5 simple ideas on how to make a paper gift bag with your own hands

To send a first grader to a toy school, you will need many different supplies, including a backpack. You do not need to immediately run to the store to shop for everything you need. After all, a backpack can be made by hand.

Making the necessary accessories is quite simple. In addition, you do not need to buy anything for this, everything is done from scrap materials.

We will tell you how to make such a paper backpack.

What material can a portfolio be made of

Before making a portfolio, you need to decide exactly what material the body will be made of. The choice directly affects the manufacturing method and the appearance of the product.

What material can a portfolio be made of:

  • Leather, suede and velvet can make a beautiful and durable product that will have an expensive and neat appearance.
  • It is easy to create an original portfolio from textiles, which can be easily finished by any means and materials.
  • Paper, cardboard is the simplest and most affordable option that anyone can handle.

Several options can be combined within one product, creating real designer items.

Video on how to make a postcard for February using scrapbooking technology

Are you familiar with the scrapbooking technique ?! To be honest, I recently met her. It turns out that this is a very amazing and simple technique, and what kind of souvenirs come out of it you will download)) I propose to see everything with your own eyes, I think you will certainly want to repeat everything.

In fact, there are a lot of varieties of such postcards, hammer in the search and see everything for yourself. If there is no time, then I suggest ideas that I liked.

How to make a portfolio: step-by-step instructions with photos and descriptions, tips

Having decided on a gift for family and friends for the holiday, I also want to present it in an original way. Having an idea of ​​how to make a paper bag, it will be possible to arrange the prepared present in an unusual way. To create such a little thing, you do not need to have specific skills - both an adult and a child can easily cope with the task under the guidance of parents.

Purpose of the product

A handbag made of paper will delight little girls first of all, as it is a wonderful object for playing - a little one can use it as an accessory for dolls. For older girls, such a product will come in handy for its intended purpose. In a handbag made of thick paper, you can put a mirror, a comb, sweets. Such an accessory is often the logical completion of the image of a young fashionista.

Besides, paper bags are not just origami made for a child, but an interesting packaging idea. You can put a ready-made gift into such a product and present it. A wonderful homemade mini-bag will come in handy when it comes to donating money.

A great option is to use such a little thing as an element of home decor. Having completed the product in the appropriate color scheme, it will be possible to revive the boring interior. A miniature handbag will find its use in the home as a container in which it is convenient to store various little things.

A DIY paper accessory has its advantages:

  • The low cost of the product wins over. It is enough just to purchase the necessary materials that are affordable for everyone. They are often found in every home.
  • The choice of design and color of the product remains with the performer. Here you will be able to translate all your ideas into reality. A wide variety of elements can be used as decor.
  • The product will be one hundred percent exclusive.

Hand-made paper bags, into which so much soul and patience are invested, will certainly be appreciated by those around them, it is not for nothing that the relevance of hand-made products is growing every year.

Choice of design and colors

Attractive appearance and originality are the main characteristics that a paper product should have. Therefore, the choice of design and color should be approached especially carefully. When it comes to a bag for a gift, here you need to consider who it is specifically intended for - a man, a woman or a child. This will help you decide on the color and decor. For the weaker half, in choosing a shade, preference should be given to soft, delicate tones. For men, cool, dark shades are suitable.

An envelope-shaped paper bag with a mini-handle looks like a wallet. This option is more acceptable for women. You can also make an interesting clutch. But for men, strict options are suitable. Thanks to the correctly selected decor, it will be possible to create the desired accent, the product will become more expressive and noticeable.