Children's birthday script: how to organize an interesting party at home

A Christmas tree is an attribute of the winter holidays. If you decorate the apartment with bouquets, it will bring amazing charm to the house. It is not necessary to buy live plants - you can use DIY corrugated paper Christmas flowers.

Blank for New Year flowers

It is not for nothing that roses are called "the queen of flowers." Therefore, when the question is about what flowers to use in a New Year's bouquet made of corrugated paper, most often the choice is made on roses. It is not difficult to make them, but you will have to show accuracy and patience.

Master class for making rosebuds. To create the buds, you should take soft pink corrugated paper. Although you can use white, scarlet, yellow, so that the New Year's bouquet turns out to be multi-colored. You will also need a green corrugation for the stem, as well as pieces of wire.

1. to begin with, cut a strip of paper from the roll. The longer it is, the more magnificent the bud will turn out;

Do-it-yourself gift of sweets for the New Year will make people smile and positive emotions. As a surprise, the original New Year's candy compositions will do. It is very easy to make them. There are many variations on how to create this kind of craft. For a more detailed study, master classes with photos will help. The photo will help you to clearly understand how the option is right for you.

  • Christmas sweet sleigh
  • Tasty Christmas tree
  • Basket with sweets
  • Christmas tree made of sweets
  • Delicious candy cake

New Year's Sweet Sleigh

Staff-shaped candy (striped) - 2 pieces; large candy (base), you can take a chocolate bar; small candies (gift) - 8 pieces; New Year's ribbon; bow; glue.

1. Start collecting the sleigh. How exactly to do this can be seen in the photo. Take two candies in the form of a staff and turn them over with the hooks up. Put the largest candy or chocolate bar on them. 2. Lay out and glue small candies on our base. They will look like small gifts. As a result, it should look like a pyramid of gifts. 3. Finally, tie the ribbon to the Christmas sweet sleigh and decorate with a large bow. Our sleigh is ready! They can be used as a regular gift or as a Christmas tree souvenir.

Forgotten van will be sold through an auction

We all know very well how impatiently young children are looking forward to their most important holiday of the year. On this day, the baby not only becomes a year older, but also awaits long-awaited gifts and pleasant surprises. Little fidgets become guests of such events. They need to be treated with goodies and, of course, entertained. The Big Rating magazine decided to help make your child's very day unforgettable and offers ideas for a children's birthday in the TOP-10 rating.

Peppa Pig Birthday

Ideal holiday theme for the smallest birthday parties. After all, so many kids are just delighted with the popular cartoon about the adventures of the funny Peppa pig. This idea for a children's celebration is universal, since both boys and girls will like it equally. To begin with, we decide on the date, place and list of invited guests. Next, we order, buy or make thematic invitation cards with our own hands and hand them over to future guests. Preparing themed outfits. Next, we think over the decoration of the room, draw up a script, prepare small promotional mini-gifts for guests, draw up a menu and order a birthday cake. An excellent cheat sheet for the celebration is a cartoon series dedicated to the birthday of a funny pig. So, for example, you can use the decor that is present in the room of a cartoon birthday girl.

For carrying out you will need: flags, garlands, fake images with a cartoon pig, a lot of balloons and sweets.

Design: Decor and accessories

Any themed birthday, whether at home or in the country, should be appropriately decorated. I think both the hostess and the guests will especially remember this. When choosing a design, the first step is to choose a tone. Many are guided by the gender of the hero of the occasion, but you can choose something neutral.

Frozen Birthday

A fabulous party with cute characters that children love. Will be a great style for making the birthday dream of any little princess come true. It is worth starting the organization of a children's event by drawing up a list of invited guests and ordering thematic invitations that children can then save as a keepsake. Do not forget to write down the dress code in your invitations. Outfits for such a party can be both occasionally fluffy dresses for princesses and costumes for princes, as well as themed clothes of cartoon characters: Olaf's snowman outfit, Elsa's dress, Anna's cloak, Kristoff's mittens. Creating the atmosphere necessary for a fairy tale, in addition to the general decoration of the room, attention should be paid to the design of the festive table.

For carrying out, you will definitely need: snow-covered decorations and garlands, decorative snowflakes, balloons, imitation of frosty patterns on glass, themed tablecloth, dishes and napkins.

Holiday World

Children's Birthday Ideas

To organize a birthday celebration that your child will remember for years to come, you don't have to look for expensive options. The simplest kids birthday party ideas can be just as fun and addictive.

  • Gentlemen and Princess Theme Party Dress up your child like a little gentleman or young lady. Ask your guests to bring their children dressed appropriately. Of course, adults will like it more, but why not. Parents will be happy, children will be happy too.
  • Special Cake Cutting time can be the highlight of the party. You can order or bake a gorgeous cake with figures, numbers or your child's favorite cartoon characters. It's also a good idea to order a musical cake.
  • Bring your favorite stuffed animal First birthday party ideas may include asking all invited children to bring their favorite teddy bear or other toy. Each child gets a new friend for their toy as a gift. Party activities can consist of coloring a picture of animals (for this age you can use your fingers) or just enjoy playing with your toys, new and old.

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