Chinese style party: bright, noisy and delicious

Chinese Party Scenario


Initially, it is necessary to accurately determine the circle of selected guests who will be able to attend such a unique event. Such calculations will come in handy for preparing invitation flyers. You can use the ancient Chinese custom: to give money for the holidays in beautiful red envelopes. But instead of money, you need to put an invitation leaflet in such cute envelopes that are sold in post offices or gift shops.

If there are not many friends, and there is a desire to prove yourself, you can make invitation cards with your own hands. To do this, they sew a pocket of their black satin, measuring 15 by 15, and in the middle it is necessary to glue an insert first from green satin, and after the glue dries - from raspberry. The first strip should be about 7 centimeters wide, and the second - 5. After that, the structure is fixed with a piece of twine with metal buttons threaded into it. Everything should resemble a cover for a tablet, inside which the invitation letter itself will be located.

A paper style like aged papyrus is suitable for such an invitation. You need to write all the necessary information: from the time and date of the event and ending with the required attributes and style of outfits. You can give it in person or send it by mail to make it even more fun.

Japanese Style Party!

Chinese style decoration

When the invitations have reached their addressees, the guests are eagerly awaiting the upcoming miracle, it's time to take care of decorating the place for the future celebration. You can decorate your apartment with figurines or images of dragons, because this magical animal symbolizes happiness, attracts good luck to the house.

You can also use lighter and more restrained colors for winter decoration, for example, a white tablecloth, which reflects the soft blue light from the lamps. And decorate the room itself with grape branches with rugs made of real bamboo.

Floating lanterns, which can be placed in large transparent vessels filled with water, can add a little mystery and even romance. These lantern candles can be in the shape of a lotus, or another variety of flowers.

You can also knit using the shibori technique. It turns out cool voluminous scarves, sweaters, blankets. Worth a try. Let's talk about them in another article.

Below we will tell you not only about the basics of this needlework technique, but also about the history of shibori and about the features of jewelry.

DIY Shibori Jewelry

The use of Shibori ribbons is a new direction in Hand Made, with their help you can make a volumetric decoration while using a minimum of beads and additional volumetric elements.

In order to make the decoration you need 15 cm of shibori ribbon, a stencil made of cardboard, which you can cut at your discretion (parts can be of the same shape, or different shapes). The shibori tape will need to be sewn onto the base of the felt, take the felt not thick but dense enough.

Lay out your stencils on felt, outline and cut them out. Next, you will need all kinds of different beads, they can be of different diameters, different shapes, and the color will depend on what kind of decoration you want to achieve.

You make either a contrasting decoration or a harmonious one taking into account the colors of the ribbon itself, you also need beads (you can take beads of several colors) the main color of the beads matches the color of the ribbon. You will also need a fishing line of approximately 0.

18 mm, (the main thing is that it is not thick or thin, but strong enough and comfortable to work with), leather (can be leather, felt, or any dense fabric that you have at home) , you also need a ribbon for the ties (it is better to use rapeseed, it is tighter, it holds better and tied more tightly).

Next, you need to sew the shibori ribbon to the cut out felt stencil, laying the ribbon as you like, and sew along the edges with a needle and fishing line.

After you have sewn the tape, you should attach the largest beads, and then trim the outline of the tape with smaller beads. If you have any voids left on the felt, fill them in with beads.

After you have designed the element from the wrong side, attach a piece of leather cut out from the stencil and sew it to the felt with a needle and fishing line, and in order to hide irregularities and seams, make each stitch with beads.

Below is a video where you can see clearly how to make a neck decoration using the shibori technique with your own hands.

Working with beads

Auxiliary beads are those that need to be removed at the end of the job.

Harness - low weave of beads in a certain order or weaving according to certain patterns (the result is a cord-like product).

Key (or connecting) bead - a bead located in the center of the intersection of two or more strands.

Edge beads - beads located along the edges of the key bead.

A cross is a ring of four beads.

Sizing - selection of beads of the same size and shape.

Beading is a kind of beadwork technique that is based on joining down beads through key beads.

Lowering in a column - stringing beads from bottom to top in the form of a cord.

