121 ideas for a teacher's birthday present

Every year, the parent committee and the children have the same question, what to give the teacher for his birthday will be appropriate on your part, what kind of surprise can you please this year. More recently, it was customary to choose expensive presents, since it was believed that teachers' salaries were quite low and I wanted to please them with a valuable thing, but recently this tradition has faded into the background. We tried to figure out what gifts to give the teacher for his birthday from the class or personally from ourselves, and also added tips that can help you quickly decide and guide you.

How to choose a present

We are looking for a surprise for a person's personal holiday, not a professional one. In order for you to make the right choice, we will give you some tips:

Don't Dramatize Chocolate Card

A clock from a vinyl record "Peter"

Creative gifts

When choosing a gift for a teacher, you can pay attention to non-standard gifts that are not always practical, but can cause a smile and instantly cheer you up.

With a hint of positive

If the teacher has a good sense of humor, you can please him with his own portrait in the image of a famous historical figure (ruler, outstanding scientist or art worker), present a gift order or a cup with a personalized engraving.

A “flying” or “running away” alarm clock will pleasantly surprise and amuse the teacher (a device part of which, when the signal is triggered, takes off and rushes to the side; the device can be turned off only if the separated segment is lifted and replaced ). Alternatively, you can give a ringing alarm mat, which can only be turned off by standing on it with both feet.

Unusual watch will be an excellent memorable gift, thanks to which the teacher will always be in time for work.

In addition, you can present the teacher with a book-safe (a small cabinet designed in the form of a famous literary work, a colorful encyclopedia or a dictionary) with convenient niches where you can store anything (from documentation to a set of coffee utensils or tea).

But the most sincere and memorable present will be a self-made photo collage or a video with congratulations of all students and scenes from school life. It is better to give such a gift after the exams at the prom or at the alumni meeting (several years after graduation).

Friend - it sounds proud, warm, reliable. Indeed, every person in life needs a companion who will support, prompt, help, sympathize, and, if necessary, give a good kick to improve this very life.

Of course, you don't have many friends. There should be a maximum of two or three real, close people, and we call them the best. But there are just pals who are also important at this stage in life. They also need to be congratulated on the coming New Year, only choose gifts according to their status, proximity, strength of relations. That is, you can buy something serious for your best friend, and your friends - purely symbolic, but no less pleasant little things from this.

As always, gifts should be selected individually, taking into account the characteristics of the person, his inclinations, skills, hobbies. But it is quite possible to get by with a fairly modest amount, the main thing here is attention, also a good choice. And you can also make a thing with your own hands.

So, having decided on gifts for friends, relatives and acquaintances, it's time to move on to choosing the perfect thing for friends. To facilitate this process, we offer a ready-made list of universal gifts. Catch ideas!

TOP ideas of what to give friends for the New Year


If you are thinking about what to put under the Christmas tree for a school-age child, or how to please a young boy or girl, how about a comfortable and ergonomic backpack? Modern youth (and even people of mature age) prefer this accessory, as it is stylish, leaves both hands free and makes you feel comfortable.

There is a wide variety of backpacks: for hunting and fishing, for carrying laptops, city backpacks, convertible backpacks, etc. However, it is worth considering that when choosing such a gift, it is difficult to choose a model with comfortable straps that do not chafe the shoulders. So be guided by the reviews.

A guide to choosing a gift for friends: what, to whom, how to pack

New Year is a time of magic, which means that you cannot spoil the mood of a friend or girlfriend with something banal and of little use. If you do not have the opportunity to be Santa Claus and make everyone's wildest dreams come true, it is better to choose something useful at a reasonable price than to reach for the high cost and beauty that has no practical value.

What to choose?

What do you need to decorate a children's cake on your own? In addition to imagination and delicious materials for confectionery decor, which will be discussed below, it makes sense for the hostess to acquire additional inventory. In most cases, it is enough to prepare spatulas of different widths, a thin and sharp knife, parchment paper, and a pastry syringe with a set of nozzles. Even such a simple set of tools will allow you to decorate a child's cake in a thousand different ways. At the same time, not so many sweet materials are used: confectionery mastic; marzipan; cream or whipped cream; icing, chocolate, marmalade; icing; meringue; fruit jelly and fruits; confectionery sprinkles.

In most cases, combinations of several of the above materials are used to decorate a homemade children's cake. The main thing is that they are combined with each other. But in order not to spoil the children's cake and your mood, all these sweet decorations must be properly prepared.

Children's cake shaping workshops:

Click on the images and they will enlarge

confectionery sprinkles and dyes

There is nothing to say about this material for decorating children's cakes. Multi-colored pastry sprinkles can be purchased at any store. As such, you can use other products, for example: cocoa powder, crumbled biscuits or crushed wafer sheets. Spread is used mainly as a background or to create a stencil pattern. Well, sprinkle should only be applied to a sticky surface.

A bright festive children's cake will turn out if the dough is divided into several parts before baking and food coloring is added to each part.

Fruits and berries for decorating a children's cake at home

Fruit is the easiest and perhaps the most useful way to decorate cakes for children's parties. You can use any medium-sized berries for decoration. Raspberries, blackberries and strawberries are great for decoration. The latter can be used as a whole or by cutting into halves. Exotic fruits are also suitable for decoration: tangerine slices, semicircles of oranges, banana and kiwi slices, pineapple or mango slices.

Putting fruit directly on the surface of the cake is not worth it. It is best to secure them with some kind of sticky or viscous material. Butter cream will perfectly set off the fruit, but more on that below. It is best to combine like with like. So the best option in this case is fruit jelly. To prepare such a decoration you will need:

Birthday is a special holiday, and for children it is also a long-awaited event, which is always associated with a huge number of gifts, sweets and a cheerful company of children.

Like any serious event, children's birthday requires real invitation cards. You will probably ask, and why an invitation card, if you can just verbally convey all the information ... Option, of course, and this is the place to be. But still, if you want to give your child a pleasant atmosphere of expectation of something special, the atmosphere of the upcoming long-awaited holiday, long before his birthday, then do not be lazy and make invitation cards for his birthday.

Invitation cards (a kind of postcards) are sold today in any bookstore, large shopping center or market. You can buy ready-made invitations you like, fill them in with a pen or colored felt-tip pens and give them to guests.

News portal “Vtemu. y ”invites you to act more original and make invitation cards for your child's birthday on your own in the company of a little birthday boy. It will be a great activity for the whole family, a good lesson in applied arts for a child and, of course, a charge of positive emotions for the whole day. So let's get started ...

Do-it-yourself children's birthday invitation

To make such a bright and unusual invitation, you will need sheets of colored or decorative paper, markers, accuracy and patience. Following the step-by-step photo instructions, you need to fold the invitation itself. Then, using bright markers, write on them the necessary information about the time and place of the birthday. If you wish, you can add some good jokes or wishes to the invitation card.

Modern technology does not interfere with creativity

There are many other ways to create an original and unusual invitation with your own hands, but who's stopping you from using a computer and a printer for these purposes? After all, electronic devices are created in order to make our life easier, which means that they must be used to the fullest.

The originality of the idea in this case is not limited by anything, especially if you know how to work with graphic programs. A good background, suitable for the style of your evening, beautiful, to the place chosen font - and you will receive an unusual greeting card ... which no one bothers you to decorate with your own hands later, adding a unique charm and originality.

Here is an original way to make an invitation with your own hands using modern technology. You will need chocolates, paper and fantasy. Yes, we will make our own invitation wrapper. It's no secret that everyone loves sweets. So why not take advantage of this. Start with ... a ruler. Transfer the dimensions of the front of the wrapper to the screen. It is these dimensions that will become your field of action. And then fantasy will go. You can make a spring invitation with flowers, highlight the pirate style perfect if necessary, make your own birthday invitations for boys, add some classics and make an original 19th century style frame. It remains only to print the finished drawing, you can on colored paper, and wrap the chocolate bar with a new, unusual wrapper. Believe me, such a wish to see a person at your holiday will definitely not go unnoticed.

DIY invitation card for children's birthday, in the form of summer slippers

Such an unusual invitation card for a children's birthday is perfect for a birthday girl who has a birthday in summer or late spring. An invitation card of such a funny shape will give guests the expectation of an upcoming fun party on a summer theme.

Invitation card for children's birthday with a surprise with their own hands

February is very rich in holidays. No sooner had the emotions calmed down after Valentine's Day, when the 23rd of February is already knocking on the door. And although most men claim that they expect absolutely nothing from this day (day as day), in fact, many of them want attention, care and vivid impressions. As you can imagine, neither an expensive perfume, nor a few pairs of socks or panties as a gift can cause real joy. But a good party with contests and entertainment is capable of it.

In order to make the strong half of humanity happy on this holiday, it is enough to organize a truly exciting and interesting celebration, where every man can express himself and prove his superiority. After all, it is in their blood to be winners in life. You can, of course, not bother especially and hire a good presenter. Or you can turn on your imagination and creativity, and organize everything yourself. A little effort and time spent will bring long-awaited fruits - a joyful and cheerful mood of the heroes of the occasion.

February Party Ideas

First of all, you need to decide on the style of your party. There are actually a lot of options: it all depends on what you yourself want. It may well be a rather traditional military-style holiday, where guests are dressed in costumes related to military service. Or you may not be attached to the troops, but hold, for example, a party:

  • hussar ;
  • pirate ;
  • cowboy ;
  • boxing ;
  • gentleman ;
  • heroic;
  • sultan;
  • historical and others.

There are many options. The main thing is to organize everything correctly. First of all, decorate the room where the fun will take place, choosing those attributes that will match the theme. Secondly, guests should be warned about the style of costumes in which they need to come. Thirdly, do not forget about the festive menu: it must also correspond to the chosen style. For example, if the party is pirate, then there must be seafood and rum on the table. If, however, the party is heroic, then you need a lot of meat dishes, beer and kvass. And the names of the appetizers can be quite original (“Heroic Power” salad, “Mermaid's Kiss” appetizer, corsair's sandwiches).

And fourthly, you need to take care of contests and entertainment. After all, they will become the highlight of your evening. You can use well-known games, or you can find more original contests, winning in which you can get prizes. What kind of prizes they will be up to you and your budget. But as a reward, alcohol, various snacks, funny gifts, socks, perfume, playing cards, sweets are suitable ...

Beer tummy competition (for the quickest)

It's not a secret for anyone that there are a lot of lovers of a foamy drink - beer among men. It is also known that the more beer you drink, the more you grow in your stomach. And this competition is dedicated to all beer lovers.

4 men participating. It is desirable that they be of approximately the same physique (but this is not essential). Each of them is given one inflated balloon, which they need to place under their shirt, T-shirt or sweater (depending on what they wear for the holiday), imitating a beer tummy. After that, 20 pairs of socks are randomly scattered in front of the participants on the floor. The socks can be all the same, or they can be completely different, depending on how difficult you want to make this task. Further, at the signal, the participants must collect socks from the floor, but the ball must not burst. In addition to what to collect, they still need to be decomposed in pairs. Whoever has the most pair of socks wins.

If you decide to use socks of completely different colors, then an additional condition appears: the socks must be paired according to their colors, and unstucked socks will not be counted.

Games and Contests

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