Getting Lost In Venice

Ok, so here’s a bit of a story for you. You know those dramatic train station scenes in movies where someone is racing against the clock, sprinting through the crowds to board the train before it departs? Well about ten minutes ago that was me!

Our train from Venice to Milan was delayed, which meant we’d be cutting it close getting our connecting train. Standing at the door of our carriage, backpacks on, Luca and I were first in line to exit the train. After a few more delays before finally approaching the station, the look on Luca’s face Continue reading

24 Hours In Verona

So here I am, back on the FrecciaRossa, destination Venice! It’s eight in the morning, the guard just checked our tickets, Luca is now asleep in the seat opposite me; he makes me laugh, he can seriously fall asleep in seconds anywhere! I’m the complete opposite and right now I’m wide awake and excited for the day’s events.

Backtrack 24 hours and this was pretty much us as we made our way from Milan to Verona. Luca asleep and me awake, full of excitement. Our journey to Verona started Continue reading

Hidden Gems In Cyprus

Waiting for our flight to take off, I could hear the whisper of conversations amongst the other passengers, the occasional cough, babies crying, flight attendants completing their final checks… and then there’s me, head resting on Luca’s shoulder thinking all I want to do is sleep. I always sleep on flights, I’m definitely not that chatty person talking to the stranger next to me about where I’m from or where I’ve just been. I’m usually always on ridiculously early morning flights, and I’m definitely not a morning person. So I closed my eyes knowing that in about two hours’ time, I’d be waking up in Cyprus.

Cyprus was the first on our list of Mediterranean Islands to visit and this incredible little slice of heaven did not disappoint! We were left speechless Continue reading

Athens with St George Lycabettus Hotel

As Luca and I sat side by side in an almost empty train, exhausted from our early morning flight, I couldn’t stop thinking “we’re actually here”. Athens, we finally made it! A city I had heard so much about. The history, the culture, the FOOD!! I was excited.

As we made our way into the city we began discussing our day’s plans. Our conversation however, was short lived when music from somewhere behind us started getting noticeably louder and louder. Turning around to locate the source, I immediately spotted Continue reading