8 scents that cause the most joy

Perfumery is a funny thing. Several years ago, I got into the habit of changing scents according to the seasons. Now I have a habit of changing my perfume every day. After all, everyone knows that fragrances tend to leave "anchors" for certain events. Therefore, in order to fill my life with memories, there are now more than a hundred fragrances in my perfumery wardrobe.

In 2016, Dr. Rachel S. Herz published a medical journal on scent memory and how it affects mental health. Fragrance is the central feature of olfactory cognition. This means that your brain can remember if it has heard this smell before, and often it leads to memories of those events where the scent took place.

The associations and memories evoked by the scent are also called the "Proust phenomenon." In In Search of Lost Time, Proust took a bite of Madeleine's cookies, dipped them in linden tea, and was suddenly transported into a vivid but long-forgotten childhood memory. The scent of the tea mixed with the biscuits brought him back.

Have you ever felt the scents from Mugler or CK1 and thought about high school or university? How about Clinique Happy? Abercrombie & Fitch employees reportedly walked the store hourly, spraying the brand's Fierce cologne. They may not be as sophisticated as the Madeleine biscuits in Linden tea, but they certainly evoke memories in customers.

If you feel like you are regularly living on memories or romanticizing nostalgia, try changing scents - your life and perfume associations may change for the better. As someone who has tried several hundred fragrances, I can take the liberty of recommending trying one of the 12 fragrances below for an instant mood boost wherever you are.

Escentric Molecules Escentric

I had a lot of people asking what scent I am wearing and what do I combine it with, what smells so "delicious" ?. Molecule Iso E Super removes natural pheromones from the body. In fact, I often layer it on scents and get something new, pleasing to my sense of smell and complimentary to those around me.

Pyramid of aroma: jasmine, iris, ambroxan, iso e super

Le Labo Santal

Awesome aroma for the heat. He gives me happiness and a positive mood. At the same time, this composition combines creamy tenderness, creaminess, aquatic-fruity freshness, a daring leathery accord and sweetness. It sounds luxurious at +30 outside the window and pleases with every note.

Pyramid of aroma: sandalwood, Virginia cedar, cardamom, violet, papyrus, leather, amber, iris.

Tom Ford Santal Blush

The scent sounds like hot and heavy exotic sandalwood in spices with just the right amount of musk. It's feminine, but domineering. Suddenly, notes of suede or glove leather not declared in the official pyramid appear. Delicate, tarless. A light haze of powder is skillfully combined with flowers. An aroma of portraying beauty for a lady with character is unambiguous.

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