Aphrodisiacs for women - let's discuss the famous names of drugs that can be bought in pharmacies

In the article, we will consider what female aphrodisiacs are in the pharmacy.

The intimate relationship between women and men is a very sensitive, but often discussed topic. The most frequently asked questions are about how to get the most out of sexual intimacy with a partner. A fairly new remedy is female aphrodisiacs. They can be purchased at the pharmacy or ordered on specialized resources.

What is a female aphrodisiac

Aphrodisiacs are considered special substances that can increase the degree of sexual desire, stimulate desire, and liberate. Do not confuse aphrodisiacs with medicines designed to improve potency in men. Aphrodisiacs are not drugs. They can be taken by representatives of both sexes, and there are not only special products sold in pharmacies, but also natural aphrodisiacs (food products).

Women, unlike men, often experience libido disorders that cannot be eliminated by artificially provoking blood flow to the genitals. This is due to the fact that the female body is arranged differently. In men, almost all of the sensitive receptors responsible for intimate desire are located in the groin area. In women, in turn, everything depends on desire. You can stimulate it using aphrodisiacs. Under their influence, a woman develops a passion, endorphins and testosterone begin to work actively. In some cases, the best option is not the selection of certain foods that increase libido, but the use of pharmaceuticals.

Consider the popular names of female aphrodisiacs in drops and other forms of release.

Red Ginseng

Ginseng is another popular herb in Chinese medicine.

In the treatment of various sexual ailments in men and women, including low libido and sexual function, one particular type of ginseng is used - red ginseng ().

Several studies in men have shown that red ginseng was at least twice as effective as placebo in improving erectile function (,).

Another small study in menopausal women found that red ginseng can improve sexual arousal ().

Generally, people tolerate ginseng well, but taking it can affect the effectiveness of blood-thinning drugs and the treatment of hormone-sensitive cancers. In these cases, coordinate the intake of red ginseng must be agreed with the attending physician.

In some cases, ginseng can cause headaches, constipation, or mild stomach upset (,). Start taking it with lower doses, and then do not exceed the doses recommended by the manufacturer.

Aphrodisiacs for women - let's discuss the famous names of drugs that can be bought in pharmacies

Features of the supplement

The effective effect of this drug on the male body is explained by the presence of potent plant components in it. To understand which substance is responsible for certain properties of the presented dietary supplement, we will consider their features in more detail:

  • Long-leaved eurycoma extract. This name is the scientific name of the Malaysian plant. Although the inhabitants of the eastern countries where it grows, they call it the root of Ali. In Malaysian medicine, since ancient times, this plant has been used to increase sex drive and enhance male potency.
  • Dwarf palm extract. Thanks to the creeping palm extract, the use of such a dietary supplement promotes the production of sex hormones in the human body. It should also be noted that with the regular use of the fruits of this tree, the work of the entire human hormonal system is normalized. In addition, such a plant is able to increase the production of semen, increase libido and have an anti-inflammatory effect if males have genitourinary infections.
  • Damiana leaf extract. This plant was also used by the Maya Indians. They called him "Drops of Love". Damiana leaves received a similar name due to their properties. Indeed, after using the extract, the sex drive significantly increases in the stronger sex. Such an active ingredient in the composition of the drug "Alikaps" has a strong stimulating effect on a man.


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common health problem in older men. American researchers estimate that about 150 million men on the planet suffer from it.

Potency problems greatly impair the quality of life of patients. It also strikes the psychological state of men.

The ED problem is treatable with pharmaceuticals. One of these drugs is Ali Caps - increases desire and contributes to the achievement of ejaculation in men suffering from genital disorders.

Composition and Description

Dietary supplement for the fight against erectile disorders, available in capsules of 4, 8 and 12 pieces per package.

This is a natural herbal remedy, the action of which is based on:

  • eurycoma root extract (0.1 g, or 100 mg / 1 capsule);
  • dwarf palm fruit extract (0.04 g, or 40 mg / 1 capsule);
  • Damiana leaf extract (0.04 g, or 40 mg / 1 capsule);
  • creeping palm leaf extract (0.04 g, or 40 mg / 1 capsule).


Bioactive substances from the extracts of these plants contribute to the correction of the hormonal background in men with their regular intake, have a direct stimulating and indirect anti-inflammatory effect.

An aphrodisiac is a sex drive-enhancing substance. It is not difficult to correct the state of health, add vitality, raise the tone, again feel irresistible desires and feel fresh feelings. It is enough to start using natural aphrodisiacs.

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1211 Article author

Evgeny Nikolaevich Konoplev

After 35 years, men have an increased risk of developing diseases associated with the reproductive and urinary system. Often the symptoms of such deviations are frequent and difficult urge to urinate.

For the treatment of such deviations, drugs are most often prescribed, the action of which is aimed at improving the functioning of the prostate gland. These drugs include "Prostasabal", which is produced by the Russian company "Evalar".

