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The TV presenter in a frank interview talked about how to keep up with everything, shared the details of the relationship with her husband and the joys of motherhood.

Text: Alesya Gordienko February 24, 2021

30-year-old Regina Todorenko returned to the jury of the new season of the show "Mask" on NTV. Before that, she had the longest vacation with her family. “Often, when my husband invites me to rest, I say, 'Yes, of course,' but I still spend time with him and my son. He laughs that I don't even grab the opportunity to do nothing, ”says Regina.

Regina Todorenko

TV presenter, singer, composer.

- Last season I got the impression that you worried about the participants more than they were about their fate. Or did it seem so because your husband Vlad Topalov was hiding under the guise of Panda?

- The excitement was caused solely by the panda and a little hysteria around his image, because no one knew for sure that it was Vlad. He misled the whole country! But the most important thing that excited all our souls in the first season was the voice of a deer (it turned out to be Larisa Dolina. - Approx. "Antenna"). Even during the filming of the project, when I was skating around Russia with "Eagle and Tails", people on the streets practically attacked me with the words: "I beg you, please tell me who is hiding under the mask!" It's cool that the show is so exciting for the hearts that the audience does not remain indifferent. In truth, being on the jury is difficult, it seems to you that you can easily identify any voice, but that was not the case. Even by the number of hints they give us, it is very difficult to do this.

- I remember the moment when Garik Martirosyan claimed that Panda was definitely Vlad, and then you said: “I obviously don’t know something about my husband if he can sing in Spanish”. What else has the "Mask" revealed to you in your own spouse?

- I'm proud of my husband, I didn't expect him to sing so cool that he has such beautiful high, low notes in his arsenal! I was surprised by its range. And how beautifully and velvety he performed "This is all that will remain after me" by the "DDT" group. In fact, in every project where we participate with him, I discover him in a new way. It always amazes and makes you fall in love with him even more. Perhaps this is because we are still recently married, because we have known each other for only four years and do not know the fully hidden potential of each other.

- Would you like to switch roles with one of the participants and move from the jury to the stage?

- Very! But I think that they will immediately unravel me and will not be interesting. I want to be on the other side, however, knowing already the whole backstage life from the words of my husband, I understand how difficult everything is. How difficult it is to wear this suit and be in it for almost ten hours a day. Participants move around the city wearing masks, God forbid they talk to a taxi driver, they also rehearse in suits, which is difficult, because they are very hot, but this is a good way to lose weight!

- Is there a principle by which artists choose this or that character?

Regina Todorenko:

Housewives striving for order in their home always take care of perfect cleanliness in their home. All this is done in two directions: for a pleasant aesthetic appearance, and for the health of family members. An interesting fact is that microbes choose for themselves exactly those places that so often no one pays attention to when the house is being cleaned. What are these places?

Joystick, remote, and mouse

Joysticks are used during computer games, and when cleaning - they are always forgotten. The same applies to TV remotes and monitor mice. But these accessories are in contact with the hands for a long time.

In order to clean such a device, you need to take out the batteries and walk along the ledges and crevices with a dry toothbrush. Next, treat with an alcohol solution.


If you do not pay attention to the armrests of furniture in time, in which a lot of dust and bacteria accumulate, then they are quite capable of causing respiratory diseases.

According to research, every 100 cm2 of armrests contains about 19,200 microorganisms. And this is dangerous, since these microscopic organisms are not the most friendly roommates, and you really need to get rid of them, and as soon as possible.

A steam cleaner or an ordinary vacuum cleaner with a narrow nozzle will come to your aid.

Enemy in Kitchen Number One

The kitchen sink always collects a lot of bacteria. A humid and warm environment attracts millions of invisible and highly dangerous microorganisms.

Therefore, the sink should be disinfected at least once a week.

And watch out for the dishwashing sponges, change them as often as possible. After all, fungi and mold collect there.

The TV presenter in a frank interview talked about how to keep up with everything, shared the details of the relationship with her husband and the joys of motherhood. | WDAY

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