All about birthday greetings scenes: essence, types, examples of children's and adult performances

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Mailru Group, USM, MegaFon, RDIF and Ant Group will set up a joint venture in payments and finance

Mail. u Group, USM, Ant Group, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and MegaFon signed binding documents to create two joint ventures ...

MegaFon, Mailru Group, USM, RDIF and Ant Group set up finance businesses

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Many parents ask how to celebrate the New Year with their children. And this is correct, because the holiday on the night of December 31 to January 1 is associated with magic and a fairy tale that do not arise out of nowhere. You need to create a New Year's mood. Previously, your parents did this, putting on a cotton beard and a red robe, and then giving gifts under the guise of Santa Claus. Now it's your turn.

Where to spend?

Immediately you need to decide where the meeting of the New Year will take place. Is it worth going with children to visit? A long feast will tire them out, and when adults are in the midst of fun, kids will want to sleep, especially if there is no special entertainment for them.

If guests are invited to your home, then you shouldn't forget about your children. Listening to boring, and sometimes not intended for children's ears, adult conversations is not the best holiday program for the New Year.

Therefore, it is ideal for preschool children to celebrate the New Year with their families. Then you can arrange a real New Year's holiday for your child.

Give the snowman back - fun for kids

The mission to return the snowman's nose is a game that will suit even the smallest participants. So, we remember that the nose of the snowman is made of carrots, which means that we need it. But since our snowman will be made of paper, we will draw and cut a vegetable from it as well. But let's start all over again - take a large Whatman paper and draw a snowman on it, only without a nose.

We will cut the noses separately from orange cardboard or colored paper. Glue a piece of double-sided tape on each carrot. Now we attach the image of a snowman to the wall and place the participants in front of the picture. The player who will try to return the nose to the snowman needs to be blindfolded, scroll it in place several times and forward! After each attempt to glue the carrots in the right place, sign the name of the "author" and, of course, the winner is the one who most accurately glues the nose.

Preparing for the New Year at home

How to celebrate the New Year with children in a fun and interesting way? We advise you to start with preliminary preparation. It is important that the child also participate in this work: everyone knows that the anticipation of the New Year is no less magical than the holiday itself.

To create a special mood, it is necessary to acquaint the child with the main New Year's figures - Santa Claus and his granddaughter.

Old Soviet fairy tales and cartoons about the upcoming holiday are suitable for this. You can engage in family creativity and the New Year, together with the children, come up with a continuation of the stories shown in cartoons, or even compose your own fairy tale.

Magic tree

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Funny Anniversary Party Games

  • Who are you - the names of animals, famous people, inanimate objects are written on the stickers. A sticker is glued to everyone's forehead. The player must, by asking questions, guess who he is. The questions can only be answered "Yes" or "No".
  • Speaker - the speaker is given props - a roll, nuts, or something else. Next, he is given a sheet of text, which he must recite, thrusting food props behind his cheeks. The stenographer writes down the text, trying to understand as many words as possible. At the end, the text of all participating pairs is compared with the original, those with more matches wins.
  • Podstava - before the start of the banquet, each guest has an individual task under the plate: bark at 18:00, laugh out of place, push a toast in a drunken voice, etc. Each must complete the task and guess the other's setup.
  • Reincarnation - the competition is a bit similar to the previous one. Each guest gets a task - to say a toast, parodying a certain character. For example, as the president of the country, with a Georgian accent, with the dialect of a priest, etc.
  • Variations on the theme of presentations

    And, of course, it is worth talking about gifts separately. As a rule, when entering a house for new settlers, they need to give something that will be useful in one way or another on the farm:

    • kitchen utensils (cutting boards, containers for spices, beautiful jars for storing bulk products);
    • household appliances (yogurt maker, coffee grinder, blender, mixer, bread maker , Microwave oven, kitchen scales, fondue set);
    • dishes (plates, salad bowls, tea set, glasses, candy bowl, honey container, baking dish, sushi set);
    • textiles (tablecloth, beautiful potholders, napkins, bed linen, a set of towels,;
    • decor (paintings, photo frames, clocks, figurines, photo albums, sconces).
    • Board games for a fun company

      Fun drinking games and contests

      What to play outdoors

      You will have something to do while the barbecue is grilling.


      Participants are divided into two teams. The first team calls the second player. A word is guessed to him, which he must show exclusively with the help of facial expressions and gestures, without saying anything. The teammates are trying to guess what he is portraying.

      A limited time is given for guessing, for example, a minute. Then everything is repeated with the player of the other team.

      In a more complex version of "Crocodile", a phrase is thought up. For example, a quote from a famous song or a quatrain, a proverb, a saying, and so on.

