10 ideas for an outdoor themed party

General gift for parents

It is customary to celebrate a round wedding date with a pretentious scale and, as a result, the gift should be presentable and expensive. If the spouses have not traveled to distant countries on vacation for a long time, you can present them with a joint voucher, a ticket to a concert of your favorite artist, or organize a holiday on a boat.

Alternatively, if you know where your parents met, then you can organize a meeting for them, unexpected and solemn, in a memorable place. Just like when you were young. And if you supplement it with a ride in a carriage pulled by a pair of white horses, it will add a romantic touch to the celebration. It will be remembered for many years and will give you unforgettable emotions.

General Presentation

It is customary to celebrate round dates solemnly, on a grand scale. Therefore, I would like to choose the appropriate gifts:

Gift from son to parents for their wedding anniversary

Most men prefer to give practical things, although choosing it can be difficult - it is best for a son to give his parents a bouquet of flowers. At the same time, having picked up a living plant in a pot for my mother, for example, and a gift for my father related to his hobby. In the latter, he certainly will not be mistaken.

In addition, he can organize a trip to nature or a picnic, although a book of your kind with photos of relatives on memorable dates from the youth of parents will also be an extraordinary gift. It can be inherited as a family heirloom.

Gift from daughter

It is much easier for a woman to choose a gift by turning on her imagination and choosing what they want and what they like for their wedding anniversary. It can be natural woolen blankets or orthopedic pillows, perfumes from the same series - for him and for her. If parents are old, it can be warm sheepskin rugs or a luxurious carpet, and dinner at a restaurant will not leave them indifferent to your sign of attention. And if you invite a professional photographer to dinner, this event will leave behind memorable photographs. Parents will surely remember such an evening for a long time, marking a new stage for them in their life and relationships.

Choosing a gift: some tips on what to give and not to give

Of course, the choice of a gift is limited only by the giver's imagination and financial capabilities. Nevertheless, it is better not to give some types of gifts to parents on the anniversary of their life together:

Tip. When choosing a gift, you need to take into account the tastes and preferences of the parents. So, for example, you should not give them a certificate for a parachute jump if they are afraid to do so. The gift should be universal, in other words, a set of screwdrivers, of course, will delight dad, but absolutely not suitable as a present for mom.

This is not my scenario, alas)). The mother of two sons, who always arranges interesting holidays for her family with her own hands, kindly shared her ideas. So much love, work, talent ...

With the permission of Valentina Dyakonova, I publish a detailed story about the home quest (all the necessary game materials can be printed for free from Yandex Disk (you must have your own account for this). Here is a backup link.

Thanks to Valentina for the detailed description and wonderful photos.

Harry Potter Invitation Card or Hogwarts Letter

This is undoubtedly one of the main attributes of a gift on the theme of everyone's favorite wizard - in the style of Harry Potter. To do this, you need to make an envelope, a sheet of text and a wax seal.

Long-awaited letter

  • Sealing wax can be made from a regular candle with the addition of dye in the form of wax crayons (you can even use only them), but it can crumble a lot. Alternatively, you can make it out of polymer clay or with a hot gun with a colored rod.
  • The paper needs to be aged. To do this, dip the leaf in a strong tea or coffee solution. Make sure that the leaf has time to color, but do not leave it for a long time. Then gently hold the edges of the sheet over the fire from a match or lighter.

We use coffee Fold it in the form of an envelope, you can additionally connect the sides with double-sided tape or glue.


Prepare the text of the letter and write it on the second sheet. Do the first step with him, as with the first, so that he "grows old." The text can be written in any language. It is advisable to use a pen and ink. Write by hand, it's much more interesting. Place your finished letter in an envelope and close it.