Expiry Date

Vitamins similar in action

The description of Prostasabal vitamin is for informational purposes only. Before starting to use any drug, it is recommended to consult a doctor and read the instructions for use. For more information, please refer to the manufacturer's annotation. Do not self-medicate; EUROLAB is not responsible for the consequences caused by the use of the information posted on the portal. Any information on the project does not replace the advice of a specialist and cannot be a guarantee of the positive effect of the drug you are using. The opinion of the users of the EUROLAB portal may not coincide with the opinion of the Site Administration.

Are you interested in Prostasabal vitamin? Do you want to know more detailed information or do you need a doctor's examination? Or do you need an inspection? You can make an appointment with a doctor - the Eurolab clinic is always at your service! The best doctors will examine you, advise you, provide the necessary assistance and diagnose. You can also call a doctor at home. The Eurolab clinic is open for you around the clock.

Attention! The information provided in the section of vitamins and dietary supplements is intended for informational purposes only and should not constitute a basis for self-medication. Some of the drugs have a number of contraindications. Patients need a specialist consultation!

If you are interested in any other vitamins, vitamin-mineral complexes or dietary supplements, their descriptions and instructions for use, their analogues, information on the composition and form of release, indications for use and side effects, methods applications, dosages and contraindications, notes on the appointment of the drug for children, newborns and pregnant women, the price and consumer reviews, or if you have any other questions and suggestions - write to us, we will definitely try to help you.

Composition of the preparation

Prostasabal contains only natural ingredients. Improvement of the condition of the prostate gland is due to the extracts of the following plants:

  • Palm Sabal - blocks the activity of aromatase and reductase compounds. They convert the male hormone to DHT. It is he who starts the process of destruction of the cells of the glandular tissue that forms the prostate gland. This plant is characterized by the presence of vasoprotective, androgenic, anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties. Saturates the body with phytosporins, increases vitality.
  • Echinacea purpurea - stimulates nonspecific immunity, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Activates the internal reserves of the body.
  • Ginkgo biloba is a source of flavonoids, improves the condition of blood vessels, prevents the formation of congestion. Does not allow the accumulation of intercellular fluid.

  • Doctor urologist Stanislav Portovoy
  • Doctor urologist Leonid Fadeev
  • Doctor urologist Pavel Uvarov
  • Doctor sex therapist Mikhail Nazarenko
  • Doctor sex therapist Artemy Naumov
  • Doctor sex therapist Alexey Larionov
  • Video drink to increase potency
  • Doctor urologist Andrey Kuzmin
  • < li> Doctor urologist Vasily Pestov
  • Doctor sex therapist-urologist Vladimir Maksimenko
  • Doctor sex therapist Valery Galin
  • Doctor sex therapist Sergey Pakhomov
  • Doctor sex therapist -urologist Nikolay Artemov
  • Doctor urologist Fedor Kulikov
  • Reviews and opinions
Quantity For 1 unit. Bonuses Buy 12 capsules 77 rubles / piece 930 rubles Available 24 capsules 75 rubles / piece 1800 rubles Available 36 capsules 72 rubles / piece 2592 rubles Available 48 capsules70 rub. / piece 3360 rub. Available 60 capsules RUR 67 / piece RUR 4020 not available

Brief characteristics of Sealex Forte

Ingredients100% naturalStart of action in 3 daysLasts up to 7 hoursAcceptance with alcoholCompatibleAvailableApplicationsPreparations to increase potencyCustomer reviewsVideo review Sealex Forte instructions for useSealex Forte analogs

Preparations for potency on the recommendation of doctors

Generic Levitra from 96 rubles.

Urologist Stanislav Portovoy

Sealex Forte is a quality product for men who want to increase the tone of the reproductive system. This medicine is also suitable for the complex treatment of erectile dysfunction, androgen deficiency, chronic prostatitis, infertility.

If a patient complains of a weak erection and lack of orgasm, I recommend using Sealex Forte in a course: in this case, you should drink the product within six days. If necessary, therapy is repeated several times. In my opinion, the main advantage of the drug is its harmless organic composition. It works very effectively and also rarely causes side effects.

If you want to improve the state of your potency, increase endurance during lovemaking and increase orgasm, try Sealex Forte. Before starting treatment, be sure to pay attention to the contraindications to the drug!

Urologist Leonid Fadeev

Good afternoon. I advise patients with sexual dysfunction to choose natural stimulants. Of course, synthetic drugs work much faster than the presented products. However, organic supplements have no side effects and are better tolerated by humans (especially in the presence of chronic pathologies).

Take Sealeks Forte for six days. As a rule, the first effect appears already on the second day: the patient feels an increase in strength and energy. His sexual arousal increases with stimulation. Sealex forte has received favorable reviews from doctors and patients. If you drink alcohol during treatment, I recommend limiting yourself to the minimum dose of ethanol (no more than 100 mg of spirits).

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