How To Travel With Just A Carry On

Whilst standing in line at the airport last week waiting for our flight to board, I started thinking about the different kinds of air travellers. There are those who are so relaxed, they pack the morning of a flight, usually throwing in their bag whatever they can find at a glance. Then there are those who pack well in advance, packing everything they could possibly need. I guess you could say I fall somewhere in between.

When I started my travels I was definitely that person who would try and fit their entire closet into their suitcase for a week long trip. Over the years I have Continue reading

Hidden Gems In Cyprus

Waiting for our flight to take off, I could hear the whisper of conversations amongst the other passengers, the occasional cough, babies crying, flight attendants completing their final checks… and then there’s me, head resting on Luca’s shoulder thinking all I want to do is sleep. I always sleep on flights, I’m definitely not that chatty person talking to the stranger next to me about where I’m from or where I’ve just been. I’m usually always on ridiculously early morning flights, and I’m definitely not a morning person. So I closed my eyes knowing that in about two hours’ time, I’d be waking up in Cyprus.

Cyprus was the first on our list of Mediterranean Islands to visit and this incredible little slice of heaven did not disappoint! We were left speechless Continue reading

Athens, St George Lycabettus Hotel

As Luca and I sat side by side in an almost empty train, exhausted from our early morning flight, I couldn’t stop thinking “we’re actually here”. Athens, we finally made it! A city I had heard so much about. The history, the culture, the FOOD!! I was excited.

As we made our way into the city we began discussing our day’s plans. Our conversation however, was short lived when music from somewhere behind us started getting noticeably louder and louder. Turning around to locate the source, I immediately spotted Continue reading

Springtime In Amsterdam

A town most commonly known for its red light district and legal cannabis, a visit to Amsterdam’s beautiful streets and winding canals will show you that it has so much more to offer.

Flying with British Airways our trip was off to a great start. Scoring ourselves emergency exit seats, we were happy travelers with that much desired extra leg room.

Breezing through the airport upon landing, we caught a train to Amsterdam Centraal station. A quick 20 minutes later, we made our way out of the station and were immediately hit with a unique Continue reading

48 Hours In Copenhagen

For the last few years Copenhagen has been voted the happiest city in the world. And I must admit, indulging on their incredible pastries every chance I got – I was extremely happy!

 Strolling through the city, we stumbled upon quaint little cafes where the locals huddled around cups of coffee, seemingly unaffected by the cold weather. I on the other hand, am still getting used to European Continue reading