66 ideas of what to give a first grader on September 1

TOP - the best ideas of what to give a first grader on Knowledge Day

So, what kind of gifts can there be for first graders? Today there are many options for an original presentation.

Use the following list of popular gifts:

The original backpack for changing shoes or sportswear

Parents can make such a gift only to their child or order a collective present. Making a general order is profitable and interesting. All children in the class will have the same backpacks, but the images on them will be different. These can be cartoon characters or the names of the owners. Parents choose pictures and inscriptions on their own or entrust this interesting activity to children. You can choose blue backpack bags for boys, and pink or red for girls.

What to give a first-grader boy for September 1st?

A gift for a first grader should be chosen depending on whether it is a boy or a girl. Most of the boys are fond of sports. This is football, and hockey, and athletics, and various types of martial arts.

In this regard, it is appropriate to present on the Day of Knowledge:

  • hockey stick;
  • ball;
  • set for tennis or badminton;
  • skateboard;
  • a plate of frisbee;
  • exercise machines or dumbbells;
  • sportswear.

In addition, you can enroll a first grader in the sports section, which he will be happy to attend.

If you are discussing what to give a first-grader to a boy on September 1, then do not forget about boyish hobbies for technology.

This will allow you to select a gift from the following “segment” of options:

66 ideas of what to give a first grader on September 1

  • How to make a gift bag with your own hands
  • Interesting gift bag ideas
  • New Year's paper bag
  • Gift bag with ribbon
  • In the form of a cone
  • In the form of a mouse
  • Step-by-step instructions and diagram
  • How to decorate a gift bag with your own hands

Congratulations with an original wrapped gift will definitely be remembered and will cheer you up. It is not difficult to make a gift bag with your own hands, there are various methods, which we will analyze in detail below.

How to make a DIY gift bag

It often happens that they managed to buy a gift, but they did not think about a beautiful package, and there is no time to find it. In such cases, the ability to make your own gift bags will come in handy. In order for everything to work out the first time, you need to prepare the necessary materials for manufacturing in advance:

  • any thick and strong paper, kraft paper, mica, wrapping paper;
  • markers, pens, eraser;
  • ruler;
  • a clerical knife or scissors;
  • glue;
  • a hole punch - for making holes for handles;
  • for handles - laces, straps, ribbons, strong paper, lace, strings;
  • decorative tape.

To make everything work out beautifully, follow the diagram and instructions below.

To make the gift bag with your own hands look especially solemn, you can additionally decorate it with decorative elements in the form of bows, rhinestones, shells, sequins, colored ribbons, beads, paints, enamels or varnish.

What should be considered when making a gift bag?

First of all, you need to pay attention to the color of the package. For children, it is recommended to make bags from a bright wrapper, which may contain various patterns or characters of their favorite cartoons.

For men, it is best to choose monochromatic materials in muted tones - such shades will make the gift solid and elegant. For girls, it is best to make gift bags from pastel-colored materials.

Also, do not forget about the decor, it is he who will indicate the purpose of the gift: for example, a package for children can be decorated with images of fairy-tale characters, and for women - with flowers or hearts.

DIY bags for girls

Interesting gift bag ideas

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