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Many people ask themselves this question. When choosing the style of interior design for your own living space, you should consider a few pretty basic points. In order not to create a dangerous and non-functional place.

The style of your living space - how to choose?

Before proceeding to the description of certain options for apartment arrangement, let us dwell on these issues that need to be taken into account. The most important nuance is the feeling of comfort. Best of all, we feel ourselves in the interior. It is also necessary not to forget that we create the space in the apartment for ourselves. We will work in it day in and day out. Therefore, if you want to get a high-quality and good interior for your apartment, we recommend the Archi company.

Another important nuance in choosing an apartment arrangement is safety. This becomes even more important when we have minor children. And although it will be a little more difficult for us to create complete interiors, it is not impossible. Although in this case you will have to compromise. In this case, safety comes first, not the appearance of our "four walls".

The third factor that needs to be taken into account when choosing the style of improving your own living space is ... healthy sense. If we have a small space, there is no need to select solutions, for example, with a very decent amount of accessories that will clutter up our interior.

Popular home furnishing styles

For some time, there have been several of the most common methods of interior decoration. One of these styles is Scandinavian. How is this different? First of all, simplicity and functionality. The traditional Scandinavian style is dominated by natural materials and colors such as gray and white.

This is an interior that suits well both in apartments with a large area and in small rooms. You also need to know that the style from Scandinavia has several options for its design. We can choose, for example, more traditional solutions. It is very high and bulky furniture. Plus bright colors. This method is often called "Gustavian". But we can decorate our apartment in a much more eco / folk style. This is also a kind of Scandinavian "way".

Another popular style of interior design is "Provencal". In this case, however, one problem should be noted. This is the style that works best for the home. In any case, it has to do with the village. However, its details can be introduced into an apartment in an apartment building. Its most associated distinguishing feature is the ubiquitous whiteness.

It is also a style characterized by idyllic and cozy interiors. As in the case of the Nordic style, natural materials prevail here. We focus primarily on wood. The second commonly used is stone. When it comes to style from Scandinavia, the design cannot be missing a reference to nature. For example, naked dried herbs in the kitchen room. And more living plants. Thanks to them, you can create very good interiors.

The third, until this time, popular way of furnishing apartments is retro style. We start with a warning. This is one of those interior design solutions where it is easy to overdo it. And this must be avoided. It is difficult to equip an apartment in a retro style. First you need to spend a lot of time looking for furniture and accessories. More precisely, they are not available in popular stores with a similar assortment. You also need to take into account that they choose accessories and furniture to create a good interior. Thanks to this, you will need to "close" a lot of them.

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