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Decorating a house with your own hands is a very interesting activity, thanks to which housing becomes more comfortable, acquiring a particle of the soul of its owners. But many refuse this activity out of fear that self-made decorative elements are appropriate only in the children's room. In fact, stylish items can decorate any corner, and for their implementation, things that are in every home are suitable.

Natural stamps

Vegetables and fruits can not only be eaten. An ordinary cabbage will make an original family stamp, and an apple print can decorate a tablecloth or kitchen towel. They can also be used to decorate walls.

When choosing a paint, the manifestation of complete creative freedom is allowed. Anything can be applied to the base: from gouache to acrylic paints.

This activity will definitely appeal to kids. If the family has several children, then different fruits can be allocated for them so that they decorate the wall above their beds with unusual stamps. It is advisable to use bright juicy shades, for example, sunny yellow, deep blue or green. This will create a very “warm” and cozy atmosphere in the room.

Potty Cat

This decoration method is suitable for people who love fresh flowers. A seedling pot can be made from a regular plastic bottle. It takes quite a bit of imagination and effort to turn an unnecessary thing into a beautiful pot. The bottom of the bottle must be carefully cut with scissors in a circle, forming two small ears.

The next stage is the exterior tinting of the future pot. White decoupage paint is ideal for this purpose. It is desirable to make the ears and nose pink. When everything is dry, the only thing left is to draw a funny face, consisting of eyes, mustache and mouth with a black marker. Such a cat will cheer you up in the morning.

There are no restrictions on the drawings on the pot. On its surface, you can depict anything, from flowers to a kind of still life depicting porridge. The main thing is that his contemplation evokes positive emotions.

The last step is choosing a plant. It should be the right size. It is also important that the appearance of the seedlings is in harmony with the pot. The ideal option is decorative peppers.

Shelf hangers

3 interesting ideas for decorating the kitchen and workplace in the apartment

Photo: Hromadske. a | Sergei Sternenko after the announcement of the verdict

Former leader of the Odessa Right Sector Sergei Sternenko was found guilty of kidnapping and torturing a person. Focus investigated how this case became political and why it is so controversial.

"Hello, Mr. President! I want to thank you for today's verdict!" - the former head of the Odessa "Right Sector" Sergei Sternenko, and today - the accused (and almost convicted) in the kidnapping case, after the verdict, he calls directly the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. At least, this is the name that appears on the phone, which ended up in the hands of Sternenko at the end of the court session.

Sternenko's verdict has already been passed: he was found guilty under Part 2 of Art. 146 ("Kidnapping"), part 2 of Art. 187 ("Robbery"), Part 1 of Art. 263 ("Illegal handling of weapons") of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and sentenced to 7 years and 3 months in prison with confiscation of half of the property. However, there is still an appeal ahead, and the most influential figures are already standing up for the activist (as he is habitually called in the media). For example, the former and came to the court. ... Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun, and the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko wrote an emotional post in social networks in support of Sternenko.

Who is Sergey Sternenko

Sergei Sternenko, a 25-year-old Odessa resident, former head of the local Right Sector (2014-2017), who participated in the organization under the pseudonym Beria, began his political career at the age of 18 as an active participant in the Revolution of Dignity , becoming after the events on the Maidan one of the founders of the "People's Lustration" movement, whose members threw local officials from the "opposing camp" into garbage cans.

Odessa cell "PS" under the leadership of Sternenko disrupted concerts of Ukrainian and Russian pop stars who, according to Sternenko, supported the occupation of Crimea and performed there - or in the occupied Donbass. So, in Odessa, the speeches of Ani Lorak, Konstantin Raikin and Svetlana Loboda were blocked.

In a commentary to Ukrainska Pravda, the ex-head of the Odessa PS said that he and his comrades “fought against drug traffickers,” namely, they “detained” people who were considered drug dealers by posting reports about it on social networks.

In addition to the case of the abduction of Odessa deputy Shcherbich, Sternenko appears in several other criminal cases, the loudest of which concerns the murder of Ivan Kuznetsov from Odessa, after which Sternenko was streaming on Facebook, which is still surfing the Internet. Kuznetsov died from stab wounds on May 24, 2018, after a conflict with Sternenko. The former head of the Odessa Right Sector insists he was on the defensive.

Abduction of Shcherbich: "they beat me with a truncheon, pressed my fingers with pliers"

On April 24, 2015, there was a group abduction of the newly elected deputy of the Kominternovsky district council of the Odessa region, Sergei Shcherbich. According to the testimony of Shcherbich, five men kidnapped and tortured him, demanding that he give up his parliamentary mandate, which he was supposed to receive on April 30.