Weaving is a kind of beading technique: joining beads and beads in a specific order.

Straight direction of weaving - weaving (passing through the beads) with a needle in the same direction as the first time.

Reverse weaving direction - weaving (passing through the beads) with a needle in the opposite direction, i.e. the opposite of the first time.

The main or working material is the beads that make up the product.

Along with the joy of replenishing the family, young parents face many questions. How to equip a room, make a crib, choose how many diapers you need and what size of diapers to buy. If you want to help young parents, make useful gifts for the birth of a child. There are a lot of ideas. After all, literally everything is needed for a baby. But before you go shopping, check what the young parents already have and what they need.

1. Those that are given without any questions. For example, diapers, diapers, rattles, or teethers. There are never many of them.

2. And the ones worth asking about in advance. For example, your parents bought some of the things and no longer need your gift. Expensive items such as a stroller or infant car seat also fall into this category. Such gifts must be discussed.

Gifts for the birth of a child that you can give without asking

Impression kits are traditionally given on the first visit to a newborn baby. The prints will harden and preserve the memories of the baby's infancy forever.

This hygiene item is always needed, so a supply of towels will not hurt. The most popular now are hooded towels.

An extra set of bedding will always come in handy. But it is worth considering the shape of the crib. For example, a standard set of linen is not suitable for oval cribs that are now popular.

At first, diapers fly like hotcakes. Even if parents do not keep their baby in diapers all the time, they are still indispensable for a walk. The important thing here is to guess with the size and manufacturer. Choose from popular brands: Moony, Mepsi, Merries, Goo. , Libero, Pampers, Eco by Naty, Huggies. Usually for newborns they buy size 5. But if in doubt, be guided by the kilograms (child's weight) written on the package. By the way, the diaper cake idea sounds original, but not hygienic. With this design, all diapers are removed from the packaging and wrapped in ribbons. But after that it is not advisable to use them.

Such things are often ordered from Hand Made masters. One of the popular styles of photo albums is scrapbooking. Each book becomes a miniature masterpiece. Parents themselves can paste photos of the baby there.

If you have pictures of mom and dad before and during pregnancy (or already with the baby), you can make a cool baby present. This is a photo book from family photos. Unlike ordinary photo albums, all photographs are printed inside the book on thick sheets. A professional designer is working on the layout.

This is a big name book, where the main character is your child. According to the plot of the tale, he (or she) is looking for the letters of his name. A separate story is dedicated to each letter. As a result, the child collects his own name. The authors came up with several stories for each letter of the Russian alphabet. Therefore, you can order a personal fairy tale with any name. This is one of the most original gifts for children and parents.

Gift selection criteria

It should be noted that schemas are not always needed. Beginners and beginners in beadwork are likely to be interested in those master classes where you can weave a simple figurine without a pattern. Simple crafts are in demand as gifts and souvenirs. Cute and fabulous animals made of beads can become a keychain for a key or phone, a brooch or an original pendant. All beaded animals can be divided into two large groups.

Plane and three-dimensional figures of animals and birds

Two large groups that all bead animals are divided into are:

  • Plane figures;
  • 3D figures.

We turn to a practical analysis of the most common ways of weaving flat and three-dimensional figures of animals and birds from beads. To do this, we will use video materials that will help you understand the techniques of beading. We will conduct several master classes, from which you will learn how flat and volumetric animals are made from beads.

Stage-by-stage beaded fern weaving

Educational models of weaving animals from beads

Using the example of a dog, we have disassembled the parallel type of beadwork in detail, and how to use the patterns, so that you can start making the figures yourself. For the further development of skills, we give model examples of weaving various animal figurines from beads without weaving patterns in the form of key rings. They are so simple that they don't even require schematics.

They are made according to the type of mosaic and parallel weaving. Before finishing work, attach a metal ring to the keychain and a ready-made present for friends.

And here are some more sophisticated animal weaving tutorials.

Making a dolphin out of beads

A very simple dolphin craft for the very beginners to practice the parallel method and at the same time it is a good souvenir.

Create a spider out of beads

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