Cool contests for a corporate party in nature

Fiesta style: Spain

Spain is a very passionate country where gray is not held in high esteem: to walk like that, rest like this! Temperamental Spaniards are very domestic people who love family holidays. But such a holiday for them is not only a feast, but also a masquerade with dances.

Men will need one of the traditional elements of Spanish costume: a colorful vest, a wide belt, a cocked hat. For women - a lace cape covering the neck, head and chest, a wide skirt or at least a fan. Traditional Spanish music is very expressive. Ideally, it is performed live by a guitarist, and guests sing and dance. Don't forget to learn flamenco! All Spanish dishes do not have to be present on the table, one or two will be enough. Preparing paella, Madrid stew or potato tortilla is not that difficult - the main thing is fresh food and following the recipe. It is advisable to pour the wine from porron.

Nautical Party: You are a sailor, I am a sailor

A party or birthday, where the ship's atmosphere reigns, will definitely please both the hero of the occasion and the guests.

It's definitely cool to organize such a themed holiday directly on the yacht or in the bay.

But sailors in short skirts and brave sailors will look great at home too. The main thing is to create the right surroundings. Stripes, stripes and stripes again. Use a mix of blue and white, complementing and diluting with red.

Build a ladder at the entrance. Let the guests go up on deck like real sailors. Here, a real marine atmosphere awaits them. Therefore, we hang the ropes, make sails, find a place for the steering wheel, portholes and a telescope. Don't forget lifebuoys, flags, and an anchor.

We entertain guests with interesting nautical contests, where you can knit sea knots, pull ropes, climb rope ladders, learn Morse code and even scrub the deck.

Be sure to compose a seafood menu. No, you don't have to treat your guests to navy-style pasta.

We will make stuffed shells, shrimp kebabs and moussaka. Believe it or not, the sailors' menu is quite varied.

Therefore, special bagels will be appropriate, which are baked with coco especially for a coffee break and always fish.

Bollywood: India

Themed party Travel around the world

Summer is vacation time, and nobody wants to work in a stuffy office. A corporate party outdoors will help you relax, have a rest, communicate in an informal atmosphere. How to spend a corporate party in nature fun and profitably? The easiest way is to order the organization of the event to special agencies. However, if you are reading this article, then you intend to do it yourself. First of all, you need to gather the organizing committee and assign responsibilities:

  • who is responsible for collecting the money;
  • who buys the food;
  • who will cook;
  • who will take care of transport issues;
  • who organizes the cultural program.

Summer corporate is not only eating a barbecue. As a rule, a picnic lasts all daylight hours, and there is more than enough time for fun contests and competitions. In addition to football, badminton and volleyball (do not forget the appropriate equipment!), Where "boys against girls" or department for department will play, you can organize a whole quest in the forest with searches for treasure and Cossack robbers. But it is better to put everything in order, and it is necessary to start preparing a cultural program with a scenario of a corporate party in nature.

Contests for corporate parties in nature

  • Centipedes - participants stand one after another, holding on to the waist of the person in front. It turns out a centipede, to which the presenter gives the task - to move in a zigzag, avoid obstacles, etc. Whoever lets go of his hands in this competition is eliminated.
  • Animal Trouble - Requires equal number of male and female staff. A certain animal is thought of for women and men. Men are blindfolded and women start running around and shouting out the sounds of their animal. Among the general commotion and the mass of different sounds, a man must find his "soul mate".
  • Sprint in water - suitable if the rest takes place near a reservoir. Participants first run in water ankle-deep, then knee-deep, and finally waist-deep. A prerequisite is not to swim, but to run.
  • Three legs - participants are divided in thirds. The leg of the person on the right and the leg of the person on the left are tied to the leg of the employee standing in the center. Further, such "tripod" pairs cover a certain distance for speed.
  • Battle for the balloon - participants are given: a balloon with water inside, a plastic plate, a pushpin. The balls are tied to the belt. The task is to pierce the opponent's ball, dodging others and defending with your plate.

Outdoor corporate games

Various outdoor games for corporate parties are a great way to have fun and carefree time.

When the whole company has gathered, the ladies have laid tables or "meadows" for a picnic, the men have already made a fire, on which a barbecue is fragrantly fried, everyone begins to think about entertainment. eventspro brings to your attention some fun that will cheer you up and unite your team. Also read about sports competitions for corporate parties.

Participants are divided into pairs who stand with their backs to each other and hold hands. At the command of the leader, you need to reach the finish line and return back. Naturally, it is not allowed to come off the back of your pair. Although the task seems simple, in fact, not every couple manages to get to the finish line without breaking the rules and never falling.

One of the most, in the opinion of eventspro, immortal and exciting fun. We recommend playing at all corporate parties. Develops imagination, creative thinking, and absolutely always causes a sea of ​​delight and laughter in the participants! The bottom line is simple: the presenter tells the selected player what exactly he should portray. These can be either just objects or whole phrases (for example, the requirement to depict a rabbit howling at the moon). The remaining players must solve the charade. The one who guessed first, himself takes the place of the one showing.