      Reworked song

      This is perhaps the most harmless and pleasant birthday scene. Requiring, however, some preparation and even rehearsals, but all the more fun! Your task is to get together with your friends on the eve of the holiday and remember the most hilarious moments associated with the birthday boy, and try to dress it up in verses overlaid with music. Not necessarily funny, you can write a laudatory ode, for example, list all the best qualities of the hero of the day. To make it easier, we advise you to choose some kind of the most popular song with a simple and pleasant motive so that everyone can sing along. It is necessary to distribute the text to all guests before the performance, whoever wants - will sing along. You can try to include imagination and write some branded jokes into the song that only a narrow company will understand. For rework, it is recommended to use songs such as, for example, the well-known "Somewhere in this world", "Oh, God, what a man", "I play the accordion" and so on. We strongly advise you to offer this reprise not at the beginning of the feast, wait for the guests to warm up.

      Birthday Organization

      About the organization of holidays:

      You order, and the professional actors and directors of Teatrium will organize and hold a holiday for your child and his friends. Each program is adapted according to the wishes of the customer. Or a new, exclusive scenario is being invented.

      Give your child an adventure! All events are THEATRALIZED GAMES connected with a single scenario, based on stories and characters well known to children.

      Programs are based on a large number of interactive games and contests.

      Sample programs:

      Fantastic SERIES:

      Age: 4-6 years old. The game is based on the characters from the cartoon "Winnie the Pooh". Story: The Rabbit invites the BIRTHDAY to visit him. All guests are greeted by the Rabbit and the Owl himself. The guests have gathered and here ... the uninvited Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore Donkey "tumble in". And it begins ... Characters: Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh, Owl, Piglet.

      How often do we women hear from friends and acquaintances the envious: "Yes, you live like in a fairy tale!" "Yeah, - you think, - of course. And my husband is not just Serega-engineer and father of three children, but a real one ..."

      Serpent-Gorynych. Impulsive animal with three heads. He says one thing, does the second, thinks the third. Doesn't digest refined knights. She hates instap princesses, although when no one sees, she likes them, while licking her fleshly. Impudent as a bullet sharp. Choleric is an extrovert, in short. Bumps into any kipish, except hunger strike. Need to burn a couple of villages? Easily! Meet the bros at eight tonight? I'm flying out! A plane at four in the morning? Already at the airport, where is the check-in counter?

      When he returns to his native cave, you will know about it in half an hour. Thunder is thundering, the earth is shaking, smoke is pouring from all the cracks, the telephone receiver is red-hot: “I'm already in the store, should I buy it? Just come on, speak faster, I want to eat! ”

      Officially he drinks in three throats, but then he also gets sick on all three heads, epic "dying" at the same time. “No, medications won't help, dear. And tea with lemon too. No, dragons don't live at 37.3. Let's start to say goodbye, I feel that I am leaving this mortal world. Take care of yourself and your children. " At such moments, you want to strangle him so that he does not suffer, but he is your husband and the father of your children, so you, sighing heavily, sit by the "deathbed", gently holding his paw, and spoon chicken broth from a spoon, as if casually asking where the stash is buried. He is silent about the stash as a partisan, he refuses to call his mother-in-law a mother before dying.

      Yes, living with him is not easy, but anything is possible if you wish. After all, under the impenetrable armor lies a tender and vulnerable soul, for which you love him.

      King. Just a king. He works as some kind of big boss in some large department of some large company. Knows everything better than anyone. He is great at giving orders and signing orders. He does not like to execute guilty ones, because then he worries for a long time and gets a psychoanalyst.

      Used to the throne. Even at home, he occupies his personal office for hours, shutting himself tightly behind a white door, in a calm atmosphere reading the fresh press and instructions for the air freshener. Only the aroma of borscht and baked pies with cabbage can lure him out of there.

      Severe, silent, but at heart a kind and merry fellow. He chases the heirs like sidor goats, but by the time the grandchildren appear, it thaws and rushes with them like that hen.

      The Tsar-Father is respected and a little afraid by everyone. Only his mother-in-law is not afraid of him, who can easily make him paint the fence at the dacha and dig "from here until lunchtime."

      Loves to host world-wide feasts. At the same time, he summons half of the kingdom, generously feeding them the strategic reserves of the state, and walks for several days.

      Ivan Tsarevich. A romantic to the marrow of his bones, whom everyone adores. Even the wayward Baba Yaga, sorry, mother-in-law, is ready to bathe him, feed him and put him to sleep. And in the morning he will give pickles with him so that his beloved son-in-law does not die of hunger, God forbid.

      Polite to the point of nausea. He greets each pillar, is interested in the well-being of the neighbor's homeless person, and at the first call he hurries to help. Directly domestic Chip and Dale in one bottle.

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