A fancy-dress scene to a friend from a friend for a birthday or anniversary

The adventurism and courage of pirates have always attracted adventure lovers. And let it be considered that these sea wolves are dangerous and even vicious. But their sharpness, code of honor, and love of entertainment will always be the white side of the coin. That is why the kids are so fond of imitating pirates, looking for treasures and swinging wooden swords during street battles and battles.

So why not arrange a real adventurous children's pirate party full of delight, laughter and adventure for this "pirate gang". After all, this is not so difficult to do if you pay attention to everything, from the invitation and the menu, costumes and decoration, to interesting contests, games, quizzes and, of course, a photo session.

Holiday dress code: pirate party for kids DIY costumes

What are pirates without stylized costumes? It is the special clothes and accessories that distinguish these sea rascals from other seafarers.

If your little one has been invited to a pirate party for children or you yourself are the initiator of this original sabantui, take care of the children's costume and accessories in advance.

Preparing an original costume is not so difficult for a pirate party.

You can use any imitation of clothes worn by real sea wolves in the form of a pirate black bandana, vest, T-shirts with stripes.

The black eye patch will also look original, as well as hoop earrings in the ears and wide belts with huge buckles, on which you can attach a dagger, a sword, and a pistol.

You can use over-the-knee boots, a vest, a wide hat. For the leader of the naval gang, a smoking pipe and a cane are needed.

Be sure to stock up on an additional set of attire, suddenly one of the kids will come to the holiday without a suit.

He certainly doesn't want to look like a black sheep among a merry pirate company. To do this, you can simply purchase a black film.

Pirate clothing style: features and 50 ideas in the photo

When starting such an event, it is worth paying attention to important details. In order for each guest to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Hollywood chic and pathos, simple rules should be followed. You need to buy everything you need in advance. Stock up on extra outfits for those who don't have them. Everyone should feel like a hero and an Oscar contender!

Surely every home has the right attributes for such a party. The preparatory process will not be long if you follow our script.

At the same time on your holiday, you can offer to play "Truth or Dare" Questions for this game can be found in our article. And the TOP of the 10 best contests will help you get ideas for any holiday.

Writing Hollywood Party Invitations

It is best to invite guests to a Hollywood-style party not by phone or text. Send everyone an invitation in the form of a pretty card. She will notify that he is expected at the most incredible and pretentious event of the year. Do not forget to indicate the place and time of the holiday and the details of the dress code. Such invitations can be purchased ready-made or made by yourself, decorating with a lot of sparkles and stickers.

On the front door or near the entrance, you can hang a poster with an announcement about the upcoming Oscar ceremony. The main thing is to distribute responsibilities. Let each invitee come up with and make some decorative element. Will bring something from home.


Start by choosing a room. Ideally, it should be a luxurious hall with columns, balconies, huge windows, bright lighting. Around marble, gilding, carved furniture ... Is it expensive? Organize a meeting of the celebrity beau monde at home, on the beach or in the countryside. Why not? Any location can be played like a scene from a movie or a film set.

An integral attribute, without which no self-respecting celebrity will attend your evening - a red carpet with a flashy gilding. Along the perimeter fence posts, security guards, the press - you can pay a little to schoolchildren or students (let them click flashes) or place cardboard journalists along the path. Do not forget to take a memorable photo of your guests at the stand with an advertisement for a sponsor or new movie.

Decorate the room in reds, golds, blacks and whites. Everything should scream about the indecent amount spent on the organization - "antique" vases, "gold" frames, fresh flowers (roses or orchids), silk or satin on furniture and windows. Cover the ceiling and unsightly parts of the room with balls, the perimeter of the mini-stage, door frames. For compositions, garlands and table setting, use glasses with popcorn, stars, film strip, firecrackers. Set up a mini-exhibit with Hollywood celebrity photos, posters, and posters along the walls.

Pirate costume and features of its tailoring. How to make a pirate costume with your own hands - a costume for a boy. Putting the costume together and making a hook. Description of how the pirate hat is made.

The bread-salting girlfriend will lay the table for the holiday, and bring a glass. And how will her close friends please her on her birthday? Flowers, gifts in boxes with bows - well, that goes without saying. And for a lively laughter with a perky mood, you need to come up with a real performance. I propose funny costume sketches to a friend from a friend for her birthday or anniversary. The program will include magic tricks, dressing up and summoning stars with the help of proven spells. Take note of the scripts, please your loved one with a creative approach to celebrating a significant date.

Cool scene-congratulations for the birthday of the woman at the table "Pleasant surprise"

During the celebration, when all the guests have been sitting at the table for a long time, the first glasses of the birthday girl's health have been drunk, a rude and persistent knock is heard at the door.

One of the guests (husband, friend) is picked up and goes to the door with the words: What's going on there? I'll go and open it!

Returns, arguing with the painter.

Man: What do you allow yourself, honestly? Can't you see that you made the wrong door?