Two participants hold a 2-3 meter long rope. The task of the rest of the players is to jump over an impromptu rope, holding a glass of water behind their backs. Anyone who manages not to spill all the water gets a prize.

Everyone loves looking for treasures! Therefore, we believe that every self-respecting team should play treasure hunters. The treasure is buried in the ground in advance (hiding in a hollow, or wherever you like). This must be done in advance by the manager of the corporate event. A Real Treasure Map is drawn (or printed using Photoshop) on colored cardboard. Then it is cut into 10 or more pieces and laid out at the venue of the corporate party.

Ideas for organizing a sea party. We choose the sea direction of the holiday: on the seabed or on the beach, fishing or sailor, pirate or fabulous.

Best Outdoor Rides for an Adult's Birthday

Do you want to order an off-site interactive for your guests? Our team has prepared for you popular options for a fun birthday.

Away Casino

Do you want to travel to Las Vegas and feel the atmosphere of a real casino? You can invite to the holiday: roulette, craps, poker, blackjack, stud poker, baccarat. Fan money is distributed to each guest. When approaching the table, the dealer exchanges them for chips and the game is played with chips. Participants can move from table to table, play both roulette and card games.

The price includes: the work of the dealer, cards, chips, balls, dolly, fan-money, the choice of the color of the cloth,

Car racing with vr glasses

Want to have an exciting rally for your guests? Invite a unique program of car racing with vr glasses. Participants will take part in racing competitions. And to maximize the immersion in the process, we added VR glasses to the attraction.

The price includes: the work of an instructor, a modular track, 6 cars on the r / y, a video screen.

Away shooting range

Do your guests like extreme entertainment? Then the military attraction is one of the options for entertainment at the birthday party. Attraction options: classic shooting range, archery and crossbow shooting, cowboy and gangster shooting range, shooting from a hunting slingshot, angry birds, spear or knife throwing.

Vr helmets

VR helmets will take your guests on an exciting interactive journey. New technologies allow you to arrange a fun holiday with vivid emotions even in a small room. Participants will be transported to the tops of the mountains, go on an underwater journey, fight aliens, and ride a roller coaster.

The New Year refers to those holidays that help to unite the family and have fun together for people of different ages. But in order for this magical winter holiday to leave pleasant memories for both adults and children, it must be properly planned.

Indeed, in order for the celebration of the New Year to be enjoyed by young children, teenagers, and adults, it will be necessary to take a very responsible approach to planning the entertainment part of the festive evening. Our article will tell you how to spend the New Year 2020-2021 with your family.

Merry New Year with your family: ideas for a festive evening

If you want the most magical evening of the year to be fun, soulful and warm, then try to plan the holiday program so that all family members are involved in the celebration. After all, if, for example, you devote your time exclusively to children, then all other guests will be bored and, as a result, the holiday for them will be ruined.

Therefore, try to choose the theme of the evening in such a way that absolutely everyone will like it. For example, you can host a New Years Eve party in the style of Carnival Night. Imagine how beautiful the New Year's table will look, decorated with candelabra with candles. And, of course, everyone will surely like the vintage outfits and original masks that hide the guests' faces.

In addition, you can hold a New Year party 2020-2021 in the style of:

  • Alice in Wonderland. A similar theme is suitable for a family with small children. You can pre-distribute who will be Alice and who will be the Cheshire Cat, and based on this, come up with games and entertainment. Also, in this case, you will definitely need to take care of a fabulous tea party with a lot of different sweets.
  • "Hipster". This themed party will surely appeal to both adults and children. In this case, you need to take care of stylish and bright outfits of flashy colors. Don't forget to add hats, gloves, ties or bow ties to these and your dude look is ready. As for the New Year's table, in this case, you can limit yourself to fruit, vegetable and meat cuts and literally a couple of hot dishes. The main highlight of the program should be fun dances.
  • Academy Awards. This theme assumes the presence of a certain dress code. In view of this, you will have to take care of evening dresses for all family members. And in order to emphasize the theme of the celebration, you can prepare chocolate figurines for everyone, imitating the "Oscar", and present them as a present for winning the holiday entertainment.

Entertainment Program

Another important preparation point is to create an entertainment program. Of course, it is not relevant in all situations, but if you are celebrating the New Year with children, why not have fun and give your loved ones even more fun. We are sure that you will also receive only positive emotions and diversify your life. This is much better than sitting at the table all the time, eating and drinking alcoholic beverages. All the same, New Year is a family holiday that needs to be celebrated accordingly. So which entertainment program will be relevant?

Merry New Year with family with friends, relatives and children: program

After you choose the theme for the New Year's Eve, start thinking about its program. At the same time, do not forget to take into account what ages people will be present at your holiday.

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