DIY cauliflower crafts

In order for bulk components to be reliably stored for a certain time, a suitable container should be prepared for them.

Making similar jars with your own hands is not a difficult technical task, but it is worth understanding the basic principle of such work.

Therefore, it makes sense for housewives to use for themselves the practical advice presented in this article aimed at creative ideas for creating an original container for storing bulk products.

Introduction to decoupage

We present to your attention a master class on making cans for cereals using decoupage technique.

Necessary materials and tools: glass jars, napkins with a pattern for decoration, white napkins, PVA and Moment glue, gouache, brushes, ribbon, scissors.

Let's start decorating. Draw a semicircle at the bottom of the can. This is done for convenience - the contents of the jar will be visible through such a window.

We glue the rest of the jar with white napkins and PVA glue. After drying, you can top the napkins with white gouache or acrylic paint. This is done so that in the future the applied drawing is not translucent.

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Cut out the necessary fragments from the napkins with a pattern that have been selected and prepared. Carefully remove the two lower balls of napkins from them.

You can start the decorating process only after the prepared jar is completely dry. We grease the area on which the fragment will be glued abundantly with PVA glue and carefully glue the picture. Smooth it out with a brush, abundantly moistened with PVA glue.

With such sequential actions we glue over the entire prepared surface of the can.

How to make do-it-yourself jars for bulk products

Kid's Vegetable Crafts Cauliflower Poodle Craft Step by Step

In advance, we want to note that in most crafts, it is required to fasten together some parts of the product cut from vegetables or fruits. It is best to use regular toothpicks for this. Well, in extreme cases - matches.

Beautiful DIY apple crafts for children - little men

In order to prepare a craft in the form of such unpretentious guys, you will need the following components:

  • Big apples.
  • Some apple seeds.
  • Simple toothpicks.
  • Knife.

Crafts from vegetables and fruits - giraffe from carrots or potatoes

Simple children's crafts made of fruit - pear mouse

What to make such an unusual mouse from? From very simple ingredients like the pear itself, a couple of pumpkin seeds, a small wire bite that has a plug and, of course, with a knife.

First of all, let's make the ears of the mouse: First, using a knife, you need to make cuts in the pear in those places where the ears themselves will be. After that, you should slightly bend the ears, which you get back. The next step: we make the mouse eyes from the pear. Take the pumpkin seeds, about which we wrote earlier and on them you need to draw black pupils with a felt-tip pen or, respectively, a marker (whichever you like best). After that, you need to make cuts where the eyes will eventually be located, and insert pumpkin seeds. There is nothing complicated in this fruit craft.

The last step of this fruit craft is the tail of the mouse. In order for the mouse to have xv

Do-it-yourself vegetable crafts for kindergarten with your kid

Potato and carrot giraffe. To make such a giraffe, we need 2 potatoes and 5 carrots. The head and body of the animal are made from potatoes, and the neck and legs are made from carrots. The ears of a giraffe can be made from seeds, and the eyes from cereals (to do this, simply press the cereals into the places where the eyes should be). Spots can also be made from cereals that match the color and shape. Cute lamb from cauliflower. the step-by-step instructions presented below will help you in making cauliflower lambs, which can not only be used as autumn crafts for kindergarten, but also decorate a festive table with them or serve as a side dish in an original way.

To make such sheep we need:

Quote the message Olga-olg Read in its entirety Into your quote book or community! Decoupage - cans (coffee, baby food ...) Do not throw away coffee cans, see what you can do .... Materials that ...

Throughout the season, many worked in the fields or in the garden, in the garden, trying to make as many blanks as possible. And now the day has come when you can legally close the harvest season and feel free to indulge your winter hobbies.

And these days it is customary to visit the graves of deceased relatives and remember them with good words. So it is not necessary to prepare just a terrible party, you can get by with less disgusting ideas.

How to celebrate Halloween? Like a harvest festival.

And it is not necessary to put those horrible snacks and dishes on the table, which are simply disgusting for many. And it is enough to cook traditional Halloween treats, which in many countries where the holiday is native, are prepared from autumn vegetables and fruits.

Meet! Pumpkin is the favorite on the traditional Halloween table.

We will cook a variety of delicious dishes that hostesses put on tables in different countries. Recipes for cooking pumpkin dishes will come in handy.

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Things You Can Do

In general, pumpkin is such a cute vegetable that, in extreme cases, you don't even need to decorate it. If you don't have time to decorate some rooms, you can just put the pumpkin in a prominent place and surround it with candles and autumn bouquets. But with at least one composition, it is worth thinking about how to make a Halloween pumpkin more interesting? And leave enough free time for this.

In European countries, this day is considered the most magical of the year.

It will be interesting for you

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