A decorator is who he is, what he does and the features of the profession

History of the profession

Decorators date back to the ancient world. This is due to the needs of high society - clergymen, rulers - to surround themselves with a rich exquisite interior made of unique and expensive materials, which would amaze the imagination of the ambassadors of foreign delegations. The profession of a decorator is as old as theater. She has come a long way of formation and development. Theatrical scenery was initially crude and crude. Now representatives of the profession create everything for a highly artistic stage design.


In general, the functional responsibilities of a decorator are as follows:

  • development of design projects and technical documentation;
  • creation of style, color collages;
  • selection of materials, furniture, textiles, lamps , accessories;
  • design of exhibition stands, shops, show rooms, sales areas;
  • development of plans, drawings and sketches of scenery projects;
  • participation in the preparation of estimates , allocation of the allocated budget;
  • participation in design and finishing works;
  • designer supervision and control over the timing of the execution of decorations;
  • direct design work in the premises; <
  • assistance in preparing for exhibitions, photo sessions and promotional events.

What's special

In order to know what a decorator does, you need to understand that very often people confuse direct decoration from interior design. Is the difference between these disciplines so significant? Let's figure it out.

When completing the task, the decorator will have to take into account the project and the wishes of the customer. In a number of cases, he can suggest what changes can be made if this allows you to get a better design option for the room. The end result is an original and stylish look.

Most often, decorators act as graphic designers working in theaters or film studios.

Decorator Courses with Employment

A decorator is who he is, what he does and the features of the profession

6 win-win accessories for any interior style

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We are sure that fresh flowers, books and a carpet will decorate any interior. Let's tell you more.

List all accessories in a short video


The carpet can be of different shape, color and material, which is why it can be selected for an interior in any style. A large plain short-pile carpet is suitable for a minimalist room. It will help zone the space and add texture.

In a Scandinavian interior, you can choose small, two-tone rugs. It will look good in black and white or contrasting, in the color of other accessories. Boho style requires a handcrafted textured rug that combines many colors. And the eco-style interior will fit, for example, a bamboo mat.

Fresh flowers

Flowers fit perfectly into any interior, refresh it, make it more stylish and harmonious. To better fit them into the space, it is important to choose the right vase. For example, glass with a simple shape is ideal for a minimalist room, rough clay or concrete for a loft.

And the flowers themselves can be anything, because this accessory will have to be changed often. Of course, if desired, you can use them to emphasize the style of the space. For example, in minimalism, a lonely monstera leaf in water or a large lily flower will look beautiful.

Assembling the perfect bouquet for decorating your interior in 3 easy steps

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