According to the police, the kidnappers, led by Sternenko, kept Shcherbich in the office of the Right Sector, on Zhukovsky Street in Odessa. The victim stated that he was intimidated and beaten there, and then thrown out near the Suvorov court in Odessa. Shcherbich specified in a statement that they tied him up, beat him with a truncheon, pressed his fingers with pliers, and also unloaded a traumatic pistol into his back and legs.

First arrest of suspects in the Shcherbich kidnapping case

Another plus is the efficiency of execution. All actions are maximally simple, so even a beginner decorator can easily cope with them.

Crafts that will decorate your home and make it cozy

You can make your home better in a variety of ways, in particular with the help of all kinds of crafts.

So, in the new review, wonderful examples of how you should diversify your home with the help of all sorts of things have been collected.


Wooden panel with an inscription.

From a piece of plywood, paints, an ordinary glass jar and coarse ropes of different thicknesses, you can make a wonderful panel with an inscription, which will become a stunning decoration of a hallway or living room.


A charming rug that can be crocheted from thick dark brown and terracotta yarns will bring a touch of warmth and comfort to any room.


Bulb balloons.

Pinata is a great opportunity to make the holiday even brighter and more fun. The toy box is just beginning to gain popularity in Russia, but needlewomen have already come up with many techniques for how to make it with their own hands. Experienced craftswomen use not only traditional materials for creating papier-mâché, but also ceramics and fabrics.

What is Pinata

This is a toy with a hollow interior. It does not "live" for long - it is filled with small souvenirs, sweets, confetti and smashed during the holiday. According to some historical data, the homeland of the piñata is Spain or Italy, and Chinese lanterns became its prototype. But some sources say that it was invented in Mexico. The reason for this may be the extraordinary popularity of such a surprise toy on Mexican holidays.

The first mention of piñata in European chronicles dates back to the 13th century. Marco Polo, who returned from China at that time, brought the toy and told about the way to use it. He told the Italians about the Chinese lanterns, about the funny figurines of animals that were filled with plant seeds and smashed during the New Year celebrations. It was the traveler's stories that became the reason for the Europeans to introduce this unusual entertainment into their culture.

In just over 100 years, new fun spread throughout Europe, in each country it was endowed with a special meaning. For example, in Spain, the role of piñata was played by clay pots filled with sweets. They became a symbol of Great Lent. In Mexico, they were made with their own hands already in the form of a star. And the sweets with which the toy was filled personified God's grace, a kind of overcoming of sins, cleansing. The ability to easily break a vessel, whatever it is made of, has become a symbol of success.

At home, you can make such a decoration of any type. The shape and size depend on skills in needlework, your own imagination, desire to create, type, theme of the event. Craftswomen of any level create their own piñatas in the form

  • figures of animals - donkeys, cats, bunnies, unicorns, dogs;
  • geometric shapes - cubes, cones, drops, stars, balls;
  • volumetric symbols - numbers, letters;
  • shapes in the form of berries or fruits - strawberry, apple, banana, huge pineapple;
  • symbolic shapes - heart, house, moon, sun ...

What to fill

It is important to understand that the piñata breaks, its content crumbles. Do not use heavy, sharp objects.

  • wrapped sweets - nuts, sweets, better caramels or waffle-chocolate;
  • serpentine, confetti - to add entertainment;
  • small, soft souvenirs, toys;
  • gifts - rubber bands, cars, bracelets, hairpins, toy soldiers.

There should not be a lot of filler so that the toy does not fall apart prematurely under its weight. For the smallest, you can arrange a craft with a lid and a string attached to it. You will not have to break the souvenir, the risk of injury will be excluded.

Manufacturing methods in stages

You can make such a surprise with your own hands from cardboard, a balloon using papier-mâché technology and in other ways.



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Interesting decor techniques has been selected.

Flower pot decor in the interior

Standard flower pots sold in stores can be dull and unattractive at times. And flower pots that attract attention already cost an order of magnitude more. Therefore, the best option is to buy an inexpensive standard flower pot and decorate it with your own hands. In a similar way, you can decorate old flower pots, breathing new life into them, the interior of the apartment will only benefit from this. The decor of flower pots is not particularly difficult, the main thing is perseverance, patience and a good idea. For our part, we want to help you with original ideas for decorating flower pots. You can either fully implement the ideas presented, or simply take them as a basis, adding your own elements.

Decorating vases from fljuida

I want to show you my new creations :) These are three vases. So, let's start: viewing) Please at the catwalk :))

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