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In households that specialize in livestock, feed cutters are indispensable. Since whole grains are difficult to digest, they should be processed in grain crushers.

This class of feed choppers is the most popular, but novice farmers often make mistakes when buying. We asked the Cropper online store consultant about the most important factors to consider when choosing a grain crusher.

What feed can the grain crusher work with

Home grain crushers can work not only with cereals, but also with:

  • corn cobs;
  • hay and straw;
  • fresh (succulent) grass;
  • corn stalks.

This listing may differ from model to model. It mainly depends on the type of shredder. So, the hammer working part provides high productivity, but is capable of working only with grain.

Household grain crushers with a knife are more versatile, but process less feed per hour.

Key Features of Home Grain Crushers

When buying, pay attention to the characteristics. First of all, they look at power, productivity, rotation frequency of the working part, operating voltage

Engine power

For home grain grinders, 1.7-2 kW will be sufficient. The purchase of more powerful equipment will pay off only on large farms or farms. DCUs are now available on the market, which, as a rule, do not exceed the 3500 W threshold.

What determines the performance of the grain crusher

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Thermometer nozzle for ZhangJi faucet

One of the most popular things on Ali: the compact aeration nozzle, which increases the flow and helps to save some water.

At the same time, it can be used as a thermometer, signaling the current state of water with the backlight color.

Ugreen Wire Organizer

A simple, reliable desktop sorter for neatly placing wires on desk, under desk, and even hard-to-reach places.

Glued onto a complete double-sided tape, holds even dense video cables with a fabric braid.

SixSixSix Drill Brush

Laminate is a modern and very practical floor covering that even a beginner can lay. But for a comfortable and quick work, a certain set of tools is required for laying the laminate. What exactly do you need to get started?

A little about the material

Laminate is a rectangular panel with a groove and a tenon along the perimeter. The panel consists of several layers:

  • Upper protective. Usually, transparent artificial resins that are resistant to abrasion and moisture are used as a protective layer.
  • Decorative layer. Usually consists of cellulose with a pattern (pattern) applied to it.
  • Base layer made of HDF board. It is in this layer that the castle is made.
  • Bottom protective layer that protects the material from abrasion and breakage.

The wear resistance of the material depends on the class. Usually 32 and 33 classes are used in everyday life - this is quite enough for ordinary conditions. In commercial premises, class 42 and 43 are used.

Never stack panels fresh from the store. Spread the packs in the room, open them and let the lamellas reach room temperature and humidity. The process of laying the laminate is quite simple - it connects to each other through locks, like a constructor.

What tools are needed for styling

In this section, we will look at the minimum set of tools that can be used to lay laminate flooring. So, you will need:

  • Standard tape measure with metal tape. In most cases, a length of 5 meters is sufficient.
  • A simple pencil with a soft lead. You can use a construction or even a marker.
  • Square. It will help you mark the slats to be cut. The length of the side of the square is up to 35 cm. / Li>
  • Jigsaw. It is the most convenient tool for cutting laminate flooring. You can, of course, get by with a hacksaw for metal, an ordinary saw or even a grinder, but working with a jigsaw is very quick and convenient.
  • Mallet or rubber mallet. You can get by with the usual, but then you need a guide, which can be made from a cut piece of laminate.

This is the minimum set that you can start laying laminate flooring in any room.

Additional equipment

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