The painter is rude: Man, do not bother me to work, please! You see, I have a stamped invoice. Everything is as it should be. Your address is written here. My task is to paint furniture! I was given the inventory as well: a bucket of varnish, a brush ... (walks around and imitates painting).

Man: Stop this mess immediately! Do you see how many people are gathered here? Our birthday girl has a birthday today, by the way ...

Painter: What am I? Congratulations, dear woman. But my job won't stand. Sorry!

Man: And I said stop it now!

Game content

For carrying out it is necessary to print on a color or black-and-white printer and fix it in those places that are written in the script chain in a special summary table. If there are several identical locations in the house, for example, batteries, then the guests will search with excitement as a team for the desired note.

You will receive digital goods such as home quests, adventures, etc. immediately after payment. After placing an order, a letter with information about the order and a link to payment will be sent to the mail you specified. We will send your purchase to the same box after payment instantly.

We have already mentioned fake floating candles and a wonderful ceiling. Add to this a colorful checkered or striped tablecloth, lots of stickers and labels (faculty emblems, spells, funny names of dishes), unusual dishes (pots and pots, jars instead of decanters, flasks and beakers). It is better to choose "antique" glasses, plates and cutlery. Done!

Strange shades of cocktails, molecular cuisine, unexpected food combinations, shocking tastes (salty chocolate, for example) are perfect for the table with the "Professor Slughorn's Experiments" sign.

You don't have to develop a special Harry Potter-style menu to have an unforgettable party. The main thing is the design. In movies and books, the characters eat quite ordinary food, sitting at huge tables in the Great Hall. Of course, if it is a children's party or a celebration for teenagers, there should be a lot of sweets in the form of frog spiders, worms and other "nasty" things. Everything is bright or in gold foil, in chests and huge slides.

Game plot

This game is suitable for fans and fans of magic and heroes from the work of J.K. Rowling. For everyone who loves riddles, puzzles and ciphers. At the beginning there is a departure from platform 9 3/4 and an acquaintance with the heroes: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and everything, even Voldemort, the first puzzle is solved. Then the heroes get to the Hogwarts Express and come to the school of magic. Here, there will be distribution by faculty and a rebus will need to be solved. Then the team will attend several lessons: a lesson in potions, a lesson in fantastic creatures, a lesson in spells, a lesson with the Caesar cipher. To solve puzzles, you do not need special knowledge from books, but only general knowledge about the characters. At the end, the team is waiting for a cache with a dragon's egg, in which you can put a small surprise for each participant in the game.

Expecto Patronum

A book podcast for kids and teens on Arzamas. cademy, 10+

The editors of the portal, Anya Shur and Anya Krasilshchik, will be leading the new course of "Arzamas". They will talk about how books help you live. “We believe that books are needed not only to get smarter or to pass the time (or convince parents to buy a new iPhone app in exchange for a few pages they read). Often a book can become a real helper and protector in a difficult situation - you can recognize yourself in the hero and understand that you are not alone. That is why we called our podcast a spell from Harry Potter: Patronus is a magical protector who can come to the rescue when you feel bad, "the authors of the course write on the project page. The first book they will tell about will be R.'s "Miracle". alacio. She will help answer the question "Why is my friend no longer friends with me?" More

Quest game tasks

How to hold corporate contests?

What is the main task of a corporate event? - Bring employees together.

Subscribe to the official groups to keep abreast of new contests: Vkontakte: vk. om / konkursoff_ru Instagram: instagram. om / konkursoff. u / Facebook: facebook. om / konkursoff /

Contests and games for corporate parties play an important role in this. Without a doubt, this is a unique way to form one close-knit and fun team. It is desirable that all the participants like the festive fun, and remembered the event warmly and with a smile.

To make everyone remember the corporate holiday, colleagues get a positive charge, and the party time flew by imperceptibly and interestingly, introduce all kinds of jokes, outdoor games, musical pauses, mini-scenes, dances into the corporate entertainment program for employees.

We recommend choosing in advance for your program the most interesting and memorable ways to have fun with your colleagues. See the selection!

Corporate events are cool for employees

Contest "Collective Toast"

A fun called "Collective Toast" will help to combine the feast with the game. Its essence is that the presenter begins to make a toast, then significantly interrupts it, and the next person from the company must continue. And so along the chain. The presenter finishes pronouncing the toast.

It will be fun if the facilitator limits their playing colleagues to the number of words, let's say everyone is not allowed to say more than two. As a result, a funny festive toast will be born, you can start it with the words "Dear colleagues!", The next guest will add, for example: "We are glad", and then the phrase is supplemented by other guests in a circle.

Cinema on the Table Competition

The organizing team of the party on the eve of the holiday for the "Cinema on the Table" competition prepares cards with famous catch phrases from comedy films. You can talk about food, for example, "What disgusting is this your jellied fish", "Who does not work, he eats", "Sit down to eat, please" or others.

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