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Wrap a copper coin or paper bill with green yarn (thread) to form a ball (medium size). Secure the ball so that it does not unwind, put three drops of eucalyptus (you can use bergamot) oil on the ball and hang it over the front door in your house (apartment). Whoever comes to visit you will bring gifts and money. To reactivate the amulet, it must be lubricated every medium with essential oil.

Take a large bivalve shell (it would be better if you find it yourself, but if you can't do that, you can just buy it). Take a half of a shell, put a metal coin in it, then put 3 drops of bergamot, basil or sandalwood oil on the coin. Light a green candle. Tilt the candle over the shell and fill the shell to the brim with melted wax. When the wax has completely solidified, hide this talisman in your home. Talisman for wealth. Take five flat small pebbles and paint them with gold paint.

When the sun goes down, take the green candle. Light it up, place it in the center of the table. Place a green square in front of the candle (the green square must be cut out of green fabric). Then put a eucalyptus leaf in the middle of the green square (if not, you can use a laurel leaf), and put a metal ruble on top of the leaf. While the candle is burning, look at the coin and imagine the money you want to receive. Then take the four corners of the green square and fold them to the middle and say. "Bala, feces times."

To do this, take a dark tablecloth, a black plate, rice, five five-ruble coins, a green bag and four green candles. Cover the table with a dark tablecloth, place a black plate in the center, pour rice into it. Put coins on top of the rice in the form of a cross. Place the candles in the rice so that they point to the four cardinal directions. When the candles burn out, you need to collect everything in a green bag and store it in the form of a talisman. To increase money. Take a hundred dollar bill and a green candle. Wrap the bill around the candle so that there is room on top.

This requires a file and a small piece of metal (magnetized). Use a file to grind the metal into powder. Collect the magnetic powder carefully and put it in a bag, to give the talisman more strength, the powder must be painted with gold paint. Receive a certain amount of money.

Then slowly with your palms, begin to move, as if collecting "moonlight". Remember the wonderful feeling of moonlight in your hands. After the end of the ritual, the coin should be wiped off, and always carried with you, but do not forget to feel the wonderful sensation of the touch of the moonlight.

Then light the first white candle and say: "The candle flame is like a soul, the soul is like a candle flame." Then light a brown candle and say: "Deeds in deeds, paths in paths, everything is in moses." Then light a green candle and say: "Power is in power, power is in power, I am with power and with that power." After that, all candles should burn out completely. After that, collect all the wax left, and it must be stored as a talisman. Money talisman from collecting herbs. Take snapdragon, dill, clover, ash bark in equal parts, put the herbs in a green bag, and say: "What I have in mind, it will come true, what I say, what will happen, what I will do, will turn into profit." The green bag should be hung where you work.

Conspiracies and talismans for wealth. If every Wednesday, light three green candles, and on Thursday yellow or orange candles, then you will never need money. In the northern part of the house, it is necessary that there are three red carnations, or that there should be a broom with a broom upward in this place. Piggy banks are good, but you cannot store copper money in them. It is impossible to accumulate at the head of your bed. If you still want to collect money, then they should be white, light in color.

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