Coral moss abo nerter: clean up the cultivation, especially watering and propagation

Nertera (Nertera), also like a roslin from coral namistins, or a pillow for heads, coral moss, coral, English babies sleep and nave a fruitful duckweed (I don't want a duckweed!). Nertera can be a meticulous room dew, like a vimag of virobniks of a troch of svidomoi uvaga. Coral namistini - a low-growing (close to 10-25 cm) decorative zrazok, originally from New Zealand, Eastern Australia, Holy East Asia and Eastern America.

The roslin is not a part of it, because it can be seen from the leafy roslin. Masa of crispy orange berries Dovgovіchnі berries go for the stage of flowers and you can cover the leaves with a riot of orange-red colorah, which is a cushion for heads.

The zagalny scale of the growth makes it easy to add a trifle of yaskravosti to small primitives. Coral moss grows in small parts of the world and creates a solid ground cover in its natural environment.

Coral moss is even decorative on a small table or pidvіkonnі. Charіvno viglyadaє, stepping over the edge of chimeric dishes, such a yak is an old tea cup or a jar. You can grow up on the streets in the warm weather of the rock, or in the regions, de nemayu frosts, or seize from the straight sleepy promenades.


Coral Mohu Viroshuvannya

Coral moss mostly grows in gardens as a decorative roselin, as it is not vimagat because of its own ruler of special zusil and uvagi. However, when the growths of the growths are violated, everything can change. Yak room roslini, the stench can become vibrant and vimagati from virobniks of great respect. Ale dummy not a sick man!

Sanctuary of nerteri

Tsі roslini vіddayut perevagu yaskravom, ale indirect light for the preparation of zahalnogo camp health. In the wicked stench of guilt otrimuvati the rich sleepy light of the wink, which you go to the pivden anyway. As long as the nerter is charged, you can endure trochas more than sleepy light, and you will not be too lazy. Trim them a little from the straight sleepy barriers, so as the stench can go around the leaves and the wrinkles of the berries.

You need to move your growth to the street if spring comes. Cross over to grab the coral moss from the luscious dormouse light, bringing it into the world of pivot.


Stretching all the way through the growth of the line, they can reach a colder temperature in the range from 13-18 ° C. For a short period, the stench can show the temperature, which can drop to 26 ° C, the temperature reaches 4 ° C. C. During the period the nerter blooms are generally guilty of being overblown in a warm month, at a temperature of 18 ° C, which is not produced until the onset of berries.

Coral namistin planting

Coral moss has a neglibok root system; If you want viroshuvati roselin in a container, change over, щ open the drainage at the bottom.

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