About the first "decentralized" digital cryptocurrency and more ...


. Shortly before the new year 2021, I happened to see my army friend. We talked about life in general, since we hadn't seen each other for a long time - a lot of news had accumulated.

A comrade works in the IT field and somehow by chance the conversation turned to cryptocurrencies, in particular about bitcoin. From him I learned that bitcoin is a well thought out, very secure and completely anonymous system, which in the future, thanks to its independence and decentralization, can replace the money and payment systems we are used to. On fingers, using search engines and giving illustrative examples, my friend managed to explain to me how bitcoin works in general and to convince me of its independence and decentralization. Although in the future, my opinion on this matter has changed dramatically.

I can't say that before that I hadn't heard about cryptocurrencies, just earlier I decided for myself that it was a "scam" and therefore was not deeply interested in this issue. But that meeting aroused some interest in me, which did not leave me even after a month, and also sowed some doubts about the positive qualities of this cryptocurrency, and I sat down at a search engine with the firm purpose of finding answers to my questions.

Having shoveled a significant amount of information, I can say with confidence that the Bitcoin system is quite open (transactions are completely transparent and traceable) and at the same time completely anonymous (there is no need to enter personal data). Therefore, we will take openness and anonymity as constants and will not return to this anymore.

Regarding security: in During the first years of work, and much later, hackers repeatedly identified security problems. It is also worth noting that from time to time there are cases of appropriation of cryptocurrency by exchange platforms and exchanges that are not clean on hand. However, in recent years, there are practically no messages regarding new problems with the security of bitcoin, and among the exchangers and exchanges, market leaders who conduct their activities more or less honestly have become clearly visible. So security is also referred to as constants.

Anyone who wants to check the above information on their own, I can recommend a search engine and an hour of free time to help.

In addition, at first glance, it may seem that this system is also "independent" and "decentralized". But this is only as long as you do not read very carefully and want to notice only positive moments.

In order to finally dispel all the myths, it is worthwhile to stop separately and understand the history of creation, legal regime, aggressive advertising campaign, decentralization, participation in the "shadow" economy and the provision of bitcoin.

History of the creation of "independent" bitcoin

Reading the article of the "non-polite" Wikipedia about bitcoin (), the mythical story of the creation of this cryptocurrency immediately catches the eye: "In 2008, a man or a group of people under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto published a file with a description protocol and principle of operation of the payment system in the form of a peer-to-peer network. Development began in 2007, Satoshi said. In 2009 he finished developing the protocol and published the code of the client program. ”

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