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Now there are few people who would not know about the existence of such an Internet hypermarket as Aliexpress. Today, there are practically no analogues to it, so it is not surprising why hundreds of thousands of people drop in on "Ali" every day. We have to admit that the assortment of goods here is simply huge, and therefore there is plenty to choose from - of course, this cannot but rejoice. I also decided to look for something interesting. Moreover, my gaze is turned to automotive products. I think that today's collection of mine will be of interest to you. But let's move on from words to deeds. Go.

Photochromic driving glasses

Such a thing as "driving glasses" is no longer new in itself. The development of optics for people who are behind the wheel of a vehicle began in the second half of the 20th century. And in principle, it was the drivers of trucks and buses that became the main user group of such glasses.

But what are typical driving glasses? As a rule, they are distinguished by yellow lenses and a thin frame, a decent glass area of ​​the lenses. Now I will explain why everything is arranged exactly the way it is and how it works. I'll start with the lenses.

Lenses must be yellow. The fact is that yellow lenses make the picture more contrasting, make it possible to distinguish more clearly dark objects on the horizon or simply at long distances. Moreover, the yellow color has a positive effect on the eyes themselves - they do not strain too much, but they are constantly in good shape, so vision always remains sharp. Another positive aspect of yellow lenses is the illusion of "lightness" - on a cloudy day, the street seems sunny due to the cutoff of the blue spectrum of light, and as for the night, such glasses allow you not to lose visibility and do not particularly darken everything viewed through the lenses.

Now, let's talk about thin frame optics and large lenses. It's all about visibility. If the glasses are massive and thick, then they will leave large blind spots on the periphery, which will not allow you to quickly see the passing vehicles that have appeared in the side-view mirror or miss the car at the intersection, which is fraught with an emergency. And if small lenses are added to this, the view will be even worse.

Thus, proper driving glasses have yellow lenses, thin frames and not the smallest glass area. However, progress does not stand still, and I found confirmation of this on Aliexpress.

In particular, I caught sight of driving glasses, which have photochromic lenses with a polarization function. Now I will try to explain what it is.

So, the photochrome technology is unique in itself, and all because such lenses tend to darken when bright light hits them. Moreover, when they are in a relatively dark space or in complete darkness, they become as light as possible. Thus, when the driver puts on such glasses, they will be toned during the day, and at night they will open a full view of the road and everything around. But that is not all.

As I mentioned above, there is also polarization in the glasses I have chosen. Polarization allows you to cut off glare from light sources, as well as from a wet road on a sunny day, etc., so a trip in such conditions when looking through polarized lenses becomes not only more comfortable, but also more gentle on the eyes - they strain less, and as a result get tired.

In addition to the glasses themselves, there are several more accessories in the kit, namely, a small box, a case for glasses, as well as a cleaning cloth for lenses, a test for polarization. I believe that such optics can be a great gift for a father, son or husband.

The cost of this product is 929 rubles. More detailed information will be available after going to the page for its sale. Also, there is an opportunity to choose the design of the frame of the glasses. But to do all this, you will need to click here.

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