All about trash bags - the main types where they are used




As one old man who knows how to shoot lightning from his fingers said: "The one who has received power is most afraid of losing it." And even if it was a fictional character, history teaches us that these words are more than true in the real world. What meanness and disgusting deeds have people at all times gone to to gain power or keep it. And the saddest thing is that many got away with it, and they remained rulers for a very long time.

But if the truth was revealed, then such a person was in for trouble. And if in the Middle Ages the problem was solved by armed guards, a couple of executioners or poison, then in the twentieth century (I almost wrote a more civilized one) history knows at least one example when such a bad person could not get off with a slight fright.

We are, of course, talking about Richard Nixon and the famous Watergate scandal, after which the current US President was forced to resign before the expiration of his powers. An important role in this was played by the press, which became a full-fledged fourth branch of government precisely in the twentieth century.

At first, Nixon did not take the threat seriously. But as the investigation gained momentum, his team increasingly sought to thwart the investigation, hiding or even destroying evidence.

Articles in magazines have been written about this scandal, several films have been shot, and these events are somehow mentioned in many sources. But we, as lovers of board games, are most interested in another fact - based on these events in 2019, Matthias Kramer created a duel board game! And I want to tell you about her!

Investigation is like a game - a tug-of-war game. Both the guardian of the law and the criminal strive to make the court interpret this or that fact in the case in their favor. Some facts are dismissed by the court as insignificant, others are taken into account. The game uses an Investigation Track to show how successful the parties are at turning things in their favor.

As you might guess, if a token or marker on this scale is on the side of the president, then they will benefit him. If the president's rival manages to win something over to his side, then this will be used in the process by the prosecution. Well, the fact that it has not moved from the zero division will not be considered by the court.

DIY paper bags

The generation of municipal waste is an integral part of the human life process. Garbage bags are designed to make the collection and storage of waste comfortable, aesthetic, and safe. Manufacturers offer a wide range of products, which differ not only in linear parameters, form of production and number of pieces in a package. Polyethylene containers are distinguished by the density of the material and the degree of tear resistance. The combination of all characteristics determines which collection and disposal bags are suitable for a particular case. In order not to overpay for the product, we will study what they pay attention to when choosing garbage bags.

Briefly about the variety of bags for collection and disposal of waste

Colored trash bags are used in houses or apartments because it is convenient. They keep the bucket clean for longer and increase environmental friendliness. At the same time, the bags differ not only in color, but also in volume, and in maximum weight. Our own plastic trash bags have been developed for a variety of types of waste.

Dump bags first appeared in Canada in 1950, but they were popularized here not so long ago.

Waste bags with bottom fold

The strongest are the bags, the bottom fold of which is made in the form of an asterisk. This shape of the product allows not only to effectively use the usable space, but also gives the bottom of the bag increased strength, which does not allow tearing. Suitable for large garbage. They are used in the hotel and restaurant business, as well as for the disposal of construction waste.

Garbage bag types

All garbage bags are categorized as follows:

  • weight ;
  • storage volume;
  • overall dimensions;
  • type of welds;
  • availability of additional attributes;
  • by application;
  • type of material.

Plastic garbage bags, regardless of their volume and size, can hold different weights. In general, they differ into categories:

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