper card

Anti-stress transformer card

Transformer card, which is very simple. In just a couple of minutes. You will need a square sheet of paper of any size, a knife and a ruler, as well as paper for decoration.

If this card seems too simple, check out other ideas on this topic: Infinite Paper Card

Paper Elephants

Inspired by the paintings of Salvador Dali, I decided to do something surreal. This is how a small family of elephants appeared on my shelf.

Box, box, box

Heart with a pocket made of a sheet of paper A

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