Invitation to school in the form of congratulations

Pros and Cons

  • Bow-effect
  • Can be collected from almost any product, depending on the tastes of the recipient of the gift
  • We buy products ourselves, we have no doubts quality and shelf life

What you need

  • Hunting sausages
  • Picolini sausages
  • Pivchiki sausages
  • Pigtail cheese
  • Smoked cheese in sticks
  • Smoked cheese in balls
  • Baguette (garlic or onion)
  • Red pepper
  • Green pepper
  • Rosemary

Decor & Tools:

DIY bouquet of socks for a man: a step-by-step description

To make a gift bouquet from socks with your own hands, it does not take much time and costs. To make fancy flowers from socks, you first need to cut the tags from each pair, prepare ribbons and tubes or skewers.

We twist each sock into a tube with the edges outward.

Each created bud is pinned with a pin so that the sock does not turn around.

We pass a skewer or a tube inside the bud.

We create as many colors as needed or how many pairs of socks you have purchased.

More and more people are thinking about how to reuse something. And not only in order to save money, but also to preserve the environment. At home, we are often limited in the use of unnecessary items. But at the dacha there is more space, and the range of tasks is much wider.

Mostly old things are used to decorate the site, create original flower beds, we will share such ideas with you. But there is still a lot of garden work for which the unnecessary will do. So let's find out how you can reuse 20 common things in the country.

Have you dreamed of a small summer cottage for a long time? Look, maybe you have a worn out rusty basin lying around! Paint the inside with black paint first to enhance the reflectivity. Then dig a hole, concrete the bottom of the basin, and fill the voids between it and the soil with clay. It is advisable to choose a place for the pond in the shade to avoid excessive water bloom. And don't forget to decorate the composition with pebbles, shells and aquatic plants.

A simpler option: put a basin near the house or bury it near the garden path.

It is worth making such a pond from an old bathtub, but it will take more time and effort.

Children's room decor

To make vegetable crafts for children happy every day, you can use potatoes to make a variety of stamps.

This will make it easier to decorate walls and other surfaces and help develop your child's creativity by introducing him to the aesthetics of home decorating and painting.


If you feel sorry for throwing away the broken, dilapidated chairs, give them a second life. Cut off the legs, reinforce the bottom with a board, attach strong ropes or chains - the playground swing is ready! The cut-off legs can be used as pegs for a garter or a base for a small greenhouse.

A few old chairs are easy to make a garden bench. For a detailed master class, see the link.

    Garden benches made of old chairs - as easy as shelling pears

    Spring is coming, and we all want to get out into nature as soon as possible, lie on the grass, breathe in the fresh air warmed by the first rays of the warm sun. We will arrange corporate events in nature, cozy outings with friends and children. To make such trips memorable for a long time, I found here interesting ideas for decorating a resting place and a picnic table.

    Fun outdoor party

    Vintage Party

    From time immemorial, our ancestors spent the warm season in their estates, and then at summer cottages. This magical atmosphere cannot be confused with anything: a huge round table on the veranda, lace tablecloths, a rocking chair, an old golden gramophone ...

    Most likely, there is a huge amount of unnecessary things lying around at your own dacha. It is these witnesses of a bygone era that will help you recreate the retro atmosphere! Old suitcases, a wicker picnic basket, flashlights, a rare camera, a service tucked into the far shelf, faded tablecloths and napkins, porcelain figurines and even a broken grandfather's bicycle will not be left aside!

    Naturally, costumes, menus and entertainment should be in the spirit of the middle of the last century. Ask your grandparents about this era, they will tell you exactly how to organize the best vintage party!

    Eco Party

    This party is suitable not only for lovers of a healthy lifestyle, but also for everyone else, because you must agree, sometimes it's not bad to take care of yourself and nature? Naturally, the main color of the celebration is green. Any shades of it are suitable for decor, as well as natural wood, kraft paper, scourges, cones, herbariums and other natural decorations.

    The color scheme of the costumes should be very delicate, consisting of natural shades and materials. For example, a linen dress code or boho chic is ideal. Agree to use only vegetables and fruits on the menu. It is advisable that your company has at least one vegetarian or just a lover of proper nutrition, who would correct the choice of products and their combinations.

    Entertainment should also help you blend in with nature. This can be fortune telling on a chamomile or cuckoo, weaving wreaths and lowering them into the water, as well as identifying different types of plants